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Fuerteventura, the second-largest Canary Island, is a vacation paradise known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and year-round sunshine. Visitors seeking the comforts of home paired with the amenities of a hotel often choose aparthotels as their accommodation. The best aparthotels in Fuerteventura offer a unique blend of privacy, space, and service, making them ideal for travelers seeking a personalized touch to their lodging experience. Whether you’re in search of a spacious family stay, an exquisite aparthotel choice, or one of Fuerteventura’s top accommodations, this island has something to offer for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Fuerteventura offers a diverse range of aparthotels with top-notch amenities.
  • Aparthotels provide the perfect blend of privacy, space, and hotel-like services.
  • The island’s aparthotels cater to various preferences, including family-friendly and adult-only options.
  • Fuerteventura is known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and year-round sunshine.
  • Some of the best aparthotels provide stunning sea views and luxurious accommodations.

The Apartamentos Palm Garden in Fuerteventura can accommodate up to 5 people1.

Luxurious Accommodations in Fuerteventura

When it comes to luxurious accommodations in Fuerteventura, there is a range of options that cater to travelers seeking upscale lodging combined with top-notch amenities.

Island Home Fuerteventura

Island Home Fuerteventura stands out as an exemplary choice among luxurious accommodations in Fuerteventura. Renowned for its panoramic sea views, this aparthotel also boasts an on-site restaurant and a stylish pool area. With an impressive 9.3 superb rating, Island Home Fuerteventura remains a favored retreat for vacationers seeking a blend of comfort and elegance.

Island Home Fuerteventura

Additionally, the island offers other remarkable spots like the H10 Ocean Dreams Hotel Boutique in Corralejo, which features 15 elegant rooms, and Avanti Hotel Boutique Fuerteventura in Corralejo with its exclusive 5-room setup2.

Casa Camar

If a more intimate setting is what you crave, Casa Camar should be at the top of your list. This upscale lodging option, managed by the gracious host Anita, combines a welcoming atmosphere with impressive family-friendly amenities. Casa Camar is praised not only for its cleanliness but also for its attention to detail, factors that have earned it a superb 9.1 rating. Visitors can enjoy the convenience of Island Home Fuerteventura’s luxurious offerings and then retreat to the unique, cozy environment that Casa Camar provides.

luxurious accommodations Fuerteventura

Overall, Fuerteventura’s range of upscale lodging provides travelers with countless opportunities to indulge in luxury, whether it’s the breathtaking views at Island Home Fuerteventura or the intimate charm of Casa Camar.

Beachfront Aparthotels

Wake up to the sound of waves and soak in the stunning sea views at some of Fuerteventura’s top beachfront aparthotels. Enjoy a relaxing vacation by choosing accommodations that place you steps away from the sandy shores and sparkling waters.

Dunas Club – Hotel & Apartamentos

Dunas Club – Hotel & Apartamentos is a prominent beachfront aparthotel that enjoys a prime location near Corralejo Beach. Guests can revel in an array of amenities such as a swimming pool and on-site restaurant. With a review score of 8.2, this beachfront aparthotel guarantees a very good experience for travelers seeking both comfort and convenience3.

Casa Playa Chica

Casa Playa Chica prides itself on modern accommodations and offers stunning sea views, making it an exceptional choice for those looking to bask in the beauty of Fuerteventura’s coastline. An impressive 9.2 superb rating reflects the satisfaction of guests who have cherished its charming atmosphere and impeccable service3.


Providing an exclusive adult-only lodging, ALTAVISTA APARTAHOTEL in Morro del Jable offers a serene retreat for those traveling without children. This aparthotel features tranquil surroundings and stunning sea views, contributing to its superb 9.2 rating based on guest reviews3.

stunning sea views

For those who value proximity to the beach and a blend of modern comfort, these beachfront aparthotels in Fuerteventura present the ideal combination of luxury and relaxation.

Aparthotel Fuerteventura

The concept of an Aparthotel Fuerteventura seamlessly combines the perks of self-catering accommodations with the luxury and comfort of a hotel. Visitors can enjoy the flexibility of preparing their meals in fully equipped apartments, such as those offered by Arena Beach Hotel in Corralejo4. This unique form of lodging caters to both budget-conscious travelers and those seeking lavish island getaways.

Aparthotel Fuerteventura

Located in two of Fuerteventura’s bustling tourist areas, Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste, the Arena Hoteles complexes provide strategic access to the island’s prime attractions and vibrant locales, complete with shops, restaurants, and stunning beaches4. The Arena Suite Hotel, another gem in Corralejo, offers not only comfortable double rooms but also the luxury of pool view rooms for those picturesque island getaways4.

Meanwhile, in Caleta de Fuste, Hotel Arena Castillo presents self-catering accommodations perfect for families, embracing both adults and children with an array of services designed to enhance the vacation experience4. Travelers can rest assured knowing that Arena Hoteles puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, reflected in various special offers and promotions that can be availed through their official website4.

Ultimately, an Aparthotel Fuerteventura offers the best of both worlds, merging the independence of self-catering accommodations with the luxurious amenities typical of high-end hotels, making it an ideal choice for diverse island getaways.

Top-Rated Aparthotels in Corralejo

The vibrant town of Corralejo in Fuerteventura is host to some top-rated aparthotels that blend luxury with unparalleled locations, making them Corralejo favorite stays for both new and returning travelers. These exquisite boutique apartments offer a range of amenities and top-notch services, appealing to those seeking comfort and elegance.

top-rated Fuerteventura aparthotel

Dimore Italiane – Boutique Apartments

Dimore Italiane stands out with its modern aesthetics and prime location near the port, making it an exclusive boutique apartment within Corralejo. This top-rated Fuerteventura aparthotel has earned a rating of 8.1, praised for its sleek designs and convenient access to local attractions5.

NÁUTICO Suites, by Comfortable Luxury – Adults Only

NÁUTICO Suites offers an adults-only refined experience marked by luxurious furnishings and a shared lounge area. This top-rated Fuerteventura aparthotel boasts a very good rating of 8.0, making it a part of Corralejo favorite stays for those seeking peace and upscale amenities5.

Las Marismas de Corralejo

As a family-friendly destination, Las Marismas de Corralejo has firmly established itself among the top-rated aparthotels, with an impressive 8.9 rating. With a wide range of dishes and a fabulous atmosphere, it combines both comfort and enjoyment for versatile vacations in Corralejo, proving to be one of the top-rated Fuerteventura aparthotels65.

Family-Friendly Aparthotels

Families seeking an inviting and convenient stay in Fuerteventura will not be disappointed by the diverse range of family-friendly aparthotels available. These establishments cater to the needs of families by offering kid-friendly accommodations and spacious family lodgings, ensuring a memorable and comfortable island vacation.

Casa Camar

Casa Camar stands out as an exceptional family-friendly aparthotel, blending spacious living areas with the convenience of on-site parking. Families will appreciate the kid-friendly accommodations, including pools catering specifically to children’s entertainment needs. The aparthotel’s strategic location, coupled with its personal touch service, has earned it a commendable 9.1 superb rating from families. The average rating for the top 8 aparthotels with breakfast included hovers around 8.3-9.57.

family-friendly aparthotel

For those prioritizing spacious family lodgings, the number of rooms in the top apart hotel with breakfast included ranges from 2 to 57. In particular, the average nightly rate for the top 8 aparthotels in Fuerteventura with breakfast included ranges from $60 to $3087, providing a balance of affordability and comfort. Total reviews for these aparthotels range from 1720 to 53967.

Casa Camar is also notable for its child-friendly amenities and proximity to key attractions, making it a top choice for families visiting Fuerteventura. The total amount spent on accommodation for these highly-rated family-friendly aparthotels ranges from $420 to $21567.

Aparthotels with Pools

Aparthotels with pools are a highly favored choice for visitors seeking to indulge in aquatic leisure. These accommodations offer a blend of comfortable lodging and a relaxed poolside experience, making them perfect for sun-seekers and water enthusiasts alike. Below are two notable options:


R2 HIGOS BEACH stands out with its picturesque sea views and an array of amenities designed to enhance your stay. Visitors can take advantage of the well-equipped fitness center for a complete wellness experience, and the property provides free WiFi throughout the area for your convenience. The outdoor swimming pool is open all year, offering sun loungers or beach chairs for a truly relaxed poolside experience. Additionally, the property’s commitment to sustainable practices and safety measures, such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, ensures a safe and eco-friendly stay. Guests have the opportunity to engage in various activities, including diving, hiking, and walking tours, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an active holiday8.

aparthotel with pool Fuerteventura

Las Arenas Caleta de Fuste

Las Arenas Caleta de Fuste also offers a compelling choice for those seeking a relaxed poolside experience. This aparthotel with pool in Fuerteventura boasts an impressive rating of 8.9 based on 66 reviews9. It provides amenities like sun terrace access and comfortable accommodations that are close to the beach, making it perfect for sun-seeking guests. The average nightly price is £65, making it a cost-effective choice at £715 for the total stay9. With such facilities, visitors can enjoy both the refreshing aquatic leisure provided by the pool area and the comfort of well-maintained living spaces.

Guests of this aparthotel highlight the overall value for money and its prime location, which adds to the allure for those looking for a fulfilling holiday experience. For those who value cleanliness and comfort, Las Arenas does not disappoint, maintaining high standards across these areas9. Whether lounging by the pool or strolling down to the nearby beach, visitors are guaranteed a memorable stay.

Property Rating Price per Night Total Price Notable Amenities
R2 HIGOS BEACH 8.9 £74 £518 Fitness Center, Year-Round Pool, Free WiFi
Las Arenas Caleta de Fuste 8.9 £65 £715 Sun Terrace, Beach Access, Comfort

Affordable Aparthotels in Fuerteventura

Looking for an affordable aparthotel in Fuerteventura? You’re in luck, as this Canary Island offers numerous budget-friendly stays that cater to both comfort and affordability. With a range of options boasting superb amenities and convenient locations, visitors can experience a memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

affordable aparthotel Fuerteventura

Casa Alba 2

Casa Alba 2 stands out as an economical holiday apartment, providing essential amenities and a welcoming atmosphere. This budget-friendly stay has garnered an impressive 8.3 very good rating from guests who appreciate its balance of quality and affordability10. By choosing Casa Alba 2, travelers can enjoy a comfortable lodging experience without stretching their budget too thin10.

Fuerteventura features 15 serviced apartments in Corralejo, 3 in Morro del Jable, and 6 in Caleta De Fuste, ensuring plenty of affordable options for travelers3. Additionally, the island’s serviced apartments boast review scores ranging from 9.3 to 8.1, ensuring high quality even at a lower price point3. Prices for a self-catering holiday apartment average around US$60 per night, making it a genuinely budget-friendly destination3.

The island home to serviced apartments such as Island Home Fuerteventura and R2 HIGOS BEACH, all contributing to the variety of cost-effective lodging options3. For those using, there are 29 serviced apartments available on Fuerteventura, showcasing the plethora of choices for economical holiday apartments3.

Aparthotels Near Fuerteventura’s Attractions

Proximity to local attractions is a significant advantage when selecting accommodations on Fuerteventura. For visitors seeking a conveniently located accommodation, two highly recommended options are Corralejo Lodge and UpTown Urban Apartments. Both of these tourist-friendly lodgings boast excellent reviews and easy access to numerous island hotspots, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Corralejo Lodge

Corralejo Lodge is a well-regarded choice for travelers looking for an aparthotel near attractions in Fuerteventura. This establishment is praised for its cleanliness and location, securing a very good rating of 8.8. Guests appreciate being within walking distance of the vibrant local shops, restaurants, and beautiful beaches of Corralejo, which hosts the most serviced apartments at a total of 153. With its combination of convenience and quality, Corralejo Lodge remains a top pick among visitors.

UpTown Urban Apartments

Situated in a bustling area, UpTown Urban Apartments offer conveniently located accommodations ideal for exploring Fuerteventura’s attractions. These apartments are celebrated for their prime location and cleanliness, receiving a very good rating of 8.4. Positioned close to key tourist spots and local amenities, UpTown Urban Apartments provide a comfortable and strategic base for tourists. The average price for a serviced apartment for the upcoming weekend is $61, making it an accessible option for various travelers3.

Best Adult-Only Aparthotels

For those looking to escape and enjoy a serene adult retreat, the best adult-only aparthotels in Fuerteventura offer exclusive adult lodging options designed to cater to a more refined vacation experience.


The ALTAVISTA APARTAHOTEL – Adults Only stands out for its serene atmosphere and wonderful amenities. With a rating of 9.2 for its superb offerings, it includes terraces and sea views that provide an unforgettable experience. The combination of relaxing spaces and prime location makes it one of the best adult-only aparthotels in the region for those seeking a peaceful getaway.

The beach access and stylishly furnished rooms also contribute to the retreat’s charm, making it an excellent choice for exclusive adult lodging.

Dimore Italiane – Boutique Apartments

Dimore Italiane – Boutique Apartments provide a unique and elegant adult-only experience in Corralejo. Located in a less touristy area, it offers boutique-inspired services that combine luxury with tranquility. With a very good rating of 8.1, guests appreciate the personalized touch and sophisticated ambiance, making it an optimal choice for serene adult retreats.

In contrast to other aparthotels, Dimore Italiane stands out by delivering a more intimate and exclusive environment tailored for adults. This makes it perfect for those seeking a tranquil escape away from the usual tourist spots while enjoying high-quality amenities and services.

Pet-Friendly Aparthotels

Fuerteventura offers a variety of pet-friendly aparthotels, making it an ideal destination for travelers who don’t want to leave their furry friends behind. With 224 pet-friendly hotels in Corralejo alone, this town is the top choice for accommodations for pet owners on the island11. In stark contrast, Playa Jandia has the lowest number of pet-friendly hotels, with only five establishments catering to pet owners11.

Some of the highest rated pet-friendly aparthotels have an average rating of 9.2, placing them among the most sought-after accommodations for pet owners11. For example, the Alma Calma Hotel Rural in Tindaya has an outstanding rating of 9.9 based on 163 reviews11. Other popular pet-friendly aparthotels include Fuertevillage and Coco Surfhouse – Coworking Coliving, both highly recommended by guests11.

Pet-friendly aparthotels in Fuerteventura not only offer comfortable rooms but also provide amenities like walking areas and pet services. Scenic views from establishments like Agroturismo La Gayria and Casa Rural Tamasite have been particularly enjoyed by guests11. For couples visiting the island, specific aparthotels such as SURFWHITEHOUSE, Astarita SUN, and Villa Origo are favored for their accommodating environment11

The best dog-friendly hotels in Fuerteventura include notable options like Pierre & Vacances Village Club Fuerteventura Origomare in Lajares, and Maxorata Beach Aparthotel in Corralejo, which is just a 13-minute walk to Acua Water Park12. Other popular choices include Hotel Rural Restaurante Mahoh Villaverde and Vik Suite Hotel Risco Del Gato, with close proximity to Playa de Jandia12. Additionally, Alma Calma Hotel Rural Tindaya is known for offering bicycle rentals, ideal for pet owners who enjoy exploring the surroundings12.

A range of accommodations for pet owners with various budgets is available, with prices per night for pet-friendly hotels ranging from $35 to $30111. Whether you are seeking pet-welcoming apartments near the island’s attractions or quiet retreats, Fuerteventura’s diverse offerings ensure a hassle-free and pleasant stay for both you and your pets.


Exploring Fuerteventura is a delight, especially when the accommodation choices are as diverse as the island itself. From luxurious stays at renowned resorts like the Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort—which offers 266 spacious rooms and suites designed in exquisite Canarian style with private terraces13—to more intimate and affordable aparthotels, there is something for every type of traveler.

For those considering a luxurious island getaway, the Sheraton Fuerteventura not only offers a strategic location in Caleta de Fuste—ideal for exploring both the North and South parts of the island and its proximity to the airport13—but also a plethora of dining options that cater to all tastes13. The resort’s amenities, including a 24-hour concierge service and business center, ensure that guests’ needs are met around the clock13.

For travelers planning their stay, the variety of aparthotels in Fuerteventura can accommodate diverse needs, whether seeking budget-friendly options like Casa Alba 2 or family-friendly havens such as Casa Camar. The flexibility of check-in and check-out times, set at 3:00 pm and 12:00 pm respectively at Sheraton Fuerteventura, further adds to the convenience13. Thus, this comprehensive Fuerteventura accommodation guide ensures an unforgettable island getaway, perfectly blending independence with top-notch service.


What are some of the best aparthotels in Fuerteventura?

Some of the best aparthotels in Fuerteventura include Casa Playa Chica, Island Home Fuerteventura, and Las Marismas de Corralejo, known for their stunning views, excellent service, and unique amenities.

Where can I find luxurious accommodations in Fuerteventura?

Luxurious accommodations in Fuerteventura can be found at renowned aparthotels such as Island Home Fuerteventura and Casa Camar. These establishments offer upscale lodging with spectacular amenities.

Are there any beachfront aparthotels in Fuerteventura?

Yes, there are several beachfront aparthotels in Fuerteventura, including Dunas Club, Casa Playa Chica, and ALTAVISTA APARTAHOTEL – Adults Only, all providing stunning sea views and direct beach access.

What is an aparthotel in Fuerteventura?

An aparthotel in Fuerteventura is a blend of an apartment and hotel, offering self-catering accommodations with the convenience of hotel services, ideal for a comfortable and independent island getaway.

What are the top-rated aparthotels in Corralejo?

The top-rated aparthotels in Corralejo include Dimore Italiane – Boutique Apartments, NÁUTICO Suites by Comfortable Luxury, and Las Marismas de Corralejo, known for their excellent locations and exceptional service.

Are there family-friendly aparthotels in Fuerteventura?

Yes, Casa Camar is a highly recommended family-friendly aparthotel in Fuerteventura. It offers spacious living areas, kid-friendly amenities, and a welcoming atmosphere for families.

Are there aparthotels in Fuerteventura with pools?

Yes, many aparthotels in Fuerteventura feature pools. Notable options include R2 HIGOS BEACH and Las Arenas caleta de fuste, which offer enjoyable poolside experiences.

Can you recommend any affordable aparthotels in Fuerteventura?

Casa Alba 2 is an affordable aparthotel in Fuerteventura, offering essential amenities and a welcoming atmosphere at budget-friendly rates.

Are there aparthotels near major attractions in Fuerteventura?

Yes, aparthotels such as Corralejo Lodge and UpTown Urban Apartments are conveniently located near Fuerteventura’s attractions, making them ideal bases for exploring the island.

What are the best adult-only aparthotels in Fuerteventura?

The best adult-only aparthotels in Fuerteventura include ALTAVISTA APARTAHOTEL and Dimore Italiane – Boutique Apartments, offering serene and exclusive environments.

Are there pet-friendly aparthotels in Fuerteventura?

Yes, many aparthotels in Fuerteventura cater to pet owners, providing amenities like walking areas and pet services to ensure a pleasant stay for both pets and their owners.

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