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Turkey offers a diverse range of aparthotels tailored to the unique needs of travelers. Whether looking for long stay accommodation, luxury features, or the comfort of services analogous to a home, these lodging options embody convenience and elegance. Catering to the highest expectations of guests, the top aparthotels are distributed across major cities and picturesque regions, promising memorable stays with a blend of traditional Turkish hospitality and modern amenities.

Istanbul, for instance, boasts 524 serviced apartments, providing a plethora of options for visitors seeking comfort and luxury in Turkey’s bustling metropolis1. Meanwhile, Antalya offers 119 serviced apartments, while the charming town of Alanya features 771. The variety extends further with destinations like Izmir featuring 8 serviced apartments, and Bodrum City offering 311.

Travelers interested in exploring different regions can enjoy the luxury of serviced apartments in Mugla Province, which has 250 such accommodations, making it a hub for those seeking relaxation by the Turkish coastline1. Additionally, the Black Sea Region stands out with 282 serviced apartments, ensuring guests can experience the unique charm of northern Turkey1.

For those yearning for a home-like atmosphere during their travels, serviced apartments in Turkey promise top-notch facilities combined with highly regarded reviews, such as those achieving a 9.5 rating with 1,523 reviews1. It’s evident that choosing hotel apartments in Turkey guarantees a satisfying and enjoyable stay.

Key Takeaways

  • Istanbul houses the highest number of serviced apartments in Turkey, with 524 options1.
  • Antalya and Alanya are popular destinations with numerous aparthotel choices1.
  • Mugla Province and the Black Sea Region offer significant variety with 250 and 282 serviced apartments, respectively1.
  • High reviews highlight the quality and guest satisfaction of serviced apartments in Turkey1.
  • Experience a blend of traditional Turkish hospitality and modern amenities in Turkey’s aparthotels.

Explore more serviced apartments in Turkey

for an unforgettable stay, fitting various needs and preferences.

Aparthotel Istanbul: Best Picks

In Istanbul, premium aparthotels epitomize a perfect balance of luxury and practicality. Whether you seek the charm of historical sites or the city’s vibrant energy, these accommodations cater to varied preferences, ensuring a seamless experience for guests.

Walton Gardens Pera

The Walton Gardens Pera stands out with its 4-star amenities, offering visitors a remarkable stay in the heart of Istanbul’s Pera district. Its proximity to artistic and cultural landmarks adds to its appeal. This luxury aparthotel Turkey provides guests with modern conveniences such as free WiFi, 24-hour front desk service, and full-day security, merging elegance with efficiency.

MENAR HOTEL&SUITES – Old City Sultanahmet

Located near iconic landmarks like the Blue Mosque, MENAR HOTEL&SUITES offers guests spectacular sea views and a touch of history. This aparthotel in Istanbul ensures guests enjoy comfort and convenience with modern features such as WiFi throughout the property, responsive 24-hour front desk services, and enhanced security measures. Ideal for tourists keen on exploring historical sites, this luxury aparthotel Turkey stands as a testimony to Turkish hospitality combined with contemporary amenities.

Element Garden

For those seeking homely vibes amidst the city’s vibrant pulse, Element Garden is a top choice. Located centrally, it ensures accessibility to Istanbul’s myriad attractions. The accommodation is designed to provide free WiFi, a 24-hour front desk, and robust security protocols, offering guests a serene yet vibrant stay. aparthotel Istanbul

Property Number of Rooms Special Features
The Bank Hotel Istanbul 62 83sq-m Penthouse Suite
Neorion Hotel 53 Spa with pool and hammam
Hotel Empress Zoe 23 Rooms with balconies
Pera Palace Hotel Standard rooms Historic decor and 400sq-m Pera Spa
Hotel Ibrahim Pasha Modern Rooms Rain showers and queen-sized beds
Six Senses Kocatas Mansions 45 Views of Bosphorus, spa with hammam
The Stay Nisantasi Chic Rooms Minimalist design by Autoban Design Group
Bebek Hotel Vintage Interiors Sea views from many rooms
Sirkeci Mansion Hotel Rooms with Balconies Overlooking Gulhane Park, Jacuzzi in Deluxe Rooms

The accommodations mentioned offer an array of services and amenities that enhance the overall guest experience, ensuring an unforgettable stay in Istanbul.2

Luxury Aparthotel Turkey: Top Choices

Among the myriad luxury aparthotels in Turkey, three establishments stand out for their exceptional services and upscale accommodations: Harbiye Residence, Sadaret Hotel Istanbul, and Kumluk Konak Hotel. These aparthotels exemplify the epitome of luxurious living, merging modern amenities with the warmth of Turkish hospitality.

Harbiye Residence

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Harbiye Residence offers an exquisite stay with its contemporary décor and unparalleled services. Istanbul boasts the highest number of serviced apartments in Turkey, with 524 options available, highlighting the city’s appeal for luxury stays1. The residence ensures a refined experience, complete with free WiFi, full kitchen facilities, and spacious living areas. Its strategic location provides easy access to major city attractions, making it a preferred choice for travelers.

Sadaret Hotel Istanbul

In the historic district of Sultanahmet, the Sadaret Hotel Istanbul is a beacon of luxury, offering stunning views of the Marmara Sea. This highly-rated aparthotel has received a superb rating of 9.0 based on 2,337 reviews, reflecting its commitment to quality and guest satisfaction1. Visitors can enjoy a blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences, such as 24-hour room service and comfortable, well-furnished rooms. The popularity of Sadaret Hotel Istanbul underscores the demand for luxury aparthotel Turkey.

luxury aparthotel Turkey

Kumluk Konak Hotel

Kumluk Konak Hotel offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience in a serene setting, making it a top choice for discerning travelers. The availability of amenities like WiFi, kitchenettes, and private terraces ensures a home-like feel for guests seeking extended stays. Perfect scores of 10 for Staff, Facilities, Cleanliness, Comfort, and Value for money have further solidified its reputation as a premier luxury aparthotel3. The picturesque surroundings and attention to detail make Kumluk Konak Hotel a standout in the realm of luxury accommodations in Turkey.

Where to Stay in Aparthotel Antalya

Antalya’s balmy ambiance is complemented by aparthotels that serve as a sanctuary for beachgoers and cultural enthusiasts alike. Each offering brings its unique charm to ensure a memorable stay. Below are some of the top choices for aparthotel Antalya.

Delight Deluxe Aparts

Delight Deluxe Aparts stands out with its proximity to historical sites, making it an ideal choice for history buffs. Located close to the city’s significant landmarks, this aparthotel ensures that guests can easily immerse themselves in Antalya’s rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, guests can enjoy modern amenities coupled with stellar service, creating a harmonious balance between old-world charm and contemporary convenience.

Truemar Hotels & Suites

Truemar Hotels & Suites boasts a contemporary design that is particularly suitable for families. Offering spacious and well-furnished suites, it ensures that every member of the family finds comfort and convenience. The property is equipped with family-friendly amenities which include children’s play areas and family rooms, enhancing the overall experience for those traveling with kids. Notably, Truemar Hotels & Suites maintains a balance of luxury and practicality, making it a sought-after option for many visiting families.

aparthotel Antalya

Güden Pearl Apart Hotel

For those seeking a homely stay with stunning vistas, Güden Pearl Apart Hotel is the place to be. Nestled along the beautiful Mediterranean coast, this aparthotel provides guests with breathtaking sea views right from their rooms. The focus here is on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment that allows guests to unwind and rejuvenate. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to relax and enjoy the serene ambiance of Antalya’s coastline.

Antalya also houses other notable properties such as the Flamingo Residence, which is about 10 minutes’ drive from Haci Sirri Kirimlioglu Camii4, and the Melda Palace Antalya hotel that features a fitness center and spa therapy4. The Room Hotel & Apartments in Antalya is also highly rated with a location score of 9.0 out of 105. The diverse options make finding an aparthotel Antalya that fits one’s requirements a pleasant task.

Best Aparthotels in Alanya for Comfort

Alanya is a prime destination for travelers seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and convenience in a vibrant setting. With its diverse range of aparthotel offerings, visitors can enjoy the perks of spacious, apartment-style living combined with top-notch hotel services.

aparthotel Alanya

For those looking for an aparthotel Alanya has several esteemed options. The Aria Riva Apart Hotel, with a stellar review score of 9.3 based on 635 reviews, makes for an attractive choice67. Similarly, the Cleopatra King Apart, achieving a review score of 9.2 from 676 reviews, offers comfort with a starting price of US$60 per night67. When it comes to hotel apartments Turkey is known for, Delfino Apart Hotel stands out with a score of 9.2 based on 106 reviews, available from US$119 per night67.

Considering long stay accommodation Turkey’s Kleopatra Suit Hotel is commendable, scoring 9.3 from 255 reviewers and a starting price of US$81 per night67. Additionally, My Home Apart, with a review score of 9.2 based on 241 reviews, offers a balanced living experience starting at US$83 per night678. This aparthotel in Alanya provides 46 rooms boasting amenities such as balconies, dining areas, saunas, and showers8.

For more budget-friendly options, the Twin Apart Hotel also delivers comfort with a review score of 9.0 from 397 reviewers6. Musti Apart Hotel, achieving a review score of 9.0 based on 58 reviews, starts at US$59 per night67. Finally, Bella Rose Apart Hotel offers affordability and quality with its score of 9.0 from 32 reviews and rates starting at US$58 per night67.

Each of these aparthotel Alanya choices provides a distinct combination of features, ensuring that every visitor finds the perfect accommodation to meet their needs, whether for a short stay or a long-term engagement in Turkey’s enchanting coastal city.

Top Aparthotels in Bodrum for Relaxation

Experience unparalleled comfort and tranquility at the top aparthotels in Bodrum, where relaxation is redefined through exemplary amenities and services. With review scores ranging from 8.2 to 9.7, these aparthotels guarantee an exceptional stay whether you’re seeking serenity by the pool or the excitement of nearby attractions9. Prices per night range between $71 to $387, offering both affordability and luxury910.

Degirmenburnu Residence

Degirmenburnu Residence stands out with its well-appointed rooms featuring sea views and balconies, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a scenic retreat. The property offers a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, and satellite TV among its many amenities9. Notably, free Wi-Fi is available throughout, ensuring guests stay connected9.


Waldvilla is a haven of peace, offering lush gardens and a swimming pool to unwind. Accommodations range from family rooms to adult-only options, catering to diverse needs9. Its proximity to the city’s best beaches and museums ensures that relaxation and exploration go hand in hand9. With high ratings and commendable reviews, Waldvilla remains a top choice for rejuvenation.

Mekan Ilica Apart Otel

At Mekan Ilica Apart Otel, guests can indulge in various apartment types with terraces or sea views, reflecting the epitome of comfort and elegance9. This aparthotel is noted for its comprehensive facilities, including a swimming pool and easy access to popular local spots9. Prices here range from $71 to $156 per night, making it both a luxurious and budget-friendly option9.

aparthotel Bodrum

Ideal Aparthotel in Cappadocia for Stunning Views

Cappadocia, known for its fairy chimneys and enchanting landscapes, is home to aparthotels that provide breathtaking views and unmatched hospitality. Offering modern amenities within historical settings, these places blend comfort with cultural experiences, making each stay unforgettable.

Suit Rabando Uzungöl

Located amidst spectacular scenery, the Suit Rabando Uzungöl is a perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat. The average review score of 9.3 reflects the high satisfaction of guests who have enjoyed their stay here11. With amenities like free Wi-Fi, kitchenettes, and comfortable furnishings, this aparthotel ensures a pleasant and convenient stay.

aparthotel Cappadocia

Ten Apart Hotel

Another gem in Cappadocia is the Ten Apart Hotel. Known for its warm hospitality, this aparthotel provides stunning views of the unique landscape. The location is convenient for exploring nearby attractions, and its high average review score reflects its popularity among travelers11. Guests can enjoy a range of amenities, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or tranquility, Suit Rabando Uzungöl and Ten Apart Hotel in Cappadocia cater to all your needs. Be sure to check out more options available at aparthotel Cappadocia for a remarkable experience.

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Turkey

Serviced apartments in Turkey are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for travelers seeking comfortable long stays blended with upscale amenities. These apartments offer a blend of privacy and service, making them an ideal option for both short-term and extended stays. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, serviced apartments provide more living and relaxation space, giving guests a true “home away from home” experience12. Enhanced hygiene measures, including increased cleaning frequency and the use of antibacterial sprays and protective gear, ensure a safe and healthy environment for all guests12.

serviced apartments Turkey

One of the significant advantages of choosing serviced apartments Turkey is the range of upscale amenities available, such as spas, fitness areas, business rooms, concierge services, and even housekeeping12. These amenities cater to a variety of needs, from business to leisure, ensuring that guests have everything they need during their stay. Weekly housekeeping services add an extra layer of privacy and comfort, making them ideal for longer stays12.

The convenience offered by serviced apartments cannot be overstated. Reserving a serviced apartment is often straightforward, with no lengthy procedures or hefty deposits required12. Additionally, these apartments offer cost-effective options for extended stays, often including all utilities, which is a significant financial benefit compared to traditional accommodations12. Guests also have the freedom to prepare their meals and host events, adding to the overall flexibility and enjoyment of the stay.

Serviced apartments provide a guaranteed rental income for owners while also covering ownership costs through rental revenue, making them a financially attractive option for property investors12. The increased preference for short-term rentals over hotel rooms highlights the growing trend towards more personalized and spacious lodging options12. Whether you are a corporate traveler, a family on vacation, or someone relocating, the advantages offered by serviced apartments make them an ideal choice.

For more detailed insights and information, you can refer to everything you need to know about serviced apartments in Turkey. This resource elaborates on the manifold benefits, ensuring that you make an informed decision for your stay in Turkey.

Advantages Details
Space and Privacy More living and relaxation space compared to hotel rooms12
Upscale Amenities Spa, fitness area, business rooms, concierge services, housekeeping12
Hygiene and Safety Increased cleaning frequency, use of antibacterial sprays, on-site supervisors, videophones, and cameras12
Cost-Effective All utilities included; more affordable than hotels12
Flexibility Prepare meals, host events, no lengthy reservation procedures12
Investment Returns Rental income covers ownership costs12

Aparthotel Turkey: Affordable and Luxurious Options

Turkey presents a unique blend of affordability and luxury in its aparthotel selections. Whether you are in bustling Istanbul or the serene coastal regions, finding an affordable luxury aparthotel Turkey has to offer is now easier than ever.

Taksim Fidan Residence

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Istanbul, Taksim Fidan Residence is a prime example of how luxury and affordability can coexist. Boasting spaces ideal for both short and long stays, guests can enjoy amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, kitchenettes, and proximity to cultural landmarks. The rich offerings of Istanbul include 524 serviced apartments, catering to diverse traveler needs1.

Lir Residence Suites Long Stay

Lir Residence Suites Long Stay offers the perfect setting for extended stays, featuring spacious rooms and modern amenities. Strategically located, this residence provides easy access to both business and leisure attractions, making it a favored choice for those looking for affordable luxury aparthotel Turkey. Istanbul, where this residence is situated, has one aparthotel with 1,022 reviews and a superb rating of 9.01.

Global Suites Hotel

Located in another bustling district, Global Suites Hotel brings a combination of elegance and practicality. With well-equipped rooms and top-rated services, this hotel ensures a pleasant stay for all guests. The city of Istanbul remains a hotspot for aparthotels, exemplified by its vast choice of accommodations that balance luxury and budgetary considerations1.


The diverse landscape of aparthotels in Turkey creates an inviting array of options for every type of traveler. Whether you are seeking the bustling urban charm of Istanbul or the tranquil beauty of Cappadocia, Turkey’s wide range of aparthotels ensures that there is something for everyone. The hotel apartments in Turkey stand out as one of the most attractive types of real estate, offering a blend of high returns and low-risk investment opportunities13.

Investors are increasingly drawn to Turkey, with Istanbul’s center being a prime hotspot for real estate opportunities13. The booming Turkish market is identified as one of the most promising investment landscapes due to urbanization and demographic changes driving the demand for both residential and commercial properties13. Hotel apartments are particularly popular because they merge the convenience of daily or weekly accommodations with affordability compared to traditional real estate options like houses13.

The economic boom experienced by hotels in Turkey is another indicator of the country’s attractive business climate, further bolstering the appeal for investors13. As a guest or investor, exploring the range of aparthotels and serviced apartments in Turkey not only enhances the travel experience but also offers significant investment potential. The commitment to blending traditional Turkish hospitality with modern amenities makes these long stay accommodations highly sought after and well-loved. With the multitude of views recorded and the expanding urban transformation, the sector is poised for sustained growth13.


What is an aparthotel?

An aparthotel combines the convenience of hotel services with the comfort and space of apartment living. They are perfect for both short-term and long-term stays.

What amenities can I expect in a serviced apartment in Turkey?

Serviced apartments in Turkey typically offer amenities such as free WiFi, 24-hour front desk services, housekeeping, kitchenettes, and sometimes even meal services.

Are there luxury aparthotels in Turkey?

Yes, Turkey has several luxury aparthotels like Harbiye Residence, Sadaret Hotel Istanbul, and Kumluk Konak Hotel, offering upscale accommodations with contemporary décor and exceptional services.

Which aparthotels in Istanbul are highly recommended?

Some top choices in Istanbul include Walton Gardens Pera, MENAR HOTEL&SUITES, and Element Garden, known for their prime locations and excellent amenities.

Can I find aparthotels in Antalya that are close to historical sites?

Yes, Delight Deluxe Aparts in Antalya is situated near historical sites, making it an excellent choice for culture enthusiasts.

What are some recommended aparthotels in Alanya?

Alanya offers several comfortable options, appealing to both long-stay and short-term travelers. These aparthotels provide spacious living areas and on-site amenities for a relaxing stay.

Are there good aparthotel options in Bodrum for relaxation?

Yes, Bodrum has several tranquil aparthotels like Degirmenburnu Residence, Waldvilla, and Mekan Ilica Apart Otel, which offer amenities such as swimming pools and panoramic views.

What makes aparthotels in Cappadocia unique?

Aparthotels in Cappadocia, such as Suit Rabando Uzungöl and Ten Apart Hotel, provide stunning views of the region's unique landscapes, including fairy chimneys and rock formations.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Turkey for long stays?

Serviced apartments are ideal for long stays as they offer the space and privacy of a home, combined with hotel services, making them suitable for corporate travelers and families.

Are there affordable yet luxurious aparthotels in Turkey?

Yes, Turkey boasts affordable luxury aparthotels like Taksim Fidan Residence, Lir Residence Suites Long Stay, and Global Suites Hotel, providing elegant accommodations at competitive prices.

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