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Romania is an increasingly popular destination for travelers seeking both short-term stays and extended visits, thanks to its wide range of serviced apartments. Whether you are looking for a leisurely holiday or corporate housing, the country offers a variety of options that blend comfort and luxury accommodations. Bucharest stands out with a significant number of serviced apartments Romania has to offer, featuring 66 options with a notable 9.4 rating based on 4,227 reviews1. For travelers aiming for scenic stays, aparthotels in Romania are also exceptional choices.

Transylvania is another top region featuring 139 serviced apartments known for combining historical charm with modern amenities1. Other notable cities like Cluj-Napoca and Brașov offer a multitude of aparthotels, each catering to various needs. Cluj-Napoca, with its 30 serviced apartments, is particularly appealing to tourists, and it boasts a high level of guest satisfaction, maintaining a superb rating12. Overall, luxury accommodations in Romania ensure quality lodging for all types of visitors.

Key Takeaways

  • Romania offers a wide range of serviced apartments suitable for both short-term and long-term stays.
  • Bucharest leads with the highest number of serviced apartments, featuring excellent ratings and reviews1.
  • Transylvania has the most extensive collection of serviced apartments, providing a blend of historical and modern experiences1.
  • Cluj-Napoca and Brașov are other major cities offering numerous aparthotels with high guest satisfaction12.
  • Romanian aparthotels are noted for their quality lodging and luxury accommodations, making them a preferred choice for many travelers.
  • Serviced apartments in Cluj stand out for their exceptional guest ratings and affordability.

Top Aparthotels in Bucharest

Top Aparthotels in Bucharest

Bucharest, the vibrant capital of Romania, offers a diverse range of apart-hotels Bucharest catering to various preferences and needs. Whether you’re seeking vacation rentals Romania or temporary housing Romania, the city’s aparthotels provide excellent options for extended stay accommodation Romania.

Tomis Garden Aparthotel Bucuresti

Located in Sector 2, Tomis Garden Aparthotel Bucuresti stands out with its impressive 4,227 reviews, making it the aparthotel with the highest number of reviews in Bucharest3. This top-rated establishment is known for its superb rating and close proximity to key metro stations, adding convenience for tourists and business travelers alike. It offers modern amenities such as air-conditioned units, soundproofing for a serene experience, a 24-hour front desk, lift accessibility, free private parking, and optional airport shuttle services3. For more information on apart-hotels Bucharest, check out this link to explore your options.

Residence DP Pipera

Residence DP Pipera is another noteworthy option for those seeking vacation rentals Romania. This establishment offers guests the luxury of a private entrance, emphasizing privacy and convenience. It’s equipped with free WiFi and convenient parking, which adds to its allure. Situated a short distance from popular attractions like Ceausescu Mansion and Herastrau Park, it’s perfect for both tourists and long-term visitors seeking temporary housing Romania. For additional details on vacation rentals in the area, you can visit this comprehensive guide.

Whether you’re looking for short-term or extended stay accommodation Romania, these aparthotels in Bucharest provide a wide array of options to meet every need. Each aparthotel offers a unique blend of services and amenities, ensuring that your stay in Bucharest is both enjoyable and memorable.

With these top choices, you’re bound to find the perfect temporary housing Romania that meets all your expectations.

Last but not least, consider exploring a vacation rental apartment in Bucharest, offering a typical rate of around $68 per night for a comprehensive stay of approximately 4 nights4. To find more information and do your own comparisons on vacation rentals Romania, check out this link.

Luxury Aparthotels in Cluj-Napoca

luxury accommodation Romania

Cluj-Napoca, known for its vibrant cultural scene, boasts an array of luxury accommodation Romania is proud of, with holiday apartments Romania travelers highly favor. Among these, the high-end serviced apartments stand out for their exceptional amenities and prime locations.

TCI Apartments

Located in Cluj-Napoca, TCI Apartments offers stunning city views, sun terraces, and a range of modern amenities including air conditioning, free private parking, and complimentary WiFi. Guests of TCI Apartments also benefit from its close proximity to major landmarks like the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography, enhancing their stay’s cultural value. It epitomizes the essence of Cluj-Napoca aparthotels, blending convenience, comfort, and luxury.

Additionally, highly reputed options like the UBA Accommodation Aparthotel and Hotel River Park contribute to the city’s appeal, with review scores of 9.4 and 9.3 respectively, and prices starting from US$95.70 and US$119.20 per night5.

Matisse Bucharest Old Town

Though located in Bucharest, the Matisse Bucharest Old Town is a prime example of luxury accommodation Romania offers, providing high-end serviced apartments that are well-suited for a variety of guests. Its units are air-conditioned and accessible by private entrance, and it offers services such as luggage storage and tour organization, emblematic of the luxury offerings in the capital. Comparably, Cluj-Napoca aparthotels like the Cluj Business Class and Radisson Blu Hotel, Cluj, which have review scores of 9.7 and 9.5 respectively, starting from US$95.91 and US$126.53 per night, show that Cluj-Napoca has much to offer5.

Aparthotel Review Score Number of Reviews Starting Price (USD)
Hotel Athos R.M.T. 9.1 1,007 85.04
Radisson Blu Hotel, Cluj 9.5 1,535 126.53
Campeador Inn 9.0 3,735 77.91
Cluj Business Class 9.7 756 95.91
Gaudi Accommodation 9.7 761 75.47
Gorgeous Villa 9.5 352 141.37
Hotel River Park 9.3 848 119.20
Hotel Platinia 9.5 882 200.09
Sungarden Golf & Spa Resort 9.0 910 144.85
UBA Accommodation Aparthotel 9.4 932 95.70

Best Budget-Friendly Aparthotels in Braşov

budget-friendly aparthotels

Travelers looking for a mix of historical charm and modern convenience often turn to Braşov. The city offers an excellent range of budget-friendly aparthotels that cater to both short-term vacationers and those considering long-term rentals in Romania. These properties strike a perfect balance between affordability and quality, providing comfortable and affordable accommodation in Romania.

The Secret Boutique Hostel, with an impressive rating of 9.6 based on 795 reviews, is a standout option for budget-conscious travelers, with prices starting from just $54.37 per night6. Equally charming is Poarta Schei Residence, boasting a 9.3 rating and offering rooms starting at $54.81 per night6. For those looking for a stylish yet affordable stay, Eduard Central Weiss features a rating of 9.3 with 131 reviews and prices at $78.30 per night6.

For travelers who prefer holiday apartments, Braşov has numerous well-reviewed options. The Prinz Gregor aparthotel, rated at 9.3, enjoys 1,157 reviews and a reasonable price of $98.96 per night6. Vacationers can also consider Brassai Square, which offers a cozy atmosphere and convenient location with a rating of 9.1 and rooms starting from $61.99 per night6.

For those looking for budget-friendly aparthotels, February proves to be the most economical month, with prices around 45% lower than the high season rates7. Additionally, booking a vacation rental on a Saturday could save you more money, as prices tend to be lower compared to other days7. Most users find it convenient to book stays in popular areas like Astra, Tractorul, and Centrul Nou for the best experience and affordability7.

Budget-friendly aparthotels also suit those interested in long-term stays. The average cost of a vacation apartment in Braşov is typically around $92 per night, making it a viable option for those seeking affordable accommodation in Romania7. Travelers often prefer Braşov holiday apartments for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for stays averaging four nights7. Setting up price alerts on booking platforms can also help find better deals for long-term rentals in Romania7.

Comfort and Convenience in Sibiu Aparthotels

comfortable accommodation Romania

Sibiu is a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and welcoming hospitality. For travelers seeking comfortable accommodation Romania, Sibiu aparthotels provide an ideal solution that combines home-like amenities with hotel luxuries. These establishments offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience, making them an attractive option for both short and extended stays.

Plaza35 Aparthotel

Plaza35 Aparthotel stands out among Sibiu aparthotels due to its impressive ratings and exceptional guest experience. Rated 9.6 based on 1049 reviews, this aparthotel is classified as exceptional and highly favored by visitors8.

Plaza35 Aparthotel, a 4-star accommodation, offers guests spacious apartments with stunning city views, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay9. Each unit is air-conditioned and features a fully-equipped kitchenette, making it convenient lodging Romania9. Additionally, the BUSINESS apartments come with a cozy bedroom, a living room with a sofa bed, a bathroom, and a terrace, providing a perfect blend of comfort and functionality9.

Despite not having an on-site restaurant, Plaza35 Aparthotel is conveniently located near various dining options, allowing guests to experience the local cuisine effortlessly9. Its proximity to significant landmarks such as the Traditional Folk Civilization Museum Astra and the Astra Film Festival further enhances its appeal to those keen on exploring the cultural offerings of Sibiu9.

Another well-regarded option in Sibiu is Bach Apartments, which received an exceptional rating of 9.8 from 727 reviews8. Both Plaza35 and Bach Apartments are highlighted for providing superior quality stays at affordable prices, with nightly rates starting from $87 and $89.82 respectively8.

Furthermore, Plaza35 Aparthotel is conveniently situated just 2.5 km from Sibiu Central and 10 km from Sibiu International Airport, ensuring that travelers can easily access transportation hubs9. This strategic location, along with free WiFi, family rooms, and facilities for disabled guests, underscores its commitment to delivering an inclusive and convenient lodging experience for all visitors10.

For those looking to experience the charm of Sibiu while enjoying the comforts of home, Plaza35 Aparthotel proves to be a top choice. Its exceptional reviews, strategic location, and excellent amenities make it a standout option for anyone in search of comfortable accommodation Romania.

Scenic Aparthotels in Mamaia

Scenic Aparthotels Mamaia

Mamaia, a picturesque coastal resort on the Black Sea, is a prime destination for travelers seeking scenic views and vibrant nightlife. The array of seaside serviced apartments and aparthotels in this area ensures that visitors experience both comfort and convenience.

Overview of Aparthotels in Mamaia

Guests have a wide selection of top-rated Scenic Aparthotels Mamaia, each offering unique amenities. The Riva Mamaia Beach ApartHotel boasts a fantastic 9.4 rating and features 16 rooms, while Riviera Studios holds a commendable 9.3 score, highlighting the appeal of Black Sea Romania vacation rentals11. For those prioritizing high-quality service, Aparthotel Mamaia has received an outstanding average score of 9.8, further solidifying the allure of these seaside serviced apartments11.

Features and Services

Scenic aparthotels in Mamaia are known for their exceptional features and services. Many establishments, such as the Poeme Mamaia Retreat with its 9.7 rating and Onal Boutique Hotelier with a 9.5 rating, emphasize guest comfort and satisfaction1211. These aparthotels typically offer amenities like terraces with lake or city views, kitchenettes for a home-cooked meal, flat-screen TVs, free toiletries, and hairdryers. Secure underground parking with video surveillance is often available, enhancing the overall experience of staying in these Scenic Aparthotels Mamaia12.

Hotel Name Rating Rooms Stars
Poeme Mamaia Retreat 9.7 13 4
Onal Boutique Hotelier 9.5 18 4
Quartz Boutique Hotel 9.5 17 4
Riva Mamaia Beach ApartHotel 9.4 16 4
Hotel On Plonge Junior 9.4 34 4
Belleview Suites 8.9 6 3


In conclusion, Romania offers an extensive selection of aparthotels that cater to diverse preferences and budgets, making the country a versatile choice for the best accommodation in Romania. From the historic allure of Bucharest, including Residence Rin Grand Aparthotel, located in the Vitan district with nearby attractions like the AutoVIT car market, Delta Văcărești urban delta, and Saint John’s Hospital13, to the luxury offerings of Cluj-Napoca and the scenic vistas of Mamaia, there’s an aparthotel to suit every type of traveler.

The properties mentioned throughout this guide, such as the soon-to-be-built Central District Bucharest Hotel – The Crest, which will feature 170 rooms and a 360-degree restaurant on the 14th floor14, provide comfort, style, and convenience. These establishment ensure an enjoyable stay whether for business, leisure, or an extended getaway, exemplifying the prime lodging choices Romania offers.

Each aparthotel combines the amenities of a hotel with the privacy and homeliness of an apartment, making them an ideal choice showcased in this ultimate aparthotel guide in Romania. With fully furnished studios and two or three-room apartments, visitors will find spaces equipped with all necessary utilities15, ensuring a homely experience away from home. This extensive choice and range make aparthotels a perfect option for experiencing the richness and diversity of Romanian hospitality.


What are some of the best aparthotels in Romania?

Romania offers a variety of serviced apartments, including luxury accommodations like Tomis Garden Aparthotel Bucuresti in Bucharest, TCI Apartments in Cluj-Napoca, and Plaza35 Aparthotel in Sibiu.

What amenities can I expect from serviced apartments in Romania?

Most serviced apartments in Romania come with modern amenities such as free WiFi, air conditioning, private parking, soundproofing, and fully-equipped kitchenettes. Some aparthotels also offer 24-hour front desks, airport shuttle services, and secure underground parking.

Are there budget-friendly aparthotels in Braşov?

Yes, Braşov offers several budget-friendly aparthotels that blend affordability with quality. These options are ideal for vacation rentals, temporary housing, or long-term rentals without breaking the bank.

What are the benefits of extended stay accommodation in Bucharest?

Extended stay accommodations in Bucharest, like Tomis Garden Aparthotel Bucuresti and Residence DP Pipera, offer conveniences such as spacious living areas, homely environments, and modern amenities, making them ideal for longer stays, business trips, or corporate housing.

What makes aparthotels in Cluj-Napoca luxurious?

Luxury aparthotels in Cluj-Napoca, like TCI Apartments, provide high-end amenities including sun terraces, city views, and proximity to cultural landmarks, ensuring an indulgent and comfortable stay.

How do aparthotels in Sibiu ensure guest comfort and convenience?

Aparthotels in Sibiu, such as Plaza35 Aparthotel, focus on guest comfort and convenience by offering modern air-conditioned units, fully-equipped kitchenettes, and proximity to major sights like the Great Square and The Stairs Passage.

What can I expect from a stay at a scenic aparthotel in Mamaia?

Scenic aparthotels in Mamaia offer easy access to picturesque beaches and vibrant nightlife. Guests can enjoy features such as terraces or balconies with lake or city views, kitchenettes, and amenities like flat-screen TVs and secure underground parking.

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