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Cyprus boasts a wide range of aparthotel accommodations, making it a prime destination for both luxury and budget-conscious travelers. Whether you seek the elegance of a high-end establishment or the coziness of a budget-friendly lodging, there is an aparthotel in Cyprus to suit your needs. Visitors can choose from numerous serviced apartments across the island, with Paphos City offering 32 options and Protaras providing 25 choices1. Limassol features 20 serviced apartments, while Ayia Napa leads with 45 accommodations1. Each aparthotel offers amenities such as air-conditioning, fully-equipped kitchenettes, and convenient locations close to beaches and cultural sites.

These Cyprus vacation rentals are well-loved for their hybrid model of offering both hotel-like services and the comforts of a home. Larnaka has 21 serviced apartments, while Nicosia and the surrounding regions offer a combined 8 options1. This makes Cyprus an ideal location for short stays and extended vacations alike. Positive reviews highlight the excellent balance of services and homey amenities, ensuring that every stay is relaxed and convenient. For those seeking a central and diverse location, Limassol offers a total of 30 serviced apartments within its region, providing even more options for discerning travelers1.

For a well-rounded experience, consider exploring the most recommended destinations by visiting, where you can find detailed reviews and ratings for the best aparthotels in Cyprus.

Key Takeaways

  • Cyprus offers a diverse range of aparthotel accommodations, catering to various preferences.
  • Paphos City and the Paphos region offer the highest number of serviced apartments in Cyprus1.
  • Positive reviews commend Cyprus aparthotels for their blend of hotel-like services and home comforts.
  • Common amenities include air-conditioned rooms and fully-equipped kitchenettes, ensuring a comfortable stay.
  • The best aparthotels in Cyprus can be found in popular destinations like Ayia Napa, Limassol, and Protaras.

Luxury Accommodation in Limassol

Limassol offers an impressive selection of premium aparthotels tailored for those seeking both grandeur and exclusivity. From scenic views to luxurious in-room amenities, these accommodations ensure a memorable stay.

Greenfields Country Club

The Greenfields Country Club is a prime example of exceptional luxury accommodation Cyprus. Located in Germasogeia, Limassol, this place holds a remarkable rating of 9.5, based on 46 reviews, and offers rates starting at US$64 per night2. The units boast air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and balconies with outdoor dining areas, making it a favored choice among visitors.

Castle Holiday Apartments

Renowned for its city views and proximate location to cultural attractions, Castle Holiday Apartments stands out among Limassol luxury aparthotels. While specific ratings for Castle Holiday Apartments were not provided, its convenient location and amenities continue to attract discerning travelers looking to explore Limassol’s vibrant city center and historical sites.

Chrielka Hotel

At Chrielka Hotel, guests are treated to impressive amenities that include flat-screen TVs with streaming services and luxurious in-room additions such as wine, fruits, and bathrobes. This aparthotel is designed to cater to those seeking opulence and comfort during their stay in Limassol. Its strategic placement ensures easy access to both the city’s main attractions and serene retreat spaces, enhancing its appeal as a top-tier choice for limassol luxury aparthotels.

luxury accommodation Cyprus

Top Aparthotels in Paphos

For travelers seeking holiday accommodation in Cyprus, Paphos aparthotels are an excellent choice offering both comfort and convenience.

Top Aparthotels in Paphos

Elysia Park

Among the top choices is Elysia Park. This establishment boasts beautifully landscaped gardens and a refreshing pool, creating a serene environment perfect for relaxation. Elysia Park offers self-catering units with views of either the garden or the pool, making it one of the ideal Paphos aparthotels for those looking to enjoy a peaceful stay.

Aphrodite’s Nest

Aphrodite’s Nest is another favorite among holiday accommodation Cyprus options. Strategically located for easy access to the southwest coast and the renowned Lighthouse Beach, this aparthotel is perfect for travelers looking to explore Paphos’ scenic beauty. Whether you’re a solo explorer or a family on vacation, Aphrodite’s Nest provides a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Stone Court Boutique Studios

If luxury and practicality are on your mind, Stone Court Boutique Studios deliver renovated accommodations with a year-round outdoor pool and free WiFi. This aparthotel is perfect for families or groups, offering the perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional charm. Stone Court’s high ratings make it a top contender among Paphos aparthotels seeking to cater to a diverse range of guests.

In addition to these establishments, Paphos offers several other notable aparthotels. Kefalos Damon Hotel Apartments, for instance, boasts an outdoor pool area, with proximity to the Kings Avenue Mall3. Paphos Gardens Holiday Resort features 10 rooms with sea views and is a short drive from Paphos Harbour Castle3. Tasmaria Aparthotel centrally located with an indoor swimming pool within a 9-minute walk from the Seaside walk, has views of the garden3. All these make Paphos a premier destination for luxury, convenience, and unforgettable vacation experiences.

Best Serviced Apartments in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a top destination for those seeking quality serviced apartments in Cyprus. Whether you are looking for luxury, comfort, or affordability, Ayia Napa provides an array of options designed to meet various preferences. The most notable choices include La Casa di Napa, Aktea Beach Village, and Lantiana Napa Apartments. Each of these accommodations offers unique amenities and positive reviews from various travelers.

La Casa di Napa

La Casa di Napa stands out for its beautiful tropical garden, pool bar, and close proximity to the beaches. This accommodation is highly appreciated for its serene environment and stylish decor. With numerous positive reviews, La Casa di Napa continues to attract guests looking for a relaxing vacation spot. The percentage of excellent reviews for serviced apartments in this area ranges from 8.0% to 9.3%4.

Aktea Beach Village

Aktea Beach Village distinguishes itself with comprehensive amenities such as sea-view balconies, and well-equipped kitchenette facilities, ensuring that guests experience both luxury and convenience. This makes it one of the best serviced apartments in Ayia Napa. The number of reviews for these accommodations ranges from 33 to 4127, showcasing its popularity4. Additionally, the average price per night in Ayia Napa’s serviced apartments varies from £51 to £320, making Aktea Beach Village a competitive option4.

Lantiana Napa Apartments

Lantiana Napa Apartments offer a blend of modern conveniences and comfort. Each apartment features streaming services, spacious dining areas, safety deposit boxes, and private bathrooms. This makes Lantiana Napa Apartments suitable for both short stays and extended vacations, solidifying its place among the best serviced apartments in Ayia Napa. The highest total cost for a 30-day stay reaches up to £5240, while the lowest is £994, reflecting a wide range of financial accessibility4.

serviced apartments Cyprus

For more detailed information on serviced apartments Cyprus options, visit this link.

Aparthotel Amenities in Larnaca

For those seeking well-appointed accommodations, the aparthotel amenities in Cyprus, specifically within Larnaca, provide excellent options. Larnaca vacation rentals range widely, catering to varied needs with fully-equipped kitchenettes, soothing living spaces, and conveniences such as child-friendly facilities and air conditioning. Many of these aparthotels occupy picturesque seafront locations, perfect for enjoying Cyprus’s stunning coastal views.

aparthotel amenities Cyprus

Notably, LIV Mackenzie Beach Suites Larnaca has received exceptional reviews, scoring 9.5 with 201 reviewers highlighting its top-tier amenities and comfort5. Similarly, Aphrodite Plaza is lauded for its comprehensive facilities, earning a score of 9.3 from 716 reviews5.

For those interested in luxury, LIV URBAN Suites also stands out with a rating of 9.5 from 469 reviews5, and Art & Wine Studios and Apts is celebrated with a score of 9.4 by 927 reviewers5. These accommodations offer deluxe amenities perfectly suited for discerning travelers looking for indulgent stays.

If budget-friendly Larnaca vacation rentals are required, options such as Jimmy’s Suites and White 11 deliver superb experiences at reasonable prices, both scoring 9.1 from over 1,000 reviews each5. Sun Hall Beach Hotel Apartments offers another attractive choice, particularly being one of the most booked serviced apartments in Larnaca this month, with a score of 8.0 from 2,695 reviews5.

Aparthotel Rating Reviews
LIV Mackenzie Beach Suites Larnaca 9.5 201
Aphrodite Plaza 9.3 716
LIV URBAN Suites 9.5 469
Art & Wine Studios and Apts 9.4 927
Jimmy’s Suites 9.1 1049
White 11 9.1 1155
Sun Hall Beach Hotel Apartments 8.0 2695

For families, Tsialis Hotel Apartments is a favored choice, scoring 9.0 with 508 reviews, cited for its family-friendly amenities and excellent service5. These self-catering apartments Cyprus provides a mix of comfort, convenience, and excellent service, making them an ideal choice for travelers of all preferences.

High-Rated Aparthotels in Protaras

Protaras is a haven for beach lovers, offering an impressive array of high-rated aparthotels that ensure an unforgettable stay. Among these, the Penelope Beach Hotel Apts stands out as a premier choice for travelers seeking Protaras luxury accommodation. Guests at these aparthotels can enjoy comprehensive facilities including large balconies with stunning sea views, kitchenette amenities with daily replenishments of coffee and tea, and spacious living areas.

Penelope Beach Hotel Apts

The Penelope Beach Hotel Apts is particularly noteworthy, featuring not only impressive views and facilities but also thoughtful welcome amenities like mineral water and fruit baskets, enhancing the overall guest experience. This luxurious setup offers the perfect blend of comfort and convenience, making it one of the most high-rated aparthotels in Protaras.

high-rated aparthotels in Protaras

In comparison, Maouris Hotel Apartments in Protaras achieved a superb 9.3 rating based on 79 reviews, with a starting price of US$79 per night6. Another excellent option is Konnos Bay Gardens which garnered a very good 8.0 rating with 1,045 reviews and a starting price of US$79 per night6. For those looking for higher-end options, Vrissaki Hotel Apartments in Protaras, a 5-star hotel, is located just 1.1 km from Fig Tree Bay7.

Whether you’re drawn to the comprehensive offerings at the Penelope Beach Hotel Apts or other remarkable options, Protaras luxury accommodation choices ensure a memorable stay filled with both comfort and elegance. These high-rated aparthotels in Protaras provide everything needed for a relaxing and indulgent vacation.

Budget-Friendly Options in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, presents budget-friendly aparthotel choices that ensure both quality and convenience for travelers. These options cater to those seeking comfortable extended stay apartments without breaking the bank.

Central Park Residence

Central Park Residence is widely regarded for its modern apartments coupled with a strategic location in Nicosia. The property boasts sleek, contemporary units that provide ample living space and essential amenities for a cozy stay. Visitors will find an average review score of 9.4 across the selected accommodations, reflecting a consistent level of superb quality8. Notably, the average price per night ranges between US$54 and US$152, making it an affordable yet luxurious choice for travelers on a budget8. Guests who favor budget-friendly aparthotel Cyprus options will appreciate the combination of value and comfort offered by Central Park Residence.

budget-friendly aparthotel Cyprus

Lordos Hotel Apartments Nicosia

Lordos Hotel Apartments Nicosia is another excellent choice for those looking for Nicosia serviced apartments. This establishment offers stylish yet affordable accommodations featuring kitchenettes, private bathrooms, and complimentary WiFi to ensure a pleasant extended stay8. The location is ideal for exploring the heart of Cyprus, with review scores averaging 9.2, indicating a very good level of satisfaction among travelers8. With prices per night ranging similarly from US$54 to US$152, this option also aligns perfectly with budget-friendly aparthotel choices in Cyprus8. Embracing the best elements of convenience and affordability, guests are assured a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Both Central Park Residence and Lordos Hotel Apartments Nicosia stand out for their excellent combination of affordability, high review scores, and strategic locations. These accommodations exemplify ideal options for those seeking budget-friendly aparthotel Cyprus offerings, ensuring a delightful stay that meets both expectations and budgets.

Beachfront Aparthotels in Pissouri

Travelers seeking a memorable Cyprus beach holiday will find the beachfront aparthotel Cyprus options in Pissouri exceptionally inviting. The Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments stand out as a superior choice, offering a blend of luxury and convenience that caters to various traveler needs.

These beachfront aparthotels Cyprus provide guests with well-fitted kitchenettes, allowing for convenient self-catering during your stay. Additionally, the stunning views from the apartments create a perfect setting for a relaxing getaway. The location is particularly advantageous as it allows easy access to local attractions, making it an ideal base for exploring the area.

Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments

The Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments have garnered impressive reviews from guests, with a notable number of superb ratings. For example, one review score shows a “Superb” rating of 9.2 based on 270 reviews9. Another review highlights a rating of 9.1 based on both 25 and 27 reviews, reflecting consistent guest satisfaction9. Such high ratings emphasize the exceptional quality and service at these Pissouri serviced apartments.

Located just 1,500 feet from the beach, these apartments offer easy access to the pristine coastline, ensuring you can make the most of your Cyprus beach holiday9. Guests frequently commend the location, with a specific rating of 9.7 for this aspect10. This close proximity to the shoreline not only enhances the overall experience but also underlines why Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments are a preferred choice for many.

Pissouri serviced apartments

The Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments do not simply rely on their proximity to the beach. The range of amenities provided ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Categories like staff and cleanliness receive high marks, with ratings of 9.5 in respective areas10. This attention to detail and high standard of service ensures that guests have an exceptional stay from arrival to departure.

Cost-wise, these Pissouri serviced apartments offer competitive pricing, with nightly rates around $1099. Considering the quality and the beachfront location, this price point represents great value for money. The combination of affordability, stunning views, and superior service encapsulates what makes the Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments a standout choice for anyone planning a Cyprus beach holiday.

Extended Stay Apartments in Polis Chrysochous

For those seeking an extended stay, Polis Chrysochous features a variety of apartment options that cater to different tastes and needs. From luxury suites to rustic experiences, this charming locale has something for everyone.

Latchi Escape Hotel & Suites

The Latchi Escape Hotel & Suites is perfect for individuals looking for luxury extended stay apartments in Cyprus. The hotel offers spacious suites with modern amenities that make longer visits an absolute delight. Guests can enjoy elegant furnishings, state-of-the-art facilities, and beautiful surroundings that make Polis Chrysochous vacation homes highly appealing.

Cyprus Villas Agrotourism

For a more rustic experience, Cyprus Villas Agrotourism provides accommodations that emphasize nature and traditional Cypriot charm. These extended stay apartments in Cyprus are ideal for travelers desiring a deeper connection with local culture, and the agrotourism-focused accommodations offer a unique way to experience the area.

Cottage Houses

The Cottage Houses blend traditional charm with modern comforts, making them a unique option for extended stays. These homes provide proximity to local culture and natural wonders, ensuring that guests can immerse themselves in the beauty and history of Polis Chrysochous. Whether it’s the well-maintained gardens, scenic views, or cozy interiors, each aspect contributes to making Cottage Houses an attractive choice for extended stay apartments in Cyprus.

Accommodation Average Rating Number of Reviews Starting Price Per Night
Tavros Hotel Apartments 9.1 299 $82
C & A Hotel Apartments 8.8 168 $83
Kozis Hotel Apartments 8.6 366 $54
Eliofos Elegant Maisonettes 8.6 313 $109
Odysseas & Eleni Hotel Apartments 8.5 244 $60
Stephanos Hotel Apartments 8.8 100 $109
Mariela Hotel Apartments 8.1 513 $63
Follow The Sun Hotel Apartments 7.2 124 $68
Akamanthea Holiday Village 7.7 11 $106
Droshia Traditional Homes, COCO-MAT Full Experience 9.4 71 $106

Reviews from recent guests highlight Polis Chrysochous vacation homes as excellent options for cozy and pleasant extended stays. Kozis Hotel Apartments, in particular, has received an 8.6 fabulous rating from 366 reviews, offering amenities such as an outdoor pool and free WiFi, which add to its charm as an extended stay apartment in Cyprus1112. With so many highly-rated accommodations, Polis Chrysochous is a prime destination for extended stays.

Self-Catering Apartments in the Troodos Mountains

Nestled in the picturesque Troodos Mountains, self-catering apartments in Cyprus offer an unparalleled retreat for nature enthusiasts. Here, visitors can experience eco-friendly staying options while enjoying the serenity and beauty of the surrounding nature.

Platres Valley Houses

Platres Valley Houses, with a commendable review score of 8.5 based on 483 reviews, feature scenic views and close proximity to hiking trails, making them perfect for eco-focused travelers13. Guests appreciate the availability of well-equipped self-catering facilities and essentials such as coffee and tea for a homely experience13. The properties are praised for their location, cleanliness, and comfort, making them a beloved choice among many13.


Theoxenia, situated in Kalopanayiotis, stands out with its review score of 8 based on 139 reviews, and offers guests a cozy mountain retreat13. The attractive eco-friendly staying options and the appealing Troodos Mountains accommodations make this a favorite among visitors seeking tranquillity13. The apartments’ price range per night caters to various budgets, ensuring an enjoyable stay for all14. Moreover, guests particularly commend the amenities and scenic mountain views, enhancing their overall experience13.

Popular Aparthotel Cyprus Destinations

Cyprus offers diverse and popular aparthotel destinations that cater to a variety of tourist preferences. Among the most sought-after locations are Paphos City, Ayia Napa, and Limassol, each providing unique and memorable experiences.

Paphos City

Paphos City stands out as a prime choice for vacation rentals due to its rich historical sites and vibrant beach activities. The city boasts 32 serviced apartments, making it a well-equipped destination for travelers seeking immersive cultural and coastal experiences1. Properties here have consistently high ratings, with reviewers often noting their excellent service and amenities1.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is famous for its bustling nightlife and exquisite beaches, making it an ideal spot for holiday accommodations. With 45 serviced apartments, visitors are guaranteed a wide range of options to suit their preferences1. Ayia Napa’s aparthotels like Lantiana Napa Aparthotel are highly rated, scoring 8.9 from 440 reviewers, for their superior pool facilities and overall guest satisfaction15.


Limassol blends urban sophistication with picturesque coastal charm, making it a top destination for aparthotel stays. The city features 20 serviced apartments that cater to both luxury seekers and cultural explorers1. One of the standout options here is the Greenfields Country Club, which has received a top rating of 9.5 from 45 reviews, highlighting the quality and satisfaction guests experience15.

City Number of Serviced Apartments Top Aparthotel and Rating Average Review Scores
Paphos City 32 Various (9.1 superb) 9.1
Ayia Napa 45 Lantiana Napa Aparthotel (8.9) 8.9
Limassol 20 Greenfields Country Club (9.5) 9.5


In conclusion, Cyprus offers a versatile range of aparthotel accommodations suitable for various traveler needs, from luxurious stays in Limassol to budget-friendly options in Nicosia. Beachfront experiences in Pissouri and extended stays in Polis Chrysochous amplify the island’s appeal, making it an ideal destination for all types of visitors. Whether you’re seeking high-end luxury, practical amenities, or unique cultural experiences, Cyprus has something for everyone.

For those embarking on a Cyprus vacation planning journey, it’s essential to consider aparthotel facilities that align with your needs. Many locations boast modern amenities, including gymnasiums, tennis courts, pools, and children’s playgrounds, making them perfect for family vacations16. Meanwhile, travelers looking for authenticity and traditional charm will find the stone-built village holiday apartments in Kalavasos and Tochni particularly appealing, offering self-catering and bed and breakfast options17.

The convenience of booking Cyprus aparthotel accommodations cannot be overstated. Whether it’s the international and local food offerings at main eateries or the proximity to famous attractions like the ghost town of Varosha and Cape Greco, every detail is designed to enhance your stay16. On a broader scale, these accommodations are strategically located, providing easy access to various beaches and cultural sites across the island17.

Ultimately, the aparthotel industry in Cyprus is well-equipped to offer memorable stays that combine the best of both hotel services and home-like comforts. From yoga holiday packages and cycling tours to Friday evening barbecue nights by the pool, every aspect is tailored to ensure a delightful vacation experience1617. Plan your next trip by booking a Cyprus aparthotel, and get ready to explore everything this beautiful island has to offer.


What are some of the best aparthotels in Cyprus?

Cyprus offers a wide range of aparthotels catering to various preferences. Some of the best include Greenfields Country Club in Limassol, Elysia Park in Paphos, and La Casa di Napa in Ayia Napa. These aparthotels provide luxury, comfort, and excellent amenities for memorable stays.

Where can I find luxury accommodation in Limassol?

In Limassol, luxury accommodation options include Greenfields Country Club, which offers spacious units with air conditioning and outdoor dining areas. Castle Holiday Apartments are known for their city views and proximity to cultural attractions, while Chrielka Hotel offers impressive amenities such as in-room luxury additions like wine, fruits, and bathrobes.

What are the top aparthotels in Paphos?

The top aparthotels in Paphos include Elysia Park, which features a pool and self-catering units with garden or pool views, Aphrodite’s Nest located near Lighthouse Beach, and Stone Court Boutique Studios, which offers year-round outdoor pools and free WiFi.

Which serviced apartments are the best in Ayia Napa?

In Ayia Napa, the best serviced apartments include La Casa di Napa with its pool bar and tropical garden, Aktea Beach Village with sea-view balconies and kitchenette facilities, and Lantiana Napa Apartments, which are highly rated for their modern conveniences and comfort.

What amenities do aparthotels in Larnaca offer?

Aparthotels in Larnaca offer amenities such as kitchenettes with appliances, comfortable living spaces, air conditioning, child-friendly facilities, and picturesque seafront locations. These accommodations cater to diverse needs, from budget travelers to those seeking deluxe amenities.

What are some of the high-rated aparthotels in Protaras?

High-rated aparthotels in Protaras include Penelope Beach Hotel Apartments, which offer large balconies with sea views, kitchenette facilities with daily replenishment of coffee and tea, and welcome amenities like mineral water and fruit baskets.

Are there budget-friendly aparthotel options in Nicosia?

Yes, Nicosia offers budget-friendly aparthotel options such as Central Park Residence, known for its modern apartments and strategic location, and Lordos Hotel Apartments, which provide stylish stays with amenities such as kitchenettes, private bathrooms, and free WiFi.

Can I find beachfront aparthotels in Pissouri?

Absolutely! Ampelokipi Holiday Apartments in Pissouri offer well-fitted kitchenettes, stunning views, and convenient access to local attractions, making them perfect for sun-soaked beach holidays in Cyprus.

What options are available for extended stays in Polis Chrysochous?

For extended stays in Polis Chrysochous, options include Latchi Escape Hotel & Suites for luxury stays, Cyprus Villas Agrotourism for a rustic experience, and Cottage Houses which blend traditional charm with modern comforts.

Where can I find self-catering apartments in the Troodos Mountains?

In the Troodos Mountains, self-catering apartments can be found at Platres Valley Houses, which offer scenic views and proximity to hiking trails, and Theoxenia, known for its beautiful mountain views and comfortable amenities.

What are some popular aparthotel destinations in Cyprus?

Popular aparthotel destinations in Cyprus include Paphos City, known for its historical sites and beach activities; Ayia Napa, famous for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches; and Limassol, which combines urban sophistication with coastal charm.

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