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Belgium’s hospitality landscape is witnessing a renaissance with the rise of aparthotel Belgium, the ultimate blend of home comfort and hotel luxury. Catering to an assortment of travelers, from the short-term visitor to those seeking long-term stays Belgium, these serviced apartments in Belgium offer spacious living with the convenience and services of a hotel. For those planning an extended stay, amenities synonymous with an extended-stay hotel Belgium or a condominium hotel Belgium bring forth a sense of belonging amidst Belgian culture.

Whether in Brussels, home to charming holiday rentals, or the harmonious blend of furnished apartments dotted across the scenic Belgian landscape, choosing the right accommodation options Belgium is key to a comfortable stay. The appeal of these establishments is not just in their design but also in the flexibility they offer, with options suitable for every kind of traveler. They stand tall as the best aparthotels in Belgium, marrying personalized services with luxurious ease, promising you a home away from home.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the fusion of home-like amenities with upscale hotel services in Belgium’s aparthotels.
  • Belgium offers accommodation options for every traveler, from short visits to long-term stays Belgium.
  • Aparthotels as a prime choice for those requiring more space and amenities, akin to furnished apartments Belgium.
  • Convenience meets elegance in Belgium’s condominium hotel Belgium options.
  • Embark on a journey through the country’s finest serviced apartments in Belgium for a memorable experience.

Explore Belgium’s Rich Cultural Heritage and Modern Convenience with Aparthotels

Belgium stands as a testament to the seamless integration of rich traditions and the comforts of the present. With an array of aparthotels scattered throughout the country, visitors can indulge in the unique synthesis of Belgium’s cultural heritage and modern convenience. These establishments are far more than mere places to stay; they serve as bridges between the grandeur of historical architecture and the tailored offerings of modern amenities.

The Allure of Combining Historical Architecture with Modern Amenities

Imagine dwelling in a space where the storied past meets today’s ease of living. Belgium’s aparthotels embody this concept, allowing visitors to reside within the walls of refurbished heritage sites equipped with contemporary comforts. These accommodations offer a rare chance to experience the country’s history firsthand without forgoing the luxuries of the present day. An aparthotel stay in Belgium is an adventure in both time and luxury, providing a unique perspective on the nation’s storied narrative.

Belgium Through the Lens of an Aparthotel Adventure

There’s a profound connection between place and experience that is exemplified by Belgium’s aparthotels. Guests not only enjoy the aesthetic appeal of historic buildings but also the convenience of modern-day living spaces. By choosing such accommodation, one ventures into the heart of Belgium’s cultural heritage, immersed in an ambiance enriched by history while catered to by modern service and amenities. It is through the lens of a stay at an aparthotel that one can truly grasp the fusion of past and present that Belgium offers.

Belgian aparthotels thus represent a key to unlocking the rich tapestry of the country’s history, all the while ensuring the experience is cushioned with all the comforts and conveniences travelers today have come to expect.

Choosing the Right Aparthotel Belgium for Your Stay

Choosing the right aparthotel

Embarking on a journey to discover the heart of Belgium begins with choosing the right aparthotel. The perfect serviced apartment is not just a place to rest your head; it is your home away from home. It is where you will immerse yourself in the local culture, find serenity after a day of exploration, and enjoy the flexibility that only aparthotels can offer over traditional hotels.

What to Look for in the Perfect Serviced Apartment

Finding the perfect serviced apartment involves considering several essential factors. The ideal location is paramount to your experience. For example, Aparthotel Brussels Grand Place offers the convenience of being merely 300 meters from the iconic Grand Place, ensuring that you are at the heart of Brussels’ vibrant history and nightlife1. Proximity to the Square meeting center, only 650 meters away, could be a boon for business travelers1. Access to transport is equally important, with Brussels Central train station’s ease of access, a mere 400 meters away, enabling seamless travel throughout the city and beyond1.

When selecting your accommodation, the availability of amenities and services is also critical. For instance, the presence of an on-site parking facility could influence your decision, especially with rates like €4 per hour or €29 daily, which are reasonable for city standards2. Pet owners would need to factor in a pet-friendly environment, considering fees like the daily pet fee of EUR 15 and the maximum weight limit for pets2.

The Benefits of Opting for Aparthotels Over Traditional Hotels

The choice between aparthotels and traditional hotels often boils down to the unique benefits the former offer. Aparthotels provide spacious accommodations, not just a room but an entire living space including kitchen facilities, which add a layer of convenience for any length of stay. If you’re contemplating the cost of living, it’s worth noting that Belgians spend around 18% of their disposable income on housing3. Aparthotels, with their extended-stay options and equipped kitchens, can offer a cost-effective alternative to restaurant dining and continuously rising rental prices, especially given the recent increases during the pandemic3.

Service/Amenity Aparthotels Traditional Hotels
Space More spacious, separate living areas Limited to room size
Kitchen Facilities Usually included Rarely available or for a fee
Leisure Home-like comfort Standard amenities such as pool or gym
Location Often central, like 200 meters from Rue Neuve1 Can vary greatly
Cost-Efficiency Reduction in dining out expenses Added cost of dining out more frequently
Pet-Friendly Options Available with facilities and for additional fees2 Less likely to be available
Flexibility Long-term stays facilitated with better rates Typically, more expensive for longer stays

In choosing the right aparthotel, you’re not only selecting a place to stay, you’re deciding on an experience that will shape your memories and adventures in Belgium. With the benefits of aparthotels, the conveniences they extend, and the genuine immersion into the local milieu, the choice becomes clear for a savvy traveler looking to know the heart of the destination.

Aparthotel Belgium: A Fusion of Comfort and Style

Aparthotel Belgium Interior

When it comes to enjoying the sights and sounds of Belgium, the experience is heightened by staying in an aparthotel Belgium that masterfully marries a fusion of comfort and style. These accommodations, often found in historically significant buildings, have been carefully revitalized to offer modern travelers a seamless blend of contemporary amenities within storied walls. Take for instance the remarkable transformation of the Gare Maritime into an indoor city, boasting diverse inspiring areas suited for both relaxing getaways and grand events, equipped with sumptuous food halls anticipated to open their doors in September 20214.

The Gare Maritime once housed 180 apartments in the 1920s, exuding the glamour of a miniature city for the bourgeoisie4. Its legacy further includes a heritage of splendid recreational facilities, featuring a 516-seater theatre, sumptuous Turkish baths, fencing halls, tennis courts on the rooftops, and a well-designed swimming pool, all indicative of the grandeur of its time that spurred the narrative of what we today look for in premium aparthotel experiences4.

This modernization while preserving heritage is not isolated to the Gare Maritime. The remarkable Tour & Taxis area showcases a breathtaking juxtaposition of historic edifices such as the Royal Depot and the Hôtel de la Poste, all reinvented to cater to contemporary needs while respecting their original charm4. These sites are not only a testament to Belgium’s rich history but also to its dedication to creating spaces that uphold a fusion of comfort and style.

Events and professional gatherings are primed for success at venues such as BluePoint Brussels, which boasts 20 fully equipped event rooms capable of hosting up to 450 attendees and offering expansive coworking spaces4. Their commitment to innovation is evident through the inclusion of a Recording Studio equipped with Green Key technology, ideal for hybrid and virtual gatherings, situated in a prime location amidst the European district and major transport hubs4.

Cognizant of the shifting requirements of professional delegates, Martin’s Brussels EU has adeptly tailored their venues to accommodate up to 600 individuals, ensuring the observance of social distancing mandates to guarantee safety and comfort4. Similarly, Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel Brussels asserts its premier positioning within a mere 5-minute distance from the Brussels Airport and a 15-minute jaunt to the city center, further enticing guests with spacious meeting facilities wired with cabled internet4.

For those drawn to the allure of automotive history, Autoworld in Brussels offers a most extraordinary backdrop for events within its halls, showcasing a vast collection of automobiles and accessible via public transport, embracing a unique blend of nostalgia and accessibility4.

Belgium’s aparthotels uphold environmental responsibility too, as demonstrated by venues like BluePoint Brussels, whose dedication is highlighted by their Green Key-labelled sites. Prospective guests can rest assured that their stay contributes to a greener future, perfecting the art of eco-friendly hospitality while remaining undeniably luxurious4.

Embracing an aparthotel in Belgium promises not just a temporary stay but an experience woven into the fabric of the country’s rich heritage paired seamlessly with the necessitated comforts and aesthetics of modern design. It is indeed the ultimate blend of past and present for discerning travelers who seek both a story and a sanctuary in their travels.

Must-Visit Aparthotels in Belgium’s Major Cities

Brussels serviced apartments

Belgium’s major urban centers are a tapestry of cultural engagement and modern resplendence, offering travelers an array of must-visit aparthotels. These accommodations represent the pinnacle of convenience and local charm, perfect for the discerning visitor seeking a blend of home-like comforts with the amenities of urban living.

The capital city Brussels, with its bustling streets and vibrant communities, is home to a significant population, with around 2.5 million people residing in the Brussels-Capital Region, notably with a significant slice—approximately 36%—of foreign origin, reflecting the city’s global allure5. This demographic tapestry reinforces the demand for high-quality Brussels serviced apartments that cater to a cosmopolitan clientele.

A Spotlight on Brussels Serviced Apartments

Brussels’ serviced apartments stand as bastions of convenience and comfort for both short-term visitors and long-standing residents. Boasting features that transcend the mere practical, these accommodations are tailored to meet the needs of Brussels’ diverse, international community. A stay here means indulging in the convivial Belgian lifestyle without forgoing any of the luxuries of modern living.

Ghent’s Top-Rated Aparthotels for a Memorable Stay

Not far from Brussels, Ghent’s historical canvas has seen a mix of locals, students, and expats contribute to the city’s burgeoning popularity, enriching its urban fabric and enhancing the demand for top-tier accommodation5. Ghent’s top-rated aparthotels, therefore, combine historic ambiance with contemporary flair, representing an essential facet of the city’s accommodation landscape. Ghent, with its layered history and academic spirit, offers a perfect blend of traditional charm and youthful energy. The accompanying aparthotels echo this character, providing spaces that are as much a part of the city’s narrative as its famed Gravensteen Castle.

Antwerp’s Premier Selection of Extended-Stay Hotels

In Antwerp, a city acclaimed for its fashion and diamond district, a well-sized British and American family population complements its multicultural environment5. This influx has prompted the proliferation of Antwerp extended-stay hotels, reflecting the city’s reputation as a hub of international commerce and lifestyle. Suitably, these establishments are designed to support a richly varied expatriate life, positioning themselves as the ideal hubs for those seeking a more permanent stay or an extended business trip in this dynamic port city.

These major Belgian cities encapsulate the essence of a nation that prides itself in its rich history and forward-looking ethos, with each city offering its unique take on what it means to be a must-visit aparthotel. Whether it’s a brief sojourn or a longer hiatus, the comfort, style, and unmistakable Belgian warmth are delivered with pride at these aparthotels, verified through glowing traveler reviews and an ever-growing popularity among international visitors. From the cosmopolitan heart of Brussels to the illustrious docks of Antwerp, Belgium’s aparthotels are waiting to welcome you.

Luxurious Long-Term Stays:

luxurious long-term stays

Embarking on an extended journey often means finding accommodations that blend the essence of home with the luxuries expected of a protracted getaway. Ghent’s Hotel Ibis Budget Gent Centrum Dampoort, founded in 2018, extends an astonishing 183 rooms to the discerning traveler, balancing comfort with economy6. For those seeking a more contemporary option, its counterpart, Adagio Access Gent Centrum Dampoort, erected in 2023, offers 98 rooms fashioned for the modern sojourner6. With a majority of the 34 best aparthotels falling under the First Class classification, guests are ensured an elevated standard of elegant living6.

As seasoned travelers can attest, the allure of furnished apartments is not merely in their architecture but also in the level of comfort and homeliness they afford, often proving to be more cost-effective and spacious than traditional hotel offerings7. These apartments are artfully designed to cater to a wide array of needs, offering different sizes and configurations suitable for solo expats, couples, or entire families7. The provision of amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, and round-the-clock security underscores their appeal7.

Furnished Apartments for the Seasoned Traveler

For those accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle, the versatility and personalized touch of furnished apartments in Belgium offer competitive rates and flexible lease durations, ranging from a couple of weeks to several months. This setup is particularly attractive for those who prefer to immerse themselves in the local milieu with a comfortable base that feels like a home away from home7.

Condominium Hotels: Belgium’s Answer to Elegant Living

Condominium hotels present a unique fusion of hospitality and refined living. With establishments like the historic hotel from 1228, which marries a classic structure with a contemporary accommodation experience, connections to Ghent’s past are palpably woven into the fabric of one’s stay. Nestling less than 0.7 miles from the vibrant city center and even abutting iconic landmarks like Saint Bavo’s Cathedral at the NH Gent Belfort, residents can bask in an enviable proximity to cultural focal points6. This proximity, paired with their upscale amenities, crafts a living space that’s nothing short of luxurious, well-aligned with the expectations of the seasoned traveler and those longing for elegant living.

The portfolio of furnished apartments embellishing the Belgian landscape confirms its commitment to quality and professionalism, notably marked by the ASAP-verified properties. This distinction asserts that residents will encounter the highest standards of safety and service, perpetuating Belgium’s reputation for providing an optimal environment for luxurious long-term stays7.

Belgium’s Hidden Gems: Discovering Boutique Aparthotels

Belgian Countryside Aparthotel

When you venture beyond the well-trodden paths of Brussels and Bruges, Belgium unfolds as a tapestry of boutique aparthotels, each promising an intimate slice of Belgian beauty. In the rolling landscapes of the Belgian countryside, thriving with cultural impressiveness and natural splendor, travelers find solace in the quiet luxury of countryside lodges.

The Charm of Aparthotels in the Belgian Countryside

Imagine waking up to a picturesque view of undulating green hills or the serene North Sea coast, with a tranquil retreat waiting just for you. This is what Belgium’s lesser-known regions offer – a chance to experience the idyllic Belgian countryside while enjoying the comforts of home. The North Sea coast is not just about the beaches but also about idyllic stays like De Panne’s Hotel Cajou, where rooms are welcoming travelers at €120 B&B8. Or take Loxley, a 1930s cottage in Koksijde, that exudes an old-world charm with its B&B doubles at €1258.

Unearthing Unconventional Stay Experiences in Lesser-Known Regions

For those seeking unconventional stay experiences, the town of Ostend sits at the midpoint of the coast, providing a blend of beachside relaxation and cultural attractions8. Here, art and history intersect with the vibrancy of seaside life. Moreover, exploring the likes of De Haan takes you to refined B&Bs like La Tourelle, with offerings starting from €120 B&B8. But for a truly distinctive experience, Het Zwin welcomes you to its wetlands and bird reserve that demands both a €10 ticket and a time slot reservation8.

For those drawn to boutique aparthotels and the allure of Belgium’s hidden gems, a visit to Antwerp could be just as rewarding. The city is a treasure trove of art, history, and fashion, housing boutique stores and cultural landmarks such as the Cathedral of Our Lady and Paul Peter Rubens’ house9. Among the accommodations, Antwerp boasts a selection that ranges from quirky apartments to traditional hotel chains, ensuring that every traveler finds a nook for their preferences9.

From the tucked-away corners along the North Sea coast to the vibrant streets of Antwerp, Belgium offers boutique aparthotels that serve not just as a place to stay but as gateways to exploring the country’s full narrative. Here, at these cloistered havens, travelers partake in the story of Belgium’s lesser-known regions, savoring moments of connection with local life and landscape.

The Convenience of Booking with

Effortless booking on platform

Travelers seeking a blend of luxury and comfort can look forward to a hassle-free experience with, elevating the convenience of booking serviced apartments to new heights. This platform streamlines the search for serviced apartments by incorporating a user-centric design complete with real-time booking capabilities.

How Our Platform Simplifies Your Search for Serviced Apartments excels in providing a seamless interface for travelers. By prioritizing user-friendly features, our platform allows you to filter and compare options, ensuring you find an aparthotel that perfectly matches your needs. With real-time booking10, say goodbye to the uncertainty of delayed confirmation emails.

User-Friendly Features and Real-Time Booking on

Real-time booking through the platform means instant confirmation, so you can rest assured that your accommodation is secured the moment you click ‘book now’. With features designed for convenience, travelers can enjoy an effortless reservation process and focus on what’s important—their journey ahead.

Feature Description Benefit
Instant Confirmation Real-time booking10 with immediate reservation acknowledgment. No wait-time for confirmation.
Wide Selection Access a vast array of serviced apartments in Belgium. Find the perfect stay tailored to your preferences.
User Reviews Read customer experiences to make informed decisions. Book with confidence, trusting peer recommendations.
Easy Comparison Compare amenities, locations, and prices on a single platform. Efficient selection process without having to switch tabs.

Choose for your next trip to Belgium and savor the convenience of booking provided by an innovative platform dedicated to enhancing your travel experiences.


Belgium, with its quaint charm and contemporary allure, offers an abundance of high-quality aparthotels and serviced apartments tailored to provide travelers with the quintessential blend of comfort, convenience, and style. Embracing a harmonious fusion of the country’s rich cultural tapestry with the ease of modern living, these accommodations ensure a personalized and immersive experience. The appeal of Belgium’s aparthotels lies not only in their variety – ranging from stays in buzzing urban centers to serene hideaways in the countryside – but also in their commitment to meeting diverse traveler needs. Whether it’s a short-term escapade or a prolonged sojourn, guests can discover an accommodation that perfectly aligns with their preferences and travel intentions.

Through platforms like, finding and securing the right aparthotel becomes a straightforward and efficient process, providing peace of mind even before the journey begins. This seamless booking experience, coupled with the assurance of staying in accommodations vetted for their exceptional standards, contributes significantly to a stress-free and gratifying Belgian adventure. It’s noteworthy how, similar to other countries that have refined grading systems for their lodgings—like France’s transition to a five-star system in 200911 and the inclusion of consumer feedback in Australia’s Star Ratings11—Belgium has maintained a clear focus on quality and guest satisfaction.

As travelers ponder upon the ideal place to stay, they might consider one of the nine top-rated aparthotels in Brussels, each tailored for distinct preferences, including families, gourmands, and those seeking tranquility12. With 19 municipalities to explore and 10 areas highly recommended for stay12, the city’s accommodations are as multifaceted as the experiences it promises. End your search for the perfect Belgian retreat and embark on an incredible journey through the heart of Europe. Discover the intricate mosaic of Belgium’s hospitality scene and find yourself at home amid the charm and elegance of these impeccable serviced apartments and aparthotels.


What are some of the best aparthotels in Belgium for 2024?

We have compiled a list of the top aparthotels in Belgium for 2024, showcasing their amenities, locations, and customer reviews.

Why should I choose an aparthotel in Belgium over a traditional hotel?

Aparthotels offer spacious accommodations, kitchen facilities, and more flexibility compared to traditional hotels, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

What should I look for when choosing a serviced apartment in Belgium?

When selecting a serviced apartment, consider factors such as location, amenities, and customer reviews to find the perfect fit for your stay.

What makes aparthotels in Belgium a fusion of comfort and style?

Aparthotels in Belgium provide guests with a home away from home, offering the comforts of a hotel with the convenience of a fully equipped apartment.

Which are the must-visit aparthotels in Belgium's major cities?

We highlight the top-rated aparthotels in cities such as Brussels, Ghent, and Antwerp, showcasing their unique features, locations, and customer reviews.

What are the options for luxurious long-term stays in Belgium?

For long-term stays, furnished apartments and condominium hotels offer luxurious accommodations, additional amenities, and elegant living experiences.

Are there hidden gem aparthotels in Belgium?

Yes, boutique aparthotels in the Belgian countryside provide a charming and tranquil retreat, and unconventional stay experiences offer a unique way to explore lesser-known regions.

How can I book a serviced apartment in Belgium? offers a convenient and user-friendly platform for booking serviced apartments in Belgium, providing real-time booking and a wide selection of options.

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