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Discovering the best aparthotels in Zurich opens a gateway to exceptional accommodation options that blend the comforts of home with the luxury of hotel amenities. Perfect for travelers who seek a blend of serviced apartments Zurich and furnished rentals Zurich, these accommodations stand out for their personalized services and strategic locations.

The vibrant city of Zurich offers a fantastic array of choices for those looking for an aparthotel Zurich experience. Whether planning a short or extended stay, apartment hotels Zurich provide a comfortable and homely environment. Lamira – Serviced Apartments is an example of top-rated aparthotels offering modern and convenient living spaces. It boasts a superb review score of 9.2 based on 133 reviews with prices starting from US$179 per night1. Similar strong ratings can be seen in establishments like CITY STAY – Lindenstrasse, which has a 9.1 rating based on 884 reviews with nightly rates beginning at US$2771.

Choosing to stay in an aparthotel in Switzerland means enjoying a unique blend of privacy, space, and access to hotel-like facilities. Serviced apartments Zurich like Zurich Furnished Homes also offer a highly praised experience, with an 8.6 rating from 1,268 reviews and rates starting from US$272 per night1. These options are ideal for both leisure and business travelers who want to feel at home while being centrally located.

Key Takeaways

  • Lamira – Serviced Apartments offers superb comfort with a high review score and affordable rates1.
  • CITY STAY – Lindenstrasse is renowned for its excellent location and high ratings1.
  • Zurich Furnished Homes provide fabulous amenities and stunning city views1.
  • These aparthotels offer a perfect balance between hotel luxury and the homeliness of furnished rentals Zurich.
  • Choosing an aparthotel Zurich ensures a comfortable and convenient stay, whether it is for short-term or extended visits.

Introduction to Aparthotels in Zurich

Zurich is a prime destination for both leisure and business travelers. Offering a blend of alpine charm and modern urban lifestyle, it provides visitors with world-class amenities and a variety of accommodation options, including short stay apartments Zurich and extended stay accommodations Zurich. Among these, aparthotels stand out for their unique blend of home-like living spaces and hotel-like services.

short stay apartments Zurich

What are Aparthotels?

Aparthotels, also known as apartment hotels, are a fusion between apartment living and hotel services. Typically, these accommodations include self-catered units equipped with kitchens, allowing guests to enjoy a more personalized stay. This model suits travelers looking for privacy and flexibility without sacrificing the convenience of hotel amenities. Aparthotel Adagio Zurich Center, for example, is a notable option that boasts proximity to key attractions like the Swiss National Historical Museum, located just a 5-minute walk away 2.

Benefits of Staying in Aparthotels

One of the major aparthotel benefits is cost efficiency. Travelers can save on dining out by preparing meals in well-equipped kitchens, offering significant financial savings especially for extended stays. Aparthotels often provide more space than traditional hotel rooms, which is invaluable for families or groups. For instance, every room at the Aparthotel Adagio Zurich Center includes complimentary wireless internet, a flat-screen TV, and basic cooking facilities like a stovetop and kitchenware, adding to the overall convenience and comfort2.

Why Choose Zurich for Your Stay?

Zurich stands out not only for its scenic beauty but also its accessibility and vibrant culture. The Aparthotel Adagio Zurich Center exemplifies the city’s centrality by being just a 10-minute walk from Zurich city center and a 15-minute walk from the Old Town2. The city’s efficient public transport and close proximity to landmarks make it a desirable destination. Moreover, Zürich’s Aparthotels such as the Aparthotel Adagio Zurich Center strike a balance between affordability and quality, offering rooms at a lower rate of $147 per night compared to the district average of $1872. This makes Zurich an excellent choice for both short stay apartments Zurich and extended stay accommodations Zurich.

A visit to Zurich doesn’t only promise picturesque landscapes but also the freedom to live like a local, making it a compelling choice for any length of stay.

Top-Rated Aparthotels in Zurich

When looking for accommodation in Zurich, choosing from top-rated aparthotels ensures a comfortable and memorable stay. Below are some of the finest options in the city.

Lamira – Serviced Apartments

Lamira – Serviced Apartments is a renowned choice among travelers, boasting a modern building and easy access to major landmarks. With a superb review score of 9.2 based on 133 reviews, it stands out for its excellent service and amenities1. For more details, consider checking out this serviced apartment in Zurich.

CITY STAY – Lindenstrasse

CITY STAY – Lindenstrasse impresses with its post-renovation splendor and central location near cultural hotspots. Receiving a superb review score of 9.1 from 884 reviews, it’s a prime choice for anyone looking to experience the city from a central location1. You can find out more about serviced apartments Zurich to explore additional options.

Zurich Furnished Homes

Zurich Furnished Homes, with a fabulous review score of 8.6 based on 1,268 reviews, offers stunning city views and private entrances for an intimate experience1. The aparthotel provides exceptional amenities like free WiFi, and it’s lauded for its cleanliness and service. Discover more about top-rated aparthotels Zurich to make informed choices.

top-rated aparthotels Zurich

Luxury Options: High-End Aparthotels

For travelers seeking upscale accommodations, Zurich offers an array of high-end aparthotels, with Acasa Suites and numa I Craft Apartments standing out for their luxury features and top-notch services.

Acasa Suites

Situated in Zürich Nord, Acasa Suites features 140 rooms with modern amenities that cater to comfort and convenience3. Guests can enjoy facilities such as sauna services, locker rooms, and gourmet dining options, ensuring a truly luxurious experience. Each room is equipped with a 49-inch flat-screen TV, a kitchenette, and high-end finishes to enhance the stay for travelers seeking a luxury aparthotel Zurich.

luxury aparthotel Zurich

numa I Craft Apartments

numa I Craft Apartments is another exceptional choice for those desiring luxury with a homely feel. Featuring stylish furnishings and high-quality bedding, these apartments provide both comfort and elegance. The apartments come with customized services like contactless check-in and private entrances, catering to the modern traveler’s needs1. Guests can indulge in numerous amenities, including in-house fitness centers and free Wi-Fi, making numa I Craft Apartments an ideal luxury aparthotel Zurich.

Budget-Friendly Aparthotels in Zurich

Zurich proudly offers budget-conscious travelers a delightful selection of budget-friendly aparthotels Zurich, combining comfort with affordability. Offering essential amenities and strategic locations, these options ensure visitors get the best value for money.

Best Value for Money

For those seeking the best value aparthotel without compromising on quality, plenty of choices exist. Lamira – Serviced Apartments strikes a fine balance with a 9.2 rating from 133 reviews, showcasing its superb quality, making it a standout for budget-friendly aparthotels Zurich1. Similarly, CITY STAY – Franklinstrasse follows closely with an impressive 8.7 rating from 642 reviews, reflecting its exceptional service and accommodation1. These high ratings highlight the commitment to quality even at affordable prices.

budget-friendly aparthotels Zurich

Affordable Amenities

The amenities provided by budget-friendly aparthotels Zurich are designed with the traveler’s comfort in mind. Numa I Craft Apartments, for instance, achieves a Good rating of 8.5 with 438 reviews, thanks to its emphasis on cleanliness and convenient amenities1. Guests frequently praise these aparthotels for their well-equipped kitchenettes, spotless rooms, and proximity to public transportation1. Such features enhance the affordability and practical appeal of these establishments, making them suitable for any visitor seeking affordable accommodation Zurich.

Family-Friendly Aparthotels in Zurich

Families planning a trip to Zurich can find numerous family-friendly aparthotel options tailored to their needs. Many of these properties provide spacious apartments, as well as amenities that ensure children are entertained and comfortable. These features make staying in Zurich a memorable and relaxed experience for all family members.

Spacious Apartments

Finding a family-friendly aparthotel in Zurich with spacious apartments is essential for a pleasant stay. The Hotel Storchen Zurich offers a variety of room sizes, including two-bedroom suites that can comfortably sleep up to six people, making it an excellent option for larger families4. Similarly, the Park Hyatt Zurich features family rooms with various bed configurations, including a three-bedroom suite that can accommodate up to nine people4. For those preferring a cozy yet roomy setup, the Hotel Roessli provides a two-bedroom apartment perfect for families of four4. Another notable mention is EMA House Hotel Suites, which offers two-bedroom suites catering to larger families with up to five members4.

child-friendly accommodations Zurich.

Child-Friendly Facilities

Beyond just offering spacious apartments, these aparthotels ensure they cater to the unique needs of families. The Hotel Storchen Zurich includes family-friendly amenities such as mini-fridges in rooms, babysitting services, and on-site restaurants, providing convenience and peace of mind for parents4. In the Seefeld area, the Alma Hotel offers a one-bedroom apartment with twin beds and sofa beds to accommodate families of four comfortably4. The Zurich Marriott Hotel is yet another great choice, offering suites with sofa beds and connecting rooms for added space and convenience, making it an ideal pick for families of four4. For travelers needing quick airport access, the Movenpick Hotel Zurich near Zurich Airport provides family rooms that seamlessly cater to transit needs while ensuring a comfortable stay4.

These family-friendly aparthotels in Zurich not only offer spacious apartments and child-friendly accommodations but also provide a range of amenities focused on keeping the entire family happy and well-accommodated. Choosing a family-friendly aparthotel in Zurich guarantees a seamless blend of comfort, space, and convenience, making your family trip a delightful experience.

Corporate Housing in Zurich: Ideal for Business Travelers

For business travelers, Zurich offers an array of stellar corporate housing Zurich options tailored to meet professional needs. These accommodations provide convenient access to key business districts, ensuring a seamless blend of work and leisure.

Convenient Locations

Corporate housing Zurich boasts strategic positions close to the city’s primary business districts and essential transportation hubs. Zurich International Airport is just six miles from the city center, making travel efficient and hassle-free for international business travelers5.

corporate housing Zurich

Apart from proximity to office spaces, these corporate housing solutions are often located near popular retail areas, such as the Bahnofstrasse, known for its renowned brands and department stores5. This allows business travelers to balance their professional commitments with leisurely shopping trips, enhancing their Zurich experience.

Business Amenities

Choosing corporate aparthotel Zurich ensures access to top-notch amenities curated for working professionals. The average monthly rental price for business accommodations Zurich is CHF 2,675, with a minimum lease term of three months6. Rentals typically require a deposit of two months’ rent and include a final cleaning fee of CHF 5006.

Furthermore, most corporate aparthotels Zurich include essential business facilities such as high-speed internet, dedicated workspaces, and professionally equipped meeting rooms. These amenities ensure that business travelers can maintain productivity while enjoying the comforts of a home-like environment.

The city of Zurich itself is highly conducive to business travel, with around 50% of journeys within the city made via public transport5. This efficiency, paired with the city’s high quality of living, makes Zurich an attractive destination for both short-term and long-term business stays.

Aparthotel Zurich: Central Locations

Central Zurich offers a variety of aparthotels that are perfectly positioned to allow guests to explore the city’s main attractions, shopping avenues, and dining options with ease. For instance, the 4-star Apart hotel ADAGIO Zürich City Center not only provides comfort with its 64 flats but also offers prime access to several attractions such as Cabaret Voltaire, St. Peter’s Church, and Zurich Lake, thanks to its location just a 10-minute walk from the central station7. This central aparthotel Zurich ensures guests can enjoy both modern amenities and traditional charm without needing to compromise on convenience.

The Locke am Platz aparthotel sits within walking distance of many key sites in Zurich. Just a minute away, guests can visit both Lake Zurich, perfect for tranquil activities like boating and picnics, and the FIFA museum8. For those seeking green spaces, Rieterpark is only a 10-minute walk, providing hilly paths and fantastic views8. Additionally, the Botanical Garden is easily accessible within a 23-minute tram ride, making it a great option for nature enthusiasts8.

central aparthotel Zurich

The Aparthotel ADAGIO Zürich City Center also includes superior accommodation options like 40m² studios for 3 guests and superior one-bedroom apartments with terraces7. A fitness center and 3 meeting rooms are available, enhancing the experience for both leisure and business travelers7. This combination of centralized positioning and high-quality amenities makes a stay here highly enjoyable.

Whether seeking centrally located accommodations Zurich for business or leisure, these aparthotels in central Zurich cater to all needs by situating guests right in the heart of the city, surrounded by a myriad of attractions and conveniences.

Serviced Apartments with Stunning Views

Zurich offers a plethora of serviced apartments with breathtaking views that redefine luxury living. Residents can revel in picturesque panoramas right from their windows or balconies, creating an unmatched living experience.

Lake Zurich Views

Imagine waking up to the serene waters of Lake Zurich. Among the top-rated choices, MANY’S historical city central APARTMENTS and CITY STAY – Franklinstrasse stand out with their superb ratings of 9.2 and 8.7, respectively, offering stunning Lake Zurich views1. With prices starting at US$193 and US$263 per night, these serviced apartments provide not only exceptional scenery but also great value for money1. Additionally, Locke am Platz, situated just 0.2 miles away from Lake Zurich, ensures that the tranquil lake views are merely a minute’s walk away8.

Cityscape Panoramas

For those who appreciate a vibrant cityscape panorama, Zurich does not disappoint. Properties like Lamira – Serviced Apartments, boasting a score of 9.2 based on 133 reviews, give residents a panoramic view of the city1. Similarly, the Acasa Suites, rated a fabulous 8.9, provide sweeping cityscape views combined with modern amenities starting from US$200 per night1. Just a short distance from Rieterpark, Locke am Platz offers not only city panoramas but also easy access to scenic paths and vistas unique to Zurich8.

In conclusion, Zurich’s serviced apartments with stunning views, whether of the tranquil Lake Zurich or the bustling cityscape, offer unparalleled living experiences. Featuring large windows and spacious balconies, these accommodations invite the outside beauty in, making each stay memorable.

Long Term Stays in Zurich: Best Choices

For those considering long term stays in Zurich, selecting the right aparthotel can significantly enhance the experience. Zurich’s aparthotels are designed to provide extended stay accommodations Zurich with all necessary amenities for a comfortable and homely environment.

Extended Stay Discounts

In Zurich, many aparthotels offer special rates for extended stays, making it more financially feasible for travelers planning long-term stays Zurich. For instance, several aparthotels provide a single monthly payment without additional charges, which is a great advantage for budget-conscious guests9. Furthermore, long term stays Zurich in some locations can come with promotional discounts, especially during off-peak seasons.

Comprehensive Facilities

To support extended stay accommodations Zurich, numerous aparthotels come equipped with comprehensive facilities that make day-to-day living more convenient. Essential features like on-site laundry facilities, fitness centers, and fully-equipped kitchens are common. For instance, Zurich Furnished Homes, rated 8.6 from 1,268 reviews, combines fabulous city views with practical amenities, making it a preferred choice among long-term visitors1. Additionally, Lamira – Serviced Apartments, with a review score of 9.2, offers luxurious and practical extended stay accommodations Zurich1.

Understanding that guests might also require pet-friendly options, many aparthotels in Zurich emphasize accommodations that welcome pets, facilitating a more inclusive and enjoyable stay9. For digital nomads and remote working professionals, high-speed WiFi and laptop-friendly workspaces are integral features9.

Here is a brief comparison of some top-rated aparthotels in Zurich to consider:

Aparthotel Rating Highlights
Lamira – Serviced Apartments 9.2/10 Luxurious accommodations, comprehensive facilities1
Zürich Furnished Homes 8.6/10 Stunning views, centrally located1
CITY STAY – Lindenstrasse 9.1/10 Central location, modern design1
STAYY The River 9.6/10 Contactless check-in, superb service1

Choosing the right aparthotel can make a significant difference in your long term stays Zurich. With attractive aparthotel discounts Zurich and comprehensive facilities, these options ensure an enjoyable and convenient extended stay in this vibrant city.

Newly Renovated Aparthotels Worth Checking Out

Zurich proudly offers a range of newly renovated aparthotels that are perfect for both short and extended stays. Combining modern amenities with contemporary design, these accommodations aim to provide guests with an unparalleled living experience.

Modern Amenities and Design

Fresh from extensive renovations, the newly renovated aparthotels in Zurich feature a host of modern amenities designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of each guest. Apartments are equipped with Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and fully equipped kitchens. Several units even boast city views and private entrances, ensuring a unique and tailored stay for every visitor1. The emphasis on modernity is evident in the sleek interior designs, high-quality finishes, and attention to detail within each unit1.

Recent Customer Reviews

Recent aparthotel reviews Zurich offer valuable insights into the guest experiences that travelers can expect. Aparthotels in Zurich have received fantastic ratings, with scores like “Superb” (9.2), “Very good” (9.1), and “Fabulous” (8.6)1. Prices per night range from US$179 to US$508, catering to various budget preferences1. Key highlights from these reviews include cleanliness, spaciousness, comfort, efficient customer service, and convenience of location1.

Guests have raved about the exceptional finishes and inviting interior designs of these newly renovated aparthotels. Amenities such as gyms, kitchen facilities, and private parking add to the allure, making these accommodations ideal for both leisure and business travelers. Additionally, features like contactless check-in, access to gardens or terraces, and proximity to public transportation further enhance the guest experience1.

Read more recent aparthotel reviews Zurich to get first-hand insights from guests who have experienced these modern amenities accommodation Zurich.

Pet-Friendly Aparthotels in Zurich

Discovering a pet-friendly aparthotel in Zurich has never been easier, especially with various accommodations offering abundant pet amenities and close proximity to parks and pet services, making it an ideal destination for travelers with pets.

Amenities for Pets

Apart from the standard facilities that cater to human guests, many aparthotels in Zurich go an extra mile to ensure your furry companions receive top-notch care. These pet amenities accommodation Zurich options typically include pet beds, feeding bowls, and even gourmet pet food menus, creating a welcoming environment for pets.

The average price for pet-friendly aparthotels in Zurich ranges between $100 and $300, with higher-end options exceeding $800 based on user reviews and ratings10. The wide range reflects the varying levels of luxury and amenities provided, ensuring that both budget-conscious and high-end travelers find the perfect fit for their needs.

Nearby Parks and Pet Services

Several aparthotels are strategically located near parks and other pet services to further enhance the stay for both pets and their owners. Parks near aparthotels Zurich include the lovely Flussbad Oberer Letten and Lindenhof hill Park, providing great spaces for pets to roam freely and enjoy the outdoors11.

These accommodations’ proximity to key locations such as Lake Zurich, often within a six-minute walk, and Kloten airport, ranging from a 10-minute drive to 20 km away, makes them highly convenient for travelers11. Moreover, luxury aparthotels near Zurich offer unique features like in-house pet spas and concierge services specifically for pets, ensuring a lavish experience for all guests.

In conclusion, choosing a pet-friendly aparthotel Zurich ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both you and your furry friends, thanks to the variety of amenities and close access to parks and essential pet services.


Choosing an aparthotel in Zurich offers visitors the perfect balance between the independence of apartment living and the convenience of hotel services. By exploring options such as luxury stays at Acasa Suites and numa I Craft Apartments, travelers can enjoy upscale amenities and sophisticated living environments tailored to meet high-end preferences. Notably, numa I Craft Apartments in the vibrant Langstrasse area provide a range of rooms—intimate suites, deluxe suites, and maisonettes—equipped with practical amenities like kitchenettes and smart TVs, ensuring a comfortable stay for all types of guests12.

For those on a budget, Zurich’s affordable aparthotels don’t compromise on essential comforts, offering amenities such as kitchenettes and proximity to public transportation. Families benefit from spacious apartments and child-friendly facilities, ensuring room for everyone and activities designed for younger visitors. Additionally, corporate travelers can take advantage of serviced accommodations that feature business amenities and convenient locations near Zurich’s business hubs.

The appeal of Zurich as a travel destination is underscored by its wide selection of aparthotels. Whether seeking budget-friendly options or luxurious accommodations, Zurich’s aparthotel scene caters to diverse needs and preferences. These properties ensure that all guests—whether they’re seeking short stays, long-term accommodations, or pet-friendly units—experience the charm and vibrancy of the city while enjoying the freedom and comforts of home-like living.

For a comprehensive guide on selecting the best aparthotel options in Zurich, visit this resource for detailed insights and recommendations. Exploring these varied options will make your stay in Zurich a memorable and pleasurable experience, combining the best aspects of this dynamic city with personalized, comfortable accommodations.


What are Aparthotels?

Aparthotels are a blend of apartment living with hotel services. They provide travelers with self-catered units that include facilities like kitchens, offering a combination of personal space and hotel-like amenities.

What are the benefits of staying in aparthotels?

Benefits of staying in aparthotels include cost savings, more space, privacy, the freedom to live like a local, and access to amenities such as free WiFi and kitchen facilities.

Why choose Zurich for your stay?

Zurich is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, cultural vibrancy, and a vast selection of aparthotels. It is an ideal destination for both short stay apartments Zurich and extended stay accommodations Zurich, combining local charm with city accessibility.

What are some top-rated aparthotels in Zurich?

Some top-rated aparthotels in Zurich include Lamira – Serviced Apartments, CITY STAY – Lindenstrasse, and Zurich Furnished Homes. These aparthotels offer modern amenities, excellent service, and convenient locations.

Are there luxury aparthotels in Zurich?

Yes, Zurich has luxury aparthotels such as Acasa Suites and numa I Craft Apartments. These high-end options provide upscale amenities like 49-inch flat-screen TVs, kitchenettes, high-quality bedding, and in-house fitness centers.

Can I find budget-friendly aparthotels in Zurich?

Absolutely! Zurich offers budget-friendly aparthotels that provide essential amenities such as kitchenettes and clean rooms, without the large price tags. These are perfect for travelers who prioritize value for money.

Are there family-friendly aparthotels in Zurich?

Yes, Zurich has several family-friendly aparthotels that offer spacious apartments and child-friendly amenities, ensuring both children and adults enjoy their stay.

What options are available for business travelers in Zurich?

Zurich has excellent corporate housing options with convenient access to business districts, high-speed internet, and workspaces. These aparthotels often include business centers and meeting rooms.

Are there aparthotels centrally located in Zurich?

Yes, Zurich has centrally located aparthotels close to major landmarks, shopping, and dining. These accommodations allow guests to maximize their time and experience all that the city has to offer.

Which aparthotels in Zurich offer stunning views?

For stunning views, look for serviced apartments with vistas of Lake Zurich or the city skyline. These apartments often feature ample windows and balconies to maximize the visual experience.

Are there aparthotels that offer discounts for long term stays in Zurich?

Yes, many Zurich aparthotels offer discounts for extended stays. Besides cost savings, these aparthotels provide comprehensive facilities like on-site laundry and fitness centers to make long-term visitors feel at home.

Are there newly renovated aparthotels in Zurich?

Yes, several newly renovated aparthotels in Zurich combine modern design with state-of-the-art amenities, promising fresh experiences endorsed by recent guest reviews.

Are there pet-friendly aparthotels in Zurich?

Yes, there are aparthotels in Zurich that welcome pets and provide pet-friendly amenities. Additionally, they are located near parks and pet services, making them ideal for travelers with furry companions.

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