Festival Village Salou Aparthotel

Festival Village Salou Aparthotel
Festival Village Salou Aparthotel

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Festival Village Salou Aparthotel is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy Salou’s great events and sights. It has all-inclusive deals, big apartments, and it’s in a great spot. This makes it an awesome place to stay whether you’re at a festival, exploring Salou, or checking out the sights. Festival Village Salou Aparthotel has all you need for an amazing trip.

Key Takeaways:

  • Festival Village Salou Aparthotel has big apartments, all-inclusive deals, and a great location for enjoying Salou’s fun events and attractions.
  • Guests will love the comfy rooms, with air conditioning, a ready-to-use kitchen, and a place to sit outside.
  • There’s also an outdoor pool, a jacuzzi, and free parking at the hotel.
  • Salou’s top events include the International Fireworks Competition and the Salou Beer Festival. Don’t miss attractions like PortAventura World and Aquopolis Water Park.
  • Festival Village Salou Aparthotel is close to Cabo de Salou and not far from PortAventura and Platja de la Cala Crancs.


Comfortable and Convenient Accommodations

Festival Village Salou Aparthotel makes staying in Salou comfortable and easy. Here, you’ll find spacious apartments. Each has air conditioning, a kitchen area, and a balcony or terrace.

Guests love the all-inclusive packages. They cover meals and drinks. This makes your stay worry-free.

This hotel has2128 rooms. So, you’ll always find a spot here. It’s close to PortAventura and2Platja de la Cala Crancs too. You can also walk to Playa Larga in just220 minutes.

The hotel is near the2Cap Salou bus stop. So, getting around is easy. The Reus airport is just220 km away.

It’s23 km from the Salou center. And, there are many dining places nearby. Try Smugglers or The Paddock for a meal.

The hotel doesn’t offer airport transfer. But, you can park for free. Enjoy the Jacuzzi and sundeck. Plus, some rooms have AC and free Wi-Fi.

Overall, Festival Village Salou Aparthotel is perfect for a festival trip or relaxing in Salou.

Festival Village Salou Accommodations

Accommodations at Festival Village Salou Aparthotel

Stay in spacious and well-equipped apartments at Festival Village Salou. Each comes with air conditioning. You can also cook in the kitchen. And, don’t miss the great views from your balcony or terrace.

The all-inclusive packages are a hit. They cover meals and drinks.

Relax at the outdoor pool or sundeck. The Jacuzzi is perfect for destressing after sightseeing.

If you come by car, parking is free. This is handy for festival-goers and explorers.

Accommodation Amenities
Balcony or terrace
Air conditioning
Well-equipped kitchen area
All-inclusive packages
Outdoor pool
Free self-parking

Top Events and Attractions in Salou

Salou is a lively coastal town in Spain. It’s well-known for its fun festivals and great sights. You can enjoy music fests, stunning fireworks, or just chill on the beach. The Festival Village Salou Aparthotel is in a perfect spot to visit these places.

Exciting Festivals in Salou

Throughout the year, Salou hosts many exciting festivals. They show off the town’s culture and are full of life. The International Fireworks Competition in July and August is a huge hit. The Salou Beer Festival offers lots of drinks. The Summer Festival is all about music and dancing. They make Salou’s streets buzz with energy.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Salou

Salou also has great places to visit for all ages. It has five beautiful beaches. Playa de Levante is lively and perfect for water sports. There are beach bars and restaurants there.

For those who love adventure, PortAventura World is a top pick. It has thrilling rides and live shows. The Aquopolis Water Park is great for water fun. Finally, Llevant Beach is peaceful and perfect for relaxation.

Family-Friendly Salou

In Salou, families are very welcome. It has been a Family Holiday Resort since 2003. Families love its long beaches which are safe and fun for kids.

The city offers many family activities. You can join in cultural events or sports. Everyone, kids and parents, can have a good time together here.

Salou is the place to be for a fun and unforgettable trip. The Festival Village Salou Aparthotel offers great stays. Book now for a relaxing and exciting time in this special town.

Top Events in Salou Statistical Data
International Fireworks Competition 3
Salou Beer Festival 3
Summer Festival 3
PortAventura World 3
Aquopolis Water Park 3
Llevant Beach 3
Official Classification as Family Holiday Resort 4
Family-oriented Infrastructure and Services 4
Cultural Events Suitable for Families 4
Sports Events for All Family Members 4


Stay at the Festival Village Salou Aparthotel for a great time in Salou. It’s a top spot, close to fun things and comfy to stay at. This place is perfect for anyone looking to explore the city.

Have fun at Llevant Beach, the biggest in Salou5. And don’t forget about PortAventura World5, one of Spain’s best theme parks. For those who love adventure, Bosc Aventura is a must, offering zip lines and paintball5. Make sure to check out the Golden Nights Festival in August5.

There’s also mini-golf in Salou for the family to enjoy5. For those who like real golf, play at Lumine Golf Club with its three courses5. Enjoy history? Visit Masía Catalana to see old rural buildings5. Or check out Torre Vella de Salou, a tower from the 16th century built against pirates5.

Don’t miss Reus or Tarragona, close cities with awesome sights6. Barcelona is also near for an amazing nightlife6. Salou’s Auditorium Theatre has shows all year round6. And join in on the fun with Salou’s many festivals and events6. They have something for everyone, like the International Music Festival and Winter Festival6.


What amenities are included in the apartments at Festival Village Salou Aparthotel?

The Festival Village Salou Aparthotel’s apartments offer several amenities. These include air conditioning, a well-equipped kitchen, and a balcony or terrace.

Do the accommodations at Festival Village Salou Aparthotel include meals and drinks?

Yes, at Festival Village Salou Aparthotel, you can get all-inclusive deals. These packages cover both meals and drinks.

What facilities are available at Festival Village Salou Aparthotel?

Festival Village Salou Aparthotel has many facilities for guests to enjoy. These include an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, and free parking.

What are some popular events in Salou?

In Salou, the International Fireworks Competition is a big draw. The Salou Beer Festival and Summer Festival are also quite popular.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Salou?

Salou is home to several key tourist spots. Among them are PortAventura World, Aquopolis Water Park, and the beautiful Llevant Beach.

Is Festival Village Salou Aparthotel centrally located?

Yes, Festival Village Salou Aparthotel has a great location. It’s near Salou’s top events and attractions, making everything accessible.

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