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Discover the best aparthotel San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, offering an exceptional blend of luxury accommodations and high review scores. Properties like Suites Lomboy & Plaza and Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!! stand out for their superb service and prime locations, close to attractions such as Palmilla Golf Club and San Jose Estuary. Aparthotels in this serene destination boast an average review score of 8.8 out of 101, reflecting their commitment to excellence. Travelers can find options ranging from luxury to family-friendly accommodations, with prices starting at just $98.10 per night and going up to $704 per night for premium locations1.

High demand for serviced apartments in San Jose del Cabo this month indicates their growing popularity1. Accommodations typically offer more than 10 units per property, providing amenities such as pool views, balconies, and free WiFi to ensure a memorable stay1. Whether looking for flexible lodging options or a taste of luxury, there’s an aparthotel to meet every traveler’s needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Average review score of 8.8 out of 10 for top aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo1.
  • Accommodation prices range from $98.10 to $704 per night1.
  • High demand for serviced apartments this month1.
  • Top-reviewed aparthotel holds a superb score of 9.11.
  • Amenities include pool views, balconies, and free WiFi1.
  • Suite-style accommodations with more than 10 units per property1.

Introduction to Aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo

Aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo offer a unique blend of the freedom found in self-catering apartments Baja California and the convenient amenities of traditional hotels. These accommodations provide ideal solutions for travelers who appreciate having their own space without compromising on service quality. Each unit typically features kitchenettes or full kitchens, making resort rentals Los Cabos Mexico a perfect choice for families and long-term visitors.

beachfront aparthotel Baja California

For example, the Roof Top Penthouse In Historic Art District Aparthotel is located just 2.9 km from Old Town Gallery in San Jose del Cabo, making it an excellent choice for art enthusiasts2. Additionally, this accommodation is mere minutes’ drive away from Club de playa del ganso and Plaza Mijares, enhancing its appeal for those who want to explore local cultural sites2. Nature lovers will appreciate the short distance to Estero San Jose Nature Reserve and Costa Azul Sandy Beach2. Furthermore, with a location just 14 minutes’ drive from Los Cabos airport, it provides added convenience for international travelers2.

The average price for a room in this aparthotel stands at $195, offering good value given its comprehensive amenities, including free Wi-Fi, climate control, and TV in select rooms2. This makes beachfront aparthotel Baja California an attractive option for those who prioritize comfort and convenience. Additionally, Bohari Palmilla Aparthotel, another popular choice, offers a range of sports activities such as tennis and golf3. Located just 25 minutes on foot from Costa Azul Beach, it is ideally situated for beachgoers3. The establishment features 8 rooms, and guests can indulge in various outdoor facilities, including a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi3.

Bohari Palmilla Aparthotel also boasts proximity to local attractions like El Merkado, El Dorado Golf & Beach Club, and Palmilla Beach, making it a comprehensive choice for visitors3. Rooms are equipped with modern amenities like a balcony, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a kitchenette, fulfilling the expectations for self-catering apartments Baja California3. While the average room price of $508 might seem steep, the extensive range of activities and premium amenities justify the cost3.

Aparthotel Average Price Key Features Proximity to Attractions
Roof Top Penthouse In Historic Art District $195 Free Wi-Fi, Climate Control, TV 2.9 km from Old Town Gallery, 3.1 km from Plaza Mijares
Bohari Palmilla Aparthotel $508 Balcony, Flat-Screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning, Kitchenette Near El Merkado, El Dorado Golf & Beach Club, Palmilla Beach

Why Choose an Aparthotel in San Jose del Cabo?

In the vibrant and picturesque setting of San Jose del Cabo, aparthotels offer a unique blend of flexibility and comfort. Ideal for families, couples, or solo adventurers, these accommodations cater to diverse needs.

Flexibility and Comfort

Aparthotels stand out due to their suite-style accommodations, which include separate living areas and kitchen facilities, allowing for flexible lodging options San Jose del Cabo. Guests can enjoy a home-like environment while still taking advantage of hotel amenities such as housekeeping and concierge services. This perfect balance ensures a comfortable extended stay San Jose del Cabo.

Cost-Effective for Extended Stays

Cost-effectiveness is a significant aparthotel benefit, especially for those planning longer stays. For example, Suites Lomboy & Plaza, a top-rated aparthotel, costs just US$104.82 per night and has a superb review score of 9.1 based on 91 reviews1. Similarly, Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!! offers a night rate of US$98.10 with a review score of 9.1 based on 38 reviews1. These options provide excellent value for extended stays, making them a smart choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a comfortable extended stay San Jose del Cabo.

flexible lodging options San Jose del Cabo

The added convenience of included utilities and self-catering facilities further emphasizes the aparthotel benefits. For instance, Bohari Palmilla and Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301 also offer great amenities, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests staying longer durations1.

For more details on selecting the right aparthotel for your stay, visit this comprehensive list of aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo.

Top Amenities to Look for in San Jose del Cabo Aparthotels

When searching for the best aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo, understanding which amenities stand out can significantly enhance your stay. Two noteworthy amenities to look out for are private beach access and on-site dining options.

Private Beach Access

Staying in aparthotels that offer private beach access ensures serene and exclusive beach experiences. These private beach apartments allow guests to enjoy the stunning coastal scenery without the crowds. Rooftop pools and terraces with sea views are among the popular facilities at these aparthotels, providing a sense of luxury and exclusivity1. The top-rated apartments in San José del Cabo boast average ratings of 5.0, reflecting their exceptional services4.

On-Site Dining Options

Another important amenity to consider is the range of on-site dining options. From a la carte and continental breakfasts to gourmet restaurants, these on-site dining aparthotels offer convenience without compromising the quality of meals. For instance, aparthotels often feature kitchen facilities, enabling a mix of self-catering and dining out experiences1. The flexibility of having multiple dining options onsite can make your stay even more enjoyable.

ocean view suites San Jose del Cabo

Suites Lomboy & Plaza: Close to the Airport

Ranked as a top choice for airport proximity lodging San Jose del Cabo, the stylish aparthotel Suites Lomboy & Plaza scores an impressive 9.1 overall, reflecting high guest satisfaction5. The property excels in staff service with a rating of 9.8, cleanliness at 9.7, and comfort at 9.6, ensuring a cozy and memorable stay5.

airport proximity lodging San Jose del Cabo

Guests can indulge in warm breakfast options, including a la carte and continental choices featuring local specialties and fresh fruits each morning5. Coupled with its on-site coffee shop and other dining amenities, Suites Lomboy & Plaza provides a comprehensive culinary experience without needing to step outside5. Moreover, the property’s location has been rated at 8.1, reflecting its convenience for travelers seeking proximity to the airport5.

The stylish aparthotel Suites Lomboy & Plaza boasts an array of amenities including apartments with kitchen facilities, a garden, pets allowed, a terrace, and free parking5. Offering free Wi-Fi throughout the property and a 24-hour front desk, it ensures guests stay connected and well-assisted during their visit5. The availability of a paid airport shuttle service further underscores its commitment to providing stress-free airport proximity lodging San Jose del Cabo accommodations5.

For those aware of their spending, Suites Lomboy & Plaza offers valuable services with a value-for-money rating of 9.25. Payments for bookings are managed directly by the property, and additional expenses can be taken care of in cash5. This guest-centric approach highlights the convenience and practicality of the stylish aparthotel Suites Lomboy & Plaza.

Amenity Rating/Feature
Overall Guest Rating 9.1
Staff Service 9.8
Cleanliness 9.7
Comfort 9.6
Location 8.1
Free WiFi 7.5
Value for Money 9.2

Check availability and book now at Suites Lomboy & Plaza to enjoy a perfect stay with new stylish furniture and essential amenities

Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!!: Beachfront Bliss

Located right on the beach, Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!! promises an unparalleled experience of beachfront bliss. This beachfront aparthotel Cabo Condo combines luxury and comfort, inviting guests into an oasis of tranquility. Ultimate comfort accommodations are the cornerstone of this property, offering visitors a luxurious stay that rivals some of the best-rated resorts in the area.

beachfront aparthotel Cabo Condo

Ultimate Comfort

Guests staying at the Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!! can expect the highest standards of comfort. With air-conditioned rooms, a pool with a view, and a spacious layout, every detail is designed to provide the ultimate comfort accommodations. This ultimate comfort is reflected in the consistent high ratings the property receives, echoing the excellent scores seen at top resorts such as those in San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, which boast average ratings of 5.0 out of 56. A visit here ensures that every moment is one of relaxation and luxury, mirroring the highest-rated stays in Baja California.

Stunning Ocean Views

One of the standout features of the Ocean View Cabo Condo is its panoramic ocean views. Waking up to the serene vistas of the ocean each morning adds a magical touch to any stay. This beachfront aparthotel Cabo Condo not only offers breathtaking views but also places you in proximity to local attractions such as the renowned Palmilla Golf Club. The allure of stunning ocean views similarly enhances the appeal of other highly-rated properties in the region, including those in El Pescadero and Los Barriles, each boasting impressive average ratings around 5.0 out of 56. Such exquisite views ensure guests have memorable experiences, filled with the beauty and charm unique to this location.

Bohari Palmilla: Luxury and Relaxation

For those seeking an exquisite and relaxing beachfront stay, the luxury aparthotel Bohari Palmilla offers impeccable sea view accommodations. Each of the eight available rooms includes a balcony and dining area, providing breathtaking vistas of the ocean7. Guests truly appreciate the proximity to Palmilla Beach, enhancing their overall experience.

luxury aparthotel Bohari Palmilla

In addition to the gorgeous rooms, Bohari Palmilla features versatile amenities like an outdoor pool, spa facilities including jacuzzis, and leisure activities such as snorkeling, diving, and canoeing7. This combination makes it a prime destination for a relaxing beachfront stay. The property’s location is also quite convenient, being approximately 3.9 miles from Plaza Mijares and San Jose’s Estuary and Bird Sanctuary, both easily accessible by a 10-minute drive7. Furthermore, Los Cabos Airport is just a 19-minute drive away, making travel arrangements straightforward and stress-free for guests7.

With room prices starting at $489, Bohari Palmilla ensures a luxurious experience that fits various budgets. Guests have rated their stay an impressive 8.8 out of 10 based on reviews, highlighting the hotel’s commitment to quality and exemplary service7. The range of activities and the exceptional proximity to Palmilla beach contribute to its appeal, offering guests an unforgettable and serene escape.

Payment options are varied, accepting cash, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard to facilitate guests’ preferences7. The hotel staff is praised for their attentiveness and comprehensive concierge services, elevating the standard of luxury and relaxation at this beautiful aparthotel.

Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301: Modern Living

Experience the pinnacle of modern living at the *Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301* with its contemporary décor and impressive amenities. This stylish accommodation San Jose del Cabo attracts visitors with its chic design and the renowned *D-301 feature rooftop pool*, promising incredible views and relaxation.

Rated highly by recent guests, the property has received a company review score of 8.4 based on 1,112 reviews for managing 457 properties under Vacasa8. Notably, it boasts a high guest satisfaction, scoring exceptionally in categories such as Staff (8.8), Facilities (8.8), Cleanliness (8.8), and Comfort (10)8. Furthermore, the value for money and location categories also achieved perfect scores of 108.

The location is unbeatable, earning a perfect 10.0/108, situating you near key attractions like Hotelera Beach (1.9 km), San Jose Estuary (1.4 km), Puerto Los Cabos (3.1 km), Club Campestre (6.1 km), and Palmilla Golf Club (8.1 km)8. With the *D-301 feature rooftop pool*, guests can unwind while enjoying the scenic vistas of San Jose del Cabo.

Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301 comes with a plethora of amenities to enhance your stay. Guests can enjoy the rooftop swimming pool and hot tub, roof terrace with grill and firepit, open-air gym, private entrance, and ironing facilities8. Air conditioning and safety features like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms add to the comfort and security of this *modern aparthotel Cardinal Living*8.

The property features air-conditioned apartments with free WiFi, non-smoking rooms, and a fitness center8. A tea/coffee maker is also available in the kitchen, ensuring guests a home-like comfort while traveling. Languages spoken at the property include Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese, which adds to its global appeal8.

modern aparthotel Cardinal Living

With stringent policies like no smoking and no pets allowed, Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301 also implements a minimum check-in age of 218. Its exemplary facilities and stylish appeal make it a top choice for those seeking a sophisticated stay in San Jose del Cabo.

Guest Satisfaction Categories Scores
Staff 8.8
Facilities 8.8
Cleanliness 8.8
Comfort 10
Value for Money 10
Location 10

Las Mananitas: Family-Friendly Accommodations

Las Mananitas stands as a premier family-friendly aparthotel in San Jose del Cabo, catering to those who seek comfort and convenience. Its spacious apartments in Baja California are perfect for families or larger groups, offering a truly homey atmosphere.

Spacious Apartments

The family-friendly aparthotel Las Mananitas presents spacious apartments in Baja California, featuring two well-appointed bedrooms and generous living areas. These accommodations ensure ample room for everyone, allowing families to relax and enjoy their stay comfortably.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Guests at Las Mananitas can take full advantage of self-catering facilities. Each apartment is furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, providing an ideal setup for preparing meals as if at home. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with dietary needs or preferences, further enhancing the experience.

For visitors looking for superb accommodations, Marisol Hotel Boutique has a superb rating of 9.1 based on 843 reviews, with accommodations starting at US$114 per night9. This alternative highlights the varied and excellent options available in the region.

Whether you’re here for a short visit or an extended stay, the spacious apartments Baja California at Las Mananitas make it an exceptional choice for family vacations. With sea views from the terrace and a cozy dining area, the aparthotel captures a perfect blend of comfort and scenic beauty.

Extended Stay Lodging in San Jose del Cabo: Benefits

Choosing extended stay lodging in San Jose del Cabo offers numerous advantages, primarily benefiting those seeking stability and value for their money. Guests can expect comprehensive amenities such as maintenance, housekeeping, and personalized services that are typically found in traditional hotel settings. These extended stay lodging benefits are essential for creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for long-term accommodations in San Jose del Cabo.

One significant perk of extended stay lodging is the potential for considerable cost savings. The average cost per night for hotels in Los Cabos is approximately USD 1,932, while weekend rates can climb to USD 1,98710. Opting for extended stay accommodations often translates to reduced nightly rates, making it more affordable for travelers planning a prolonged visit. Moreover, popular venues like Rancho Ecológico Sol de Mayo Rotamundos and City Express Plus by Marriott Cabo San Lucas serve as excellent choices for those seeking budget-friendly lodging options10.

Another benefit of extended stay lodging lies in the convenience and comfort these accommodations offer. Aparthotels like Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences and The Residences at Hacienda Encantada are well-equipped to cater to families, ensuring a home-like atmosphere with spacious living areas and multiple bedrooms10. Additionally, travelers with a penchant for luxurious environments can opt for acclaimed establishments such as Nobu Hotel Los Cabos and The Cape, A Thompson Hotel by Hyatt, which boast top-notch service and exquisite facilities10.

For couples seeking extended stays, the allure of romantic settings like Villa la Estancia Beach Resort & Spa and Mar del Cabo by Velas Resorts adds an extra layer of appeal10. Features such as kitchenettes and living areas further enhance the experience, providing guests with the flexibility of a fully equipped home while enjoying hotel-like services. Thus, the blend of savings, comfort, and convenience makes extended stay lodging in San Jose del Cabo an attractive option for a variety of travelers.


What are the best aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo?

Some of the best aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo include Suites Lomboy & Plaza and Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!!. These accommodations are renowned for their excellent service, prime locations near attractions like Palmilla Golf Club and San Jose Estuary, and the array of amenities they offer.

What should I expect from an aparthotel in San Jose del Cabo?

Aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo combine the independence of self-catering apartments with hotel-like amenities. Guests can expect features such as kitchenettes, multiple bedrooms, and communal facilities like a reception desk. This setup is ideal for travelers who value their own space while enjoying the comforts and services of a hotel.

Why are aparthotels popular for extended stays in San Jose del Cabo?

Aparthotels are popular for extended stays because they are cost-effective and add value with their kitchen facilities and included utilities. They provide a homely experience with the convenience of hotel services, making them ideal for long-term business or leisure stays.

What are some top amenities to look for in aparthotels in San Jose del Cabo?

Top amenities to consider include private beach access, on-site dining options, and communal facilities. These can add significant comfort and convenience to your stay, ensuring you have everything you need within close reach.

Why is Suites Lomboy & Plaza a great choice for travelers?

Suites Lomboy & Plaza is an excellent choice due to its prime location close to the airport, making it convenient for travelers. It features new stylish furniture, warm breakfast options, and a cozy coffee shop, ensuring a pleasant stay whether you’re arriving or departing San Jose del Cabo.

What makes Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!! special?

Ocean View Cabo Condo Create Memories!! stands out for its beachfront location, providing a pool with a view and air-conditioned accommodations. Guests benefit from ultimate comfort and stunning ocean views, along with proximity to local attractions like Palmilla Golf Club.

What can guests expect from Bohari Palmilla aparthotel?

Guests at Bohari Palmilla can expect luxury and relaxation with sea view accommodations and balcony spaces. The attentive staff and concierge services enhance the guest experience, and its proximity to Palmilla Beach adds to the allure of this sophisticated aparthotel.

What amenities does Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301 offer?

Cardinal Living San Jose del Cabo D-301 offers modern living with chic décor and a rooftop pool. The air-conditioned apartments provide free WiFi and a balcony, ensuring contemporary comfort in a non-smoking environment close to key attractions in the city.

Why is Las Mananitas ideal for family stays?

Las Mananitas is ideal for family stays due to its spacious apartments equipped with two bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The layout includes a dining area and a terrace with sea views, making it perfect for families or larger groups desiring a cozy and home-like environment.

What are the benefits of extended stay lodging in San Jose del Cabo?

Extended stay lodging offers numerous benefits such as cost savings, stability, and convenience. The serviced apartments in San Jose del Cabo provide personal space along with hotel-like services, such as maintenance and housekeeping, making them ideal for long-term stays.

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