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With the growth of the serviced apartment industry in Germany anticipated to surge by 42%1, there’s never been a better time to delve into the world of extended stay lodging and holiday apartments for travelers and business professionals alike. As Germany positions itself at the forefront of the accommodation revolution in Europe, Aparthotel Germany stands out as the gold standard for those seeking the epitome of personalized lodging. Our curated selection presents not only the best options in temporary housing but also extends into the exclusive realm of luxury furnished rental apartments and self-catering apartments that redefine hotel alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the booming growth of serviced apartments, predicted to triple their market share by 20301.
  • Discover exclusive furnished rental apartments with a personal touch for a premium extended stay experience.
  • Explore top destinations in major German cities like Munich and Berlin for sophisticated short term rentals.
  • Seize the opportunity to invest in a market where 63% of properties boast uniqueness and individuality1.
  • Experience the innovative trend of micro-apartments in Aparthotel Germany equipped with shared amenities1.
  • Leverage knowledge about Germany’s serviced apartment sector, encompassing a diverse range of accommodation choices for business or leisure.
  • Learn about the burgeoning demand for holiday apartments in areas experiencing rapid growth and international attention1.

Introduction to Aparthotel Germany: The Future of Accommodation

Aparthotel Germany Living Room

Imagine stepping into a space where the coziness of a plush home meets the luxury services of a premium hotel. This is the distinctive charm of a serviced apartment—an aparthotel—that’s revolutionizing the stay experience for travelers in Germany. As Germany witnesses a dynamic surge in this industry with an anticipated growth of 42% by 20201, aparthotels are rapidly becoming the accommodation of choice, noted for their synthesis of space, privacy, and top-notch amenities.

The serviced apartment sector in Germany is not just growing; it’s evolving with diverse offerings. Statistics forecast that the sector could triple its share within the hotel industry to 10% by the year 20301. With an increasing average room rate reaching €101, outpacing classic hotel rates1, these aparthotels offer an unparalleled value proposition to travelers. The fact that they’ve generated approximately 14.2 million overnight stays, primarily by business travelers, underscores their burgeoning popularity1.

However, statistical data from another perspective reveals that more than 50% of operators in this space are innovating with new brands and diversifying into hybrid forms of living like co-living and co-working spaces, with a strong focus on digitalization and ESG credentials2. This underscores a new era of hospitality where technology, flexibility, and sustainability are at the forefront. Additionally, operators are increasingly introducing new serviced apartment brands, highlighting the importance of community living, technological integration, modern amenities, and environmental sustainability2.

Capital cities like Berlin and Munich are at the epicenter of this transformation. Berlin showcased the highest price increase among international cities with a 20% rise in serviced apartments rates in 20181. Munich is expected to experience a further 51% growth in the serviced apartment sector with an additional 2,700 units by 20201. These buzzing urban landscapes are fertile grounds for pioneering accommodations that promise not just a bed for the night but a lifestyle element, catering to modern-day traveler’s long-term needs.

With the demand high and a proven resilience against operational challenges, even in the face of global events and economic uncertainties2, the future of the aparthotel in Germany is as bright as it is assured. This rapid progression is not just a domestic affair; with Germany viewed as second only to Great Britain in serviced apartment expansion plans in Europe1, the impact of these modern dwellings is echoing across borders.

Amidst this progressive landscape, aparthotels demonstratively understand the pulse of the urban traveler. The preference for micro-apartments with minimalist kitchens, and larger aparthotels entering the market1, speak to a generation that values functional design and efficient living spaces. Not to mention, brands such as Residence Inn (Marriott), i Live, ADAPT APARTMENTS, and ipartment are planning to collectively introduce over 500 additional units by 2020 in Germany1, marking a confident step towards meeting the eclectic desires of global citizens.

Ultimately, as we gaze upon the horizon of the hospitality industry in Germany, the aparthotel stands tall as a beacon of innovation and comfort. It adapts to the evolving landscape championing digital convenience, personalized experiences, and the nuances of home-living, making it the future of accommodation. In a world where travel is not just about destinations but also about experiences, aparthotels in Germany offer a distinctive and refreshing narrative to lodging.

Exploring Aparthotels in Germany’s Major Cities

Berlin Serviced Apartments

A closer look at Germany’s urban landscapes reveals a burgeoning trend in the accommodation sector, particularly evident in the increasing demand for efficiency and flexibility among modern travelers. This demand is being met by a rise in Berlin serviced apartments, Munich furnished rental apartments, and Hamburg short term rentals. These accommodations not only cater to the preferences of convenience-centric visitors but also reflect the urban housing challenges and developments within these metropolises.

Berlin’s Trendy Serviced Apartments: A Fusion of Comfort and Style

In the heart of Germany’s capital, Berlin serviced apartments epitomize a blend of artistic flair and homelike comfort, all while grappling with a housing market that has seen rental prices reaching an average of €11 per square meter3. With only 46% of residents owning their homes3, the city’s rental landscape is a crucial component of its living culture. Berlin’s aparthotels have become a saving grace for those seeking temporary stays without the commitment of traditional renting, often taking advantage of simplified booking processes that require minimal documentation4.

Experience Munich’s Bavarian Charm in Furnished Rental Apartments

As one navigates to Munich, the allure of Bavarian tradition merges seamlessly with the convenience of modern living through Munich furnished rental apartments. A square meter of rental space in this iconic city fetches around €193, providing a premium experience for both short-term visitors and those transitioning toward permanent housing. Despite the average net income portion spent on rent reaching one-third3, the charm of Munich’s furnished apartments—a mix of heritage and contemporary design—continues to attract renters.

The Best of Hamburg: Modern and Spacious Short Term Rentals

Hamburg, with its ambitious goal of surpassing 6,000 new buildings annually, has achieved a housing milestone that showcases a proactive approach to city planning5. The success is evident in the modern and spacious Hamburg short term rentals that cater to the city’s flourishing population. Rental markets in Hamburg commendably maintain a balance, having the lowest rental price growth among Germany’s top cities5. This equilibrium provides travelers with a variety of high-quality short-term rental options, from sleek high-rises to charming renovated spaces.

City Average Rental Price (€/m²) Annual Price Increase Estimate Temporary Housing Key Housing Challenge
Berlin 11 7% High Demand for Serviced Apartments Rental Price Surge & Housing Undersupply
Munich 19 7% Popular for Furnished Apartments Spending 1/3 of Income on Rent
Hamburg Competitive Minimal Growth Expansion of Short Term Rentals Protests Against Development

The statistics reveal a detailed story of a country grappling with a diverse array of accommodation challenges and strategies. Germany’s major cities are not merely increasing their stock of Berlin serviced apartments, Munich furnished rental apartments, and Hamburg short term rentals but are also responding to deeper issues of supply, affordability, and urban development35. Although these hurdles persist, the rise of aparthotels stands as a sturdy bridge towards sustainability and inclusivity for both temporary visitors and long-term dwellers.

In conclusion, while the future of urban housing in Germany has its uncertainties, the current outlook for travelers seeking comfortable, stylish, and conveniently located accommodations is very bright. Whether it’s a short-term rental in vibrant Hamburg, a furnished apartment embodying Munich’s Bavarian charm, or a trendy aparthotel in Berlin, Germany’s major cities are rich with viable, luxurious options for every traveler.

Discovering Germany’s Hidden Gems: Aparthotels in Picturesque Towns

Timmendorfer Strand Self-Catering Apartments

Amidst Germany’s diverse landscapes, those in search of tranquility and comfort often find their solace within the self-catering apartments of Timmendorfer Strand and the holiday apartments scattered across Norderney. These locations offer more than just lodging; they are a gateway to Germany’s underrated beauty and cultural richness.

At Timmendorfer Strand, beachside serenity is not just an idea but a lifestyle. The district’s Timmendorfer Strand self-catering apartments embrace the Baltic Sea’s breezy charm, promising an unmatched coastal experience. Here, the morning sunlight doesn’t just wake you up; it invites you to explore the sandy stretches and the promenade’s quaint offerings.

Self-Catering Apartments in Timmendorfer Strand: Beachside Bliss

Imagine a retreat where the horizon meets the sea, and your accommodation is but a few steps from the waves. Self-catering apartments in Timmendorfer Strand offer just that, combined with the freedom to create your own culinary experiences, fortified by local produce and the freshest of sea catches. They embody the perfect marriage of recreation and repose, a sanctuary for those who value privacy and personalized holiday rhythms.

In contrast, moving north to the tranquility of Norderney, the ambience shifts to one that soothes the soul. The Norderney holiday apartments are nuzzled amidst nature’s finest landscapes, with dunes that whisper tales of the tide and reserves where the wilderness murmurs. These holiday apartments are not just about accommodation; they’re about immersion in an island’s gentle embrace.

Unwind in the Tranquility of Norderney’s Holiday Apartments

When looking for a place to unwind completely, the holiday apartments on Norderney extend an invitation to relish in calmness. Each day concludes with the soft palette of a seaside sunset, viewed from the comforts of your private balcony enveloped in Norderney’s leisurely pace. Whether seeking solitude or a family escape, these apartments offer ease and simplicity, creating a canvas for cherished memories.

Exploring these serene destinations affords an opportunity to delve into the heart of Germany’s history, as the nearby Harz Mountains, encompassing attractions from Goslar to Quedlinburg, unveil layers of a past rich with mining heritage and architectural marvels6.

In summary, whether choosing the Timmendorfer Strand self-catering apartments for their seaside allure or the Norderney holiday apartments for a secluded getaway, these accommodations serve not only as a place to stay but as a cornerstone of experiences that define a truly remarkable journey in Germany.

Aparthotel Amenities: What Makes Them Ideal for Extended Stay?

Extended Stay Aparthotel Amenities

The advent of aparthotels has transformed the concept of traditional accommodations, offering a unique blend of home-style living with hotel luxuries that cater specifically to those requiring extended stays. The comprehensive facilities intrinsic to these establishments, such as full-fitted kitchens and autonomous living spaces, converge to create an ambiance of personalized comfort in aparthotels, setting them apart from standard lodging options.

Personalized Comfort: The Edge of Aparthotels Over Traditional Hotels

In-depth analysis of Locke properties, which opened 11 locations across Europe since 2016, reveals that their success is partly due to the specialized amenities they offer, ranging from on-site yoga to drag brunch events, which underscore the trend of extended stay aparthotel amenities7. Unlike the transient nature of hotel stays, typically lasting just two days, Locke has innovatively engineered spaces with an average stay of nine days, with options for even longer stays, embodying the very essence of personalized comfort7.

Hotel Alternatives: Exploring the Luxury of Fully Furnished Apartments

The meticulous design strategy of Locke, featuring whimsical elements and a minimalistic aesthetic, reflects a growing consumer demand for the luxury of fully furnished apartments. Each Locke property is constructed to respect the individual’s need for personal space; separate living and sleeping quarters promote an enhanced sleep experience, and full-fitted kitchens provide the liberties of home – key aspects in the rising popularity of this model7. Locke’s commitment to integrating with the local community by offering immersive experiences through creative programs further positions the aparthotel as a substantial hotel alternative7.

All in all, the extended stay aparthotel amenities, coupled with the luxury of fully furnished apartments and personalized comfort, distinguish the Locke brand as a bastion of superior, custom-tailored lodging, apt for diverse clientele including families, business travelers, and those seeking an experiential stay—a testament to the rising awareness and adoption of the aparthotel concept championed by platforms like Airbnb7.

Family-Friendly and Accessible: Aparthotels Catering to All

Aparthotel Accommodations

Understanding the diverse needs of travelers, aparthotels are designed not only for solo adventurers and romantic escapades but also for those traveling with family and requiring accessibility features. Notably, properties like the Marriott Executive Apartments provide a haven for families, offering ample space with multi-room suites in destinations as varied as London, Dubai, Mumbai, and Beijing8. With the added convenience of on-site amenities such as children’s play areas, babysitting services, and family-oriented accommodations, these luxurious abodes redefine family travel.

Complementing family-friendly comforts, accessibility is a top priority, ensuring all travelers experience ease and independence during their stay. Europe’s commitment to accessible tourism is exemplified through 11 aparthotels that bear a 5-star accessibility rating9. These properties boast features such as mobility equipment hire, adapted transfers, and airport assistance, underscoring an inclusive hospitality ethos. Comprised of apartments, hotels, and holiday resorts located in diverse settings, from the historic regions of Catalonia to the picturesque countryside of Slovenia, these accommodations provide a home-like environment that caters to travelers with accessibility needs9.

To visualize the harmonious blend of luxury and practicality, consider the amenities that make extended-stay travel effortless and indulgent. Marriott Executive Apartments, with locations in major cities like Riyadh and Hangzhou, extend beyond expectations by offering dedicated staff, 24-hour security, fitness and business centers, gourmet kitchens, and even rooftop pools, creating a sanctuary for both business and leisure visitors8. These apartments not only accommodate the practicalities of family living and accessibility requirements but also provide opulent décor and comprehensive housekeeping services, ensuring that comfort is never compromised.

Ultimately, the array of serviced apartments available today signifies a shift towards a more inclusive and adaptable approach to hospitality. Whether providing comprehensive facilities for those with disabilities or ensuring a stress-free environment for family getaways, aparthotels like those within the Marriott’s portfolio in London, and accessible sanctuaries scattered throughout Europe’s varied landscapes, stand at the forefront of this evolution.

Families and individuals requiring improved accessibility are finding a home away from home in these modern aparthotels where comfort meets convenience, and every traveler’s unique needs are met with grace and sophistication.

These adaptable lodging solutions, supporting both short term and extended stays, epitomize the best in contemporary travel accommodations, uniting luxury, ease, and inclusivity under one roof.

Aparthotel Germany: The Best Choice for Business and Leisure Travelers

serviced apartments for business trips

As the landscape of travel accommodations evolves, the rise of serviced apartments for business trips and temporary housing for vacationers signifies a shift towards more personalized and flexible lodging options. Particularly in Germany, the concept of an aparthotel has emerged as a frontrunner for both efficiency-seeking professionals and leisure travelers in search of a home-like stay.

Why Serviced Apartments Are the Smart Choice for Business Trips

For the discerning business traveler, amenities that blend the comforts of home with the efficiency of an office are paramount. Recognized for their innovative space concepts and authentic designs, brands like acora Living the City cater to business clientele with serviced apartments that serve as a midscale lodging solution. These spaces offer not only standardized sleeping concepts but also modern amenities, and facilities geared towards enhancing productivity for those on the go10.

Temporary Housing That Feels Like Home: Perfect for Vacationers

Vacationers also find respite in the offerings of aparthotels, with NOVUM Hospitality providing an array of accommodations that feature wellness areas, spacious quarters, and easy access to local recreation – all crucial elements for those seeking temporary housing for vacationers. The hospitality company’s dedication to tailor experiences, as evidenced by its GreenSign certified sustainable operations and properties like the cozy Yggotel, ensures that guests enjoy quality comfort and eco-consciousness during their stay10.

Whether it’s for a short-term project or a well-deserved break, the versatility of serviced apartments in Germany’s major cities, from business-centric to leisure-focused layouts, presents an undeniable advantage, illustrating why this innovative form of accommodation is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for travelers worldwide.

Conclusion: Booking Your Ideal Serviced Apartment in Germany

As the serviced apartment sector in Germany continues to evolve, it’s clear that the adaptability and foresight of operators are key to delivering the quality and convenience discerning travelers seek. With 26% of operators expecting to reach pre-pandemic cash flows in 2022, and another segment anticipating the same by the subsequent year, there’s a palpable momentum towards recovery within the industry. Such resilience is further underscored by the fact that over half of the operators anticipate operating cash flows to return to pre-pandemic levels within the next two years11. This confidence, coupled with the introduction of innovative brands and a move towards co-living and co-working spaces, reflects a sector dynamically attuned to the varied needs of guests. In navigating to book your perfect stay, consider that serviced apartments such as those offered by tech-focused operator Numa, with its digital operations and absence of on-site staff, underscore a broader industry trend towards enhanced operational efficiency and improved profit margins11.

The potential prolongation of cash flow recovery due to the situation in Ukraine highlights the importance of a sustainable and farsighted business model in the accommodation industry. Nevertheless, travelers planning their stay in Germany can look towards a positive horizon where serviced apartments, by their very nature, offer a buffer against labor shortages and the impact of rising operational costs—critical factors to consider amid current global economic uncertainties11. But beyond challenges, there lies an opportunity. The shift to embrace evolving lifestyles and work modalities has over half of the operators investing in fresh brands that cater to the coexistence of living and working spaces11. This underscores a transformative approach to travel accommodations, directly benefiting the discerning guest.

Your journey to Germany, whether for leisure or business, promises to be more than a destination. It’s an experience replete with comfort, convenience, and personalised touches, uniquely offered by the serviced apartment sector. As you consider your accommodation options, reflect on the advantages articulated here. Fully furnished apartments with the luxury of more space, bespoke amenities, and the chance to live like a local await your booking. Seize the opportunity to impart flexibility and affordability into your travel itinerary with top-tier serviced apartments that define the essence of modern hospitality.


What are aparthotels?

Aparthotels, also known as serviced apartments, are a unique form of accommodation that combines the comfort of a hotel with the convenience of a fully furnished apartment.

Why are aparthotels popular in Germany?

Aparthotels in Germany provide travelers with a home away from home, offering spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and hotel-like amenities such as housekeeping services and concierge assistance.

What are the benefits of staying in an aparthotel in Berlin?

Berlin's trendy serviced apartments provide a fusion of comfort and style, catering to different styles and preferences, with chic and modern designs or historic buildings converted into stylish aparthotels.

What can I expect from furnished rental apartments in Munich?

Munich's furnished rental apartments, located in the heart of the city, offer easy access to popular attractions, traditional beer gardens, and world-class museums, allowing you to immerse yourself in Bavarian charm.

Why should I choose short-term rentals in Hamburg?

Short-term rentals in Hamburg provide spacious and modern accommodations, equipped with all the necessary amenities, making it easy to explore the city's stunning waterfront, modern architecture, and vibrant nightlife.

What makes self-catering apartments in Timmendorfer Strand unique?

Self-catering apartments in Timmendorfer Strand offer beachside bliss, providing a relaxing vacation in a picturesque setting on the Baltic Sea coast, with pristine sandy beaches and a charming promenade.

What can I expect from holiday apartments on Norderney?

Holiday apartments on Norderney offer a serene environment for unwinding, surrounded by beautiful dunes, nature reserves, and stunning coastal views, making it a tranquil retreat on one of Germany's East Frisian Islands.

What amenities are available for extended stays in aparthotels?

Aparthotels are designed to cater to extended stay travelers and offer amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, and spacious living areas, providing a home-like experience for longer periods.

How do aparthotels provide personalized comfort?

Aparthotels offer a personalized level of comfort with separate living and sleeping areas, ample storage space, and customizable workspaces, allowing guests to create their own routines and live like locals.

What luxury features can I expect in fully furnished apartments?

Fully furnished apartments in aparthotels offer the luxury of upscale living, with high-end furnishings, stylish decor, premium appliances, and luxurious amenities that rival traditional luxury hotels.

Are aparthotels suitable for families and individuals with accessibility needs?

Yes, many aparthotels offer family-friendly amenities such as children's play areas and babysitting services, as well as accessibility features like wheelchair accessibility, grab bars, and accessible bathrooms.

Why are aparthotels a smart choice for business trips?

Aparthotels provide an excellent option for business travelers, offering in-room workspaces, high-speed internet, and business services to ensure both comfort and productivity during their stay.

Why are aparthotels a popular choice for vacationers?

Aparthotels offer a home away from home for vacationers, providing the convenience of fully equipped kitchens, separate living areas, and a range of on-site amenities, making them an ideal choice for temporary housing.

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