Legal Information for Real Estate Investors

  • Foreign Ownership: There are no restrictions on foreign property ownership in France.
  • Property Taxes: Property owners must pay the Taxe Foncière annually, which is a local tax based on the cadastral value of the property.
  • Capital Gains Tax: Non-residents are subject to a 19% tax on capital gains derived from the sale of property in France.
  • Rental Income Tax: Non-residents must pay a 20% tax on rental income, though EU residents can benefit from deductions on expenses.
  • Inheritance Tax: Rates vary depending on the relationship between the deceased and the heir, and the region where the property is located.
  • Legal Process: It is advisable to hire a lawyer to navigate the legal process of purchasing property, which includes verifying property ownership, checking for debts, and ensuring the property complies with all regulations.

Sources: Global Property Guide, Expatica

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