Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos

Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos

Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 03:53 pm

Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos is on Paris Street in Kato Paphos, Cyprus. It’s a symbol of top-tier living in the city. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, it’s perfect for anyone wanting a luxurious beach retreat.

This 5-star haven comes packed with everything you need for a perfect vacation. From the moment you step in, your stay will be unforgettable. Welcome to the ultimate in Mediterranean escape.

Year Built: 19921

Year Last Renovated: 19961

Number of Floors: 41

Deposit Policy: 10% of total accommodation1

Cancellation Policy: 3 days cancellation fee1

Key Takeaways:

  • Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos offers luxurious accommodations near the beach, making it one of the top choices for travelers seeking a beachfront hotel in Paphos.
  • The hotel boasts a 5-star rating and provides world-class amenities for a truly indulgent experience.
  • Year Built: 19921
  • Year Last Renovated: 19961
  • Number of Floors: 41
  • Deposit Policy: 10% of total accommodation1
  • Cancellation Policy: 3 days cancellation fee1

Amenities and Services

The Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos has many amenities for its guests. It’s perfect for a relaxing break, a romantic outing, or a wedding. It ensures your stay is memorable.

Private Holiday Villas for a Luxurious Stay

Looking for a private and cozy spot? Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos has holiday villas in Paphos just for that. Villas offer big space and privacy for families or couples. They come with air conditioning, a balcony, and a coffeemaker1. Your stay will be unforgettable.

Relaxing Spa Facilities for Ultimate Rejuvenation

Need to unwind? The Mayfair Hotel’s spa is a top spot for that. Treat yourself to massages and facials. These spa hotels in Paphos are peaceful. Trained therapists will make you feel amazing.

The Ideal Wedding Venue

Dream of getting married with a stunning view? Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos is the place. It’s an ideal wedding venue in Paphos. Their team helps plan every detail for your big day. The hotel’s venues are perfect for any wedding size.

Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos is all about luxury and comfort for guests. It’s perfect for private getaways, spa indulgence, or a dream wedding. Your stay here will be amazing.

Guest Reviews and Testimonials

The Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos greatly impresses its guests, making it a top choice in luxury stays in Paphos. It holds a superb guest review score of28.1, based on 696 reviews. This shows it goes above and beyond for its visitors.

Guests love the2luxury rooms and the hotel’s2beachfront spot. It’s perfect for a special, relaxing time. Families enjoy the welcoming vibe and fun activities for kids, like the kids’ disco.

The2quality of the food, especially the Greek dishes, wins big points too. The hotel is all about serving with excellence, making sure each guest’s stay is unforgettable.

Positive feedback and reviews underline Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos as a top spot for those looking for luxury and comfort. It’s ideal for families or anyone seeking peace in Paphos.


Where is Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos located?

Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos sits on Paris Street, in Kato Paphos, Cyprus.

What type of accommodations does Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos offer?

It offers holiday villas. These villas are luxurious, providing comfort and privacy during your stay.

Is Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos a beachfront hotel?

Yes, it’s close to the beach. This makes it a top pick for those wanting a beautiful beachside stay in Paphos.

What amenities and services does Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos provide?

It has a spa for relaxation. It’s also perfect for weddings, offering a beautiful venue for special celebrations.

What is the star rating of Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos?

With a 5-star rating, Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos promises an exceptional experience to its visitors.

Is Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos family-friendly?

Absolutely, it’s a great place for families. The hotel includes fun activities like the kids’ disco for the little ones.

What type of cuisine does Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos offer?

Guests enjoy various food, with options like high-quality Greek dishes.

How do guests review Mayfair Aparthotel Paphos?

Many have loved its fancy rooms and ocean view. Families find the kid-friendly part and children’s activities amazing.

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