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Embark on a journey through the Netherlands and discover a treasure trove of serviced apartments Amsterdam has to offer. The choice of Aparthotel Netherlands caters to every traveler’s need, whether you seek a luxurious extended stay accommodations Rotterdam, a convenient short stay Utrecht, indulgent self-catering lodging The Hague, or sophisticated corporate housing Eindhoven. Revel in the splendor of bespoke living spaces where grandeur meets comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Exceptional variety of aparthotel options across the Netherlands
  • Serviced apartments in Amsterdam offer prime locations and amenities1
  • Rotterdam’s extended stay accommodations provide home comforts for longer visits
  • Utrecht’s short stay apartments are perfect for quick trips
  • The Hague features luxurious self-catering lodgings for independent travelers
  • Eindhoven’s corporate housing meets the high standards of business professionals

Discover the Charm of Aparthotel Netherlands

Aparthotel amenities

The allure of the serviced apartments Netherlands offers extends far beyond a traditional hotel stay, providing a harmonious blend of domestic bliss and hotel indulgence.

What Makes Aparthotels Stand Out in the Netherlands

With their exceptional location­s—ranging from the bustling heart of Amsterdam to the quaint, cobblestoned streets of Utrecht—aparthotels provide an immersive experience. These properties feature premium toiletries and fully-equipped kitchens, encapsulating the essence of local living with the plush comforts of an upscale accommodation2. Echoing a business-friendly atmosphere, serviced apartments in the Netherlands cater to diverse preferences, offering amenities such as fast WiFi and direct access to local gym facilities, ensuring convenience and productivity for traveling professionals23.

Experiencing Home Comforts and Hotel Luxuries Combined

Embodying the benefits of aparthotels, each stay promises exclusivity and ease. For example, the “Epic Apartment” in Amsterdam spotlights unique interior work from local designers and artists2. Meanwhile, exploring the country’s vibrant festivities, like the whimsical Sinterklaas celebrations, becomes simple with the advanced public transportation network at your doorstep3. The appeal of aparthotel amenities includes seamless integration into the Dutch way of life—whether that means biking down well-maintained paths or enjoying the coastal vibes of the 4 renowned Dutch beaches during summer3.

Aparthotel Feature Benefit for Guests
Separate Bedrooms & Spacious Living Areas Privacy and space for relaxation or work
Local Gym Access Maintain fitness routines easily
Professional Cleaning High standards of hygiene and comfort
Fully-Equipped Kitchen Freedom to prepare home-cooked meals
Fast WiFi Stay connected for work and leisure
Exclusive Benefits Enhanced experiences, such as discounts and carbon-neutral stays2

The Aparthotel Netherlands landscape includes an astonishing variety of serviced apartments such as studio and one-bedroom options, even in locations as unique as a former chocolate factory—adding a touch of historical charm to contemporary living2. With their ability to cater to both quick visits and extended stays through daily to monthly rate options, aparthotels represent a compelling alternative to conventional hotel stays, embodying the modern traveler’s desire for flexibility and authenticity2.

Top-rated Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

Luxury serviced apartments in Amsterdam

For those seeking the comfort of home with the amenities of a hotel, serviced apartments Amsterdam offer an unparalleled experience. Combining convenience, style, and top-of-the-line service, these accommodations have proven ideal for both short-term getaways and longer city breaks. With a range of options available, from best aparthotels in Amsterdam to budget-friendly flats, travelers have the luxury of choice to ensure the greatest satisfaction during their stay.

When it comes to cost, guests can anticipate average nightly rates for serviced apartments in Amsterdam fluctuating between £64 and £2471. At the pinnacle of luxury and endorsement, the highest-rated serviced apartment in Amsterdam has garnered a score of 9 out of 10 in expert evaluations1, setting a gold standard in guest experience and satisfaction.

Apartment Size Starting Rates per Month Expert Rating
1 Bedroom (From 40m²) €2,700 8 – 9 / 101
2 Bedrooms (From 60m²) €3,300
3 Bedrooms (From 82m²) €4,800
4 Bedrooms (From 104m²) €5,700

Top-rated accommodations in Amsterdam have not only met the size and comfort needs of diverse travelers but have also ensured flexibility in leasing terms, with options allowing cancellations provided a full calendar month’s notice is given4. This demonstrates a commitment to the varying requirements that may be present in guests’ itineraries – a consideration of utmost importance for those serving the expat and corporate traveler sectors, which have relied on these services in Amsterdam for over a decade4.

  • Apartments designed with contemporary aesthetics to cater to modern travelers1.
  • Flats strategically located near Amsterdam’s most famous attractions for ease of access.
  • Accommodations that provide all utilities, cleaning, and Wi-Fi in the monthly rate for hassle-free living4.
  • Choice of stays ranging from 2 to 12 months, perfect for varied lengths of visitation4.

From the bustling heart of the historical city center to serene canal-side views, the best aparthotels in Amsterdam blend charismatic Dutch charm with the functionality and freedom expected by today’s discerning traveler. This ensures a stay that is as indulgent as it is practical, building upon Amsterdam’s reputation for exceptional hospitality and service.

Extended Stay Accommodations in Rotterdam

Extended Stay Aparthotels in Rotterdam

As the second-largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has become a hub for maritime, science, health, and agricultural sectors, with its robust economy drawing in around one million visitors annually and attracting significant foreign investment5. Catering to a diverse population consisting of nearly 200 nationalities5, the city is well-equipped to accommodate the increasing demand for extended stay accommodations Rotterdam. This demand highlights the city’s beautiful riverside setting, vibrant cultural life, and innovative modern architecture6.

Finding Your Home Away from Home in Rotterdam

Those looking for long-term stays in Rotterdam will find comfort in the multilinearity of housing options available. Rotterdam aparthotels offer a semblance of home, presenting fully equipped kitchens, cozy living areas, and on-site laundry facilities. These features are a commitment to the home away from home concept for guests staying in the city’s expansive 125 square miles5.

Extended Stay Aparthotels: The Ideal Solution for Longer Visits

Long-term stays in Rotterdam are uniquely catered to in the city’s aparthotels, such as those operated by PREMIER SUITES, which provide amenities including fully equipped gyms and walk-in power showers. With the competitive advantage of more space, flexibility, privacy, and a pet-friendly policy6, these aparthotels present an ideal solution for those visiting the maritime city within a 300-mile radius service area, attracting around 150 million potential consumers5.

Amenities Value Added
Fully Equipped Kitchen Convenience of home-cooked meals
On-site Gym Health and wellness maintenance
Walk-in Power Showers Luxurious touch to daily routine
Free Wi-Fi Seamless connectivity for work or leisure
Pet-friendly Accommodations Travel without leaving loved pets behind

Ultimately, the narrative of Rotterdam aparthotels is not only about the depth of their features but also about their ability to tether to the soul of the city—its diversity, its infrastructure, and its connection to a wider European community5. With options to accommodate guests for any duration, from a single night to an entire year6, the city’s extended stay accommodations are fine-tuned for the nuances of modern living and the expectations of globetrotters and professionals alike.

Short Stay Apartments Excellence in Utrecht

Top Short-Term Accommodations Utrecht

Embracing the quaint charm and bustling culture of Utrecht requires finding the perfect base, and Utrecht aparthotels provide just that with an array of living arrangements catering to various needs. Offering six different apartment locations in Utrecht City7, travelers seeking short stay Utrecht accommodations can select from studios to spacious 2-bedroom apartments7. The minimum length of stay is as brief as one night, extending up to 14 nights, ensuring flexibility for quick sojourns to extended business trips7.

For those requiring more space, the LOFT 188 Luxury Apartment Hotel stands out with its large area of 861 ft², providing ample room to unwind8. This high-end option in the heart of Utrecht doesn’t just dazzle with space but also with stunning city views, making it one of the top short-term accommodations Utrecht has to offer8. The property is immensely praised for its prime location with a rating of 9.9 out of 10, and facilities, cleanliness, comfort, all receiving an exemplary 9.8 out of 108.

Understanding the diverse needs of short-term travelers, the apartments vary in maximum capacity options hosting 2, 3, or 4 guests comfortably7. A particular apartment caters to long-term stays with a six-month minimum tenancy, thereby addressing the requirements of those in transitional phases or engaging in extended projects7. An array of amenities like air conditioning, non-smoking rooms, terraces, and safety deposit boxes further enhance the appeal of these short-term lodgings8.

Guests frequently commend the convenient locations and the high quality of apartments, noting them as some of the top short-term accommodations in Utrecht7. Reviews also highlight the excellent staff at Utrecht City Concepts’ aparthotels, matching the high ratings seen throughout the amenities and overall experience8. Moreover, reaching out for inquiries or assistance is a breeze with readily available contact options including email, phone, and WhatsApp7.

Whether your visit is brief or a little extended, the wide range of apartment types ensures a tailored experience, reflecting Utrecht City Concepts’ commitment to unique, authentic stays7. Fast free WiFi at 56 Mbps keeps guests connected, whether for leisure or business communication needs8.’s 4 out of 5 quality rating of such properties, considering factors like facilities, size, and service, confirms the exceptional standard travelers can anticipate8.

Elegant Self-Catering Lodgings in The Hague

Serviced Apartments The Hague

The Hague is not only the seat of the Dutch government but also a prime destination for travelers who value their autonomy and comfort. Here, the self-catering lodging The Hague has risen in prominence, providing guests with a private oasis amidst the bustling city. Combining the allure of independence with the conveniences of traditional hospitality, these lodgings offer a competitive edge for those seeking a more personalized stay.

Self-Catering vs. Traditional Hotels: Benefits in The Hague

Opting for serviced apartments The Hague offers a plethora of benefits over traditional hotel rooms. The autonomy to prepare your own meals inside a fully equipped kitchen is a noteworthy advantage, providing both a taste of home and potential savings on dining out. Moreover, such lodgings typically come with ample space to relax, work, or entertain guests, a feature particularly appreciated by those on extended stays or business trips in The Hague.

Luxury and Independence: The Hague’s Best Serviced Apartments

Luxury and freedom are at the heart of The Hague aparthotels. This city’s finest accommodations not only showcase elegant décor but also ensure complete independence for guests. With B-aparthotels’ various locations, including The Hague, guests are treated to a fusion of accessibility and exclusivity. Outdoor parking with an electric car spot is particularly valued by environmentally-conscious travelers, while the proximity to key business and government sectors makes commutes effortless. Furthermore, the special access code system enhances security, offering peace of mind alongside comfort9.

Amenities B-aparthotels The Hague Traditional Hotels
Accessibility Excellent – Near business/government centers and public transport Varies – Some may not offer convenient location advantages
Meal Prep Fully-equipped kitchen in each apartment Mostly in-house dining or external restaurants
Extra Features Self-check-in, Check-out box, Luggage room Standard check-in/out, Baggage assistance

In creating an experience that is both lavish and liberating, The Hague’s serviced apartments exceed expectations by catering to different guest schedules, comforting early birds and night owls alike with their flexible offerings9. An added convenience is the self-check-in service, allowing those with tight schedules or late arrivals to settle in without the hassle9. The guest’s experience is further enriched by the availability of a check-out box and luggage room, culminating in a seamless stay from arrival to departure9.

The blend of privacy, convenience, and luxury sets The Hague aparthotels apart, making them an ideal choice for travelers in pursuit of both comfort and independence. Whether visiting for leisure or business, these self-catering lodgings offer a distinctive stay that reflects The Hague’s elegant character, turning a mere visit into a memorable living experience.

Corporate Housing Solutions in Eindhoven

business travel accommodations

As the technological epicenter of the Netherlands, Eindhoven has become a beacon for professionals seeking corporate housing Eindhoven during their business ventures. The city’s infrastructure supports a smooth blend of work and relaxation, offering business travel accommodations that cater specifically to the needs of those on prolonged assignments or corporate travels.

The demand for extended stay Eindhoven options is well understood by local housing associations, which manage approximately 75% of the 3 million rental homes in the country10. In line with government regulations, a significant portion of these homes is allocated to those with defined income levels, meeting the needs of professionals who seek affordability without sacrificing quality10.

Corporate Travelers: Combining Business with Comfort in Eindhoven

Furnished apartments for corporate housing in Eindhoven are designed to offer a conducive environment for work, with high-speed internet and dedicated workspaces. These facilities ensure that professionals have no obstacle in seamlessly continuing their work, reflecting a thoughtful integration of housing solutions in the heart of this vibrant city.

Choosing the Best Corporate Housing for Your Professional Needs

To settle into an ideal extended stay, business travelers should be aware of the fiscal landscape surrounding rental properties. 2024 sees the initiation of a rent limit for private sector tenancy agreements at €879.66, creating a beneficial financial environment for long-stay professionals10. The legal cap on annual rent increases up to 2029, limited to the lower of inflation plus 1% or wage growth plus 1%, ensures stability in housing costs during their stay in Eindhoven10. These guarded measures, including a maximum rent increase of 5.5% in 2024, showcase Eindhoven’s commitment to a balanced corporate housing market10.

Eindhoven’s dedication to accommodating professionals is also reflected in the harbor, where berths for housing boats are subject to the same rent increase limitations as of July 1, 202210. The city’s framework provides an avenue for corporate clients to experience a unique and charming stay while benefiting from the picturesque waterways.

Any challenges or disputes related to rents can be judiciously handled by The Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie), which processes disagreements for individuals and organizations alike10. Their proceedings, which cost €25 for individuals or €300 for companies, underscore the structured approach to managing housing queries in Eindhoven10. Thus, whether it’s rent charges, increases, or maintenance issues, corporate housing tenants and landlords have recourse to fair and regulated resolutions10.

It’s essential to choose extended stay accommodations that align not only with one’s professional role but also offer the comfort and ease expected of high-quality corporate housing. Eindhoven’s comprehensive approach to such housing services effectively bridges the gap between business requirements and a homely sanctuary.


As we have explored the landscape of Netherlands accommodations, it is clear that travelers are presented with a substantial array of choices, with 320 hotels flourishing across the nation11. Specifically, the realm of best aparthotels Netherlands shines as a beacon for those desiring the facets of a personal abode meshed with the indulgences of a hotel. Options span from economically viable rooms starting at a mere $59 USD per night, projecting up to the more opulent choices where a night’s repose could reach $447 USD11.

Among the most commendable, Wittenberg Aparthotel lures with its combination of ample space and fiscal incentives, offering a 10% commission and a commendable suite of 115 rooms11. Similarly, the adeptly designed Zoku Amsterdam echoes this approach, providing 133 rooms and a receptiveness to commission-based collaborations11. Such establishments are not merely places to stay but platforms for a richer travel experience combining convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile, the Hotel Parklane, modest yet full of character, stands as a testament to quality, having been renovated in 2005 and presenting rooms at a comfortable rate of $106 per night11.

When it comes to selecting the top serviced apartments, guests can revel in the assured quality of properties such as Ibis Amsterdam Stopera, noted for its 3 Superior Tourist Class status, or experience the first-class distinction of Quentin Zoo Hotel11. This, paired with the variety of rates like those found at Zoku Amsterdam, ranging from $138 to $665 USD, illustrates the vast spectrum of accommodations available for every kind of traveler11. Hence, whether you’re seeking an extended stay akin to home comforts or a transient lodging of luxury, the Netherlands presents a tapestry of top serviced apartments as diverse and welcoming as the country itself.


What are aparthotels in the Netherlands?

Aparthotels, also known as serviced apartments, are accommodations in the Netherlands that provide the perfect blend of home comforts and hotel luxuries. They offer spacious living spaces, fully equipped kitchens, and amenities such as 24-hour concierge service and fitness centers.

What are the benefits of staying in aparthotels in the Netherlands?

Staying in aparthotels in the Netherlands allows travelers to enjoy the comfort and privacy of a home while benefiting from the services and amenities of a hotel. They offer fully equipped kitchens, separate living areas, and personalized service, making them suitable for both short and long-term stays.

Where can I find top-rated serviced apartments in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is home to some of the best serviced apartments in the Netherlands. You can find top-rated accommodations with stylish interiors, convenient locations near popular attractions, and a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Are there extended stay accommodations available in Rotterdam?

Yes, Rotterdam offers a variety of extended stay accommodations for travelers planning longer visits. These aparthotels provide fully equipped kitchens, separate living areas, and on-site laundry facilities, making them an ideal solution for those who want a home away from home experience.

Where can I find short stay apartments in Utrecht?

Utrecht offers excellent short stay apartments for travelers looking for a temporary home. These accommodations provide comfortable living spaces, convenient locations near major attractions, and a range of amenities to ensure a pleasant stay.

Are there self-catering lodgings available in The Hague?

Yes, The Hague offers elegant self-catering lodgings for travelers seeking luxury and independence. These serviced apartments provide spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and stylish interiors, offering the flexibility of preparing your own meals while enjoying hotel-like amenities.

Where can business travelers find corporate housing in Eindhoven?

Eindhoven offers corporate housing solutions for business travelers. These accommodations provide fully furnished apartments with business-friendly amenities such as high-speed internet, workspaces, and meeting facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient environment for professionals on extended work assignments or business trips.

What are the best aparthotels in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands offers a wide range of top-rated serviced apartments that provide a unique and convenient accommodation experience. From Amsterdam to Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague, these aparthotels offer the perfect blend of home comforts and hotel luxuries, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay for every guest.

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