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Featuring a wide selection of premium accommodations, Australia is a hotspot for travelers looking for the comforts of home paired with hotel luxuries. From Sydney’s urban vistas to Melbourne’s cultural hubs and Brisbane’s extended stay conveniences, Aparthotel Australia caters to various tastes and needs. For instance, Queensland boasts a significant number of 816 serviced apartments, indicating a high demand for aparthotels in the region1. On the other hand, the Gold Coast has 242 serviced apartments, making it one of the destinations with the highest number of serviced apartments in Australia1. Whether you are looking to book a retreat in Australia for a short jaunt or an extended stay, these aparthotels offer the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Key Takeaways

  • Australia offers a wide range of premium accommodations, perfect for travelers seeking luxury and comfort.
  • From urban vistas to cultural hubs and extended stay conveniences, there’s something for everyone.
  • Queensland has a significant number of serviced apartments, indicating high demand.
  • The Gold Coast is a top destination with 242 serviced apartments, one of the highest in Australia.
  • Aparthotels in Australia are perfect for both short jaunts and extended stays.

Luxury Aparthotels in Sydney

When it comes to luxury aparthotels Sydney, two names stand out for their exceptional offerings: Meriton Suites World Tower and Pullman Quay Grand Sydney. Both provide distinctive experiences that combine comfort, convenience, and premium services.

Meriton Suites World Tower

The Meriton Suites World Tower is renowned for its extravagant suites that offer panoramic views of the city. From gourmet kitchens to plush bedding, every aspect has been carefully designed for ultimate comfort. Alongside these luxurious amenities, guests can enjoy an indoor pool and a fitness center, making it an ideal choice for those seeking upscale accommodations.

Pullman Quay Grand Sydney

Situated near Circular Quay, Pullman Quay Grand Sydney boasts a prestigious location with well-appointed suites. These suites include fully-equipped kitchens, laundries, ensuite, and spa baths. The indoor pool area provides a tranquil retreat, while the fitness center supports an active lifestyle. For those desiring privacy and elegance, this aparthotel is the perfect choice.

Amenities and Services

luxury aparthotels Sydney

Both Meriton Suites World Tower and Pullman Quay Grand offer premium services that ensure a memorable stay. Bespoke experiences are a hallmark, highlighting privacy, comfort, and elegance. These properties consistently strive to provide top-notch amenities, setting a high bar for luxury aparthotels Sydney.

For more information on these luxurious options, prospective guests can explore additional details and book their stay through premium services.

In comparison, Miss Baker’s Boutique Accommodation Bondi has received a review score of 9 labeled as “Superb,” based on 289 reviews2, while Adina Apartment Hotel Chippendale has achieved a review score of 9.2 also categorized as “Superb,” drawn from 959 reviews2.

Top Serviced Apartments in Melbourne

Melbourne’s serviced apartments provide an optimal blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury, making them an excellent choice for both short and long-term stays. Below, we spotlight three top-tier serviced apartments in Australia’s cultural capital.

Treasury on Collins

The Treasury on Collins, located in an iconic 1800s building, masterfully combines historic charm with modern luxury. This esteemed property offers kitchen facilities and Netflix, ensuring a homely feel. The surrounding architecture and central location provide a unique backdrop for your stay, making it one of the most sought-after serviced apartments Australia has to offer. Visitors can easily explore Melbourne’s diverse cultural offerings from this elegant base.

Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne

The Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne delivers stylish accommodations with a variety of apartments, including posh penthouses that feature a New York loft aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for short-term comfort or planning an extended stay, Adina Apartment Hotel caters to diverse needs with its sophisticated offerings and strategic location. With amenities primed for both leisure and business travelers, it’s no wonder Adina has garnered a stellar reputation in Melbourne.

Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne

United Places South Yarra

For those who prioritize intimate and ultra-modern experiences, United Places South Yarra stands out. This exclusive property offers tailored services, including butler assistance focused on delivering a personalized touch. Situated in the chic district of South Yarra, United Places emphasizes design and privacy, making it ideal for travelers seeking unique and premium serviced apartments. Surrounded by trendy boutiques and cafes, this locale promises an unforgettable stay.

According to recent reviews, Veriu Queen Victoria Market, Tyrian Serviced Apartments Fitzroy, and Lanbruk Richmond Hill all achieved superb ratings with average scores of 9 and above, while Oakwood Premier Melbourne received a fabulous rating of 8.6 across 6,387 reviews based on extensive guest feedback3.

Affordable Extended Stay Accommodations in Brisbane

Brisbane’s extended stay accommodations offer a unique blend of convenience, comfort, and affordability. Travelers seeking economical options for a Brisbane stay can rely on properties like Quest Ballarat Station and Alcyone Hotel Residences to meet their needs.

Quest Ballarat Station

Quest Ballarat Station stands out for its strategic location and exceptional amenities. Guests can enjoy access to fitness centers and transportation hubs, making their Brisbane stay both comfortable and highly convenient. The property’s emphasis on guest well-being ensures a relaxing and well-structured environment.

Alcyone Hotel Residences

Another excellent choice for extended stay accommodations is Alcyone Hotel Residences. Known for its modern units and proximity to shopping precincts, this residence offers a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality. The urban lifestyle provided by its location enhances the overall living experience, giving guests the feeling of residing like locals.

Benefits of Extended Stay in Brisbane

Choosing extended stay accommodations in Brisbane provides numerous advantages. Guests can enjoy the comfort of home-like amenities with sufficient space for living and working. For example, Oaks has over 60 Long Stay properties across Australia and New Zealand, offering spacious apartment-style accommodations, including studios, hotel rooms, apartments, and villas4. The properties often come with dedicated workspaces4 catering to guests working remotely, and larger apartments include in-room laundry facilities for added convenience4. Additionally, Oaks offers competitive rates for long stay bookings of 14+ consecutive days tailored to guests’ needs, with weekly housekeeping services included to maintain a high standard of cleanliness4.

extended stay accommodations

Luxurious Serviced Apartments in Perth

Fraser Suites Perth captivates with its opulent furnishings and panoramic views of the Swan River, offering unparalleled luxury to guests looking for fully-furnished luxury accommodations. This remarkable property provides 151 air-conditioned and serviced apartments alongside 85 studios, ensuring ample space and comfort for a variety of guest needs5. Each apartment is equipped with 40-inch LCD TVs, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and DVD players, allowing guests to enjoy a seamless blend of technology and comfort5.

luxurious apartments Perth

Guests of Fraser Suites Perth can indulge in an array of recreational facilities, including a spa, sauna, indoor heated swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, ballroom, and corporate meeting facilities5. These amenities cater meticulously to both leisure and business travelers, proving that luxurious apartments in Perth can provide an all-encompassing experience.

Moreover, Fraser Suites Perth has been recognized for its excellence and hospitality, being named the best apartment/suite accommodation hotel of the year in 2018 by the Australian Hotels Association5. In addition, the brand has received its fifth consecutive Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor5 and has been named Australasia’s leading serviced apartment property or brand at the World Travel Awards for three consecutive years5.

Review scores for serviced apartments in Perth generally range from 8.2 to 9.2, with luxurious options available at varied price points, from US$107 to US$275 per night6. High customer engagement is evident in properties like the Peninsula Riverside Serviced Apartments in South Perth, which garnered 1,324 reviews, alongside popular choices like Quest Perth Ascot and Quest Joondalup, each with over 1,000 reviews6.

Feature Details
Number of Apartments 151 Air-conditioned Apartments and 85 Studios
Entertainment 40-inch LCD TVs, State-of-the-art Entertainment Systems, DVD Players
Awards Best apartment/suite accommodation hotel of the year (2018), Australasia’s leading serviced apartment property for three years
Amenities Spa, Sauna, Indoor Heated Pool, 24-hour Fitness Center, Ballroom, Corporate Meeting Facilities
Average Review Scores 8.2 to 9.2
Price Range US$107 to US$275 per night

Highlights of Serviced Apartments on the Gold Coast

Serviced apartments on the Gold Coast combine the comforts of home with the luxuries of a hotel, making them a popular choice for travelers. Whether for a business trip or an extended holiday, these accommodations provide space, convenience, and flexibility.

Why Choose Serviced Apartments?

Choosing Gold Coast serviced apartments means opting for an experience with multiple benefits. These properties offer various room types, often including 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments and sometimes even studios. For instance, the Breeze Mooloolaba provides spacious and fully-equipped accommodations, designed to cater to travelers’ varied needs.

Statistically, these apartments have fantastic ratings. The average rating for serviced apartments on the Gold Coast ranges from 8.4 to 9.2, reflecting their quality and guest satisfaction7. Properties like Hi Surf Beachfront Resort Apartments in Surfers Paradise boast a superb rating of 9 based on 572 reviews, underlining their excellence in service and amenities8.

Top Picks on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast hosts numerous highly-rated serviced apartments. These can be ideal options for those seeking holiday rentals in Australia:

  • X Kirra Apartments, with a superb review score of 9 based on 617 reviews8.
  • LOTUS RESORT, in Surfers Paradise, marked superb with a 9.1 rating from 214 reviews8.
  • Costa D’Ora Holiday Apartments in Surfers Paradise, which has an excellent rating of 9 from 812 reviews8.
  • Narrowneck Court Holiday Apartments in Surfers Paradise, with a superb rating of 9.1 out of 384 reviews8.

Moreover, the cost can vary significantly, with the average price per night for serviced apartments on the Gold Coast ranging from $88 to $293, ensuring options for different budgets7. Whether opting for the bustling environment of Surfers Paradise or the serene locale of Mermaid Beach, the Gold Coast offers many outstanding choices for discerning travelers.

Gold Coast serviced apartments

Best Aparthotels in Australia for Corporate Travelers

For corporate travelers seeking both comfort and convenience, Australia offers some of the best aparthotels tailored to professional needs. These establishments are strategically located, providing easy access to business districts and key transportation hubs.

Corporate Apartments Melbourne

Corporate apartments in Melbourne are particularly well-suited for business travel. For instance, the Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne offers a variety of accommodations including 155 studio apartments and larger one, two, and three-bedroom units, catering to professionals who may require more space or longer stays9. Similarly, United Places South Yarra provides 12 exclusive suites near the Royal Botanical Gardens, perfect for executives looking for a blend of luxury and proximity to nature9.

corporate apartments Melbourne

Top Amenities for Business Travel

Aparthotels like the Treasury on Collins in Melbourne are designed with business travelers in mind, offering 95 rooms with a boutique heritage appeal and modern business amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi and meeting rooms for professional engagements9. High-quality business travel accommodations like these ensure corporate guests can work effectively while enjoying the comforts of home.

Another key player is the Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne, which included stylish accommodations and essential services to meet the demands of business travelers. The seamless blend of functionality and comfort makes Adina an ideal choice for those on extended business trips9. To top it all off, the prime locations of these estates make daily commutes convenient, ensuring that professionals can maximize their time efficiently.

Whether it’s the high-speed Wi-Fi, dedicated workspaces, or close proximity to major business hubs, these Aparthotel options in Australia truly cater to the modern corporate traveler’s needs, making each stay feel less like a trip and more like a seamless blend of work and relaxation.

Self-Contained Suites in Adelaide

Majestic M Suites in Adelaide stands out as a top-rated choice among self-contained suites10. With an impressive review score of 9.2 based on 1,460 reviews10, it offers a luxury experience that caters to various needs, including family rooms, facilities for disabled guests, and free Wi-Fi throughout the property. This standout in Adelaide accommodations provides an ideal option for those preferring independent living arrangements.

Majestic M Suites

In addition to Majestic M Suites, Hume Serviced Apartments also delivers a satisfying stay with a rating of 8.1 based on 1,493 reviews10. For those looking for diverse Adelaide accommodations, the Avani Adelaide Residences offer a fabulous experience with an 8.7 rating from 1,438 reviews10.

Data from Adelaide accommodations show an array of highly rated properties. Notably, Oaks Glenelg Liberty Suites received a very good score of 8.2 from 1,815 reviews, while Frome Apartments garnered a good rating of 7.9 based on 657 reviews10. These diverse options highlight the broader appeal of self-contained suites in the area.

Ideal Holiday Rentals in Canberra

Canberra, the capital city of Australia, boasts an array of prime locations for visitors. These holiday rentals Australia offer top-notch amenities and services, ensuring a memorable stay for all tourists. One of the standout properties in this region is the renowned A by Adina Canberra, which holds a review score of 9 based on 2,453 reviews and offers competitive pricing starting from US$134 per night11.

A by Adina Canberra

A by Adina Canberra is strategically located, providing easy access to prominent spots like the National Convention Centre and Canberra Centre. Visitors can enjoy a luxury stay experience while being mere moments away from key Canberra tourist attractions. This makes it an exceptionally convenient choice for travelers seeking a balanced mix of comfort and centrality while exploring holiday rentals Australia.

Top Tourist Spots Around Canberra

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of holiday rentals Australia is their proximity to various Canberra tourist attractions. Guests often highly rate the locations, ensuring that these rentals are always in high demand12. Whether it is the historical depth of the National Museum of Australia or the scenic beauty of Lake Burley Griffin, travelers have a plethora of activities and sights to explore.

Many of these rentals feature expansive amenities, including fully equipped kitchens, private terraces, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems like Netflix, reflecting an average rating between 4.87 and 4.99 out of 5 based on anywhere from 148 to 587 reviews12. Additionally, some properties offer garden views, office spaces, and even lakeside or waterfront proximity, enhancing the guest experience considerably.

The majority of these rentals are well-designed apartments, ideally suited for both business travelers and leisure visitors. Featuring BBQ grills, laptop-friendly workspaces, and self-check-in options, these holiday rentals Australia have become a significant preference among travelers visiting the region12.

Holiday Rental Review Score Number of Reviews Starting Price (US$)
A by Adina Canberra 9 2,453 $134
Meriton Suites Canberra 8.8 1,241 $113
Quest Canberra City Walk 8.6 1,872 $120
Knightsbridge Canberra 8.7 1,539 $123

Short-Term Furnished Housing in Cairns

Cairns boasts an array of top resorts and aparthotels that offer outstanding short-term furnished housing options. These accommodations cater to tourists eager to explore the vibrant local attractions and savor the feel of furnished apartments, blending convenience with comfort.

Top Resorts and Aparthotels

Among the most well-regarded properties, the 1 Bedroom Superior Sea View Apartment is highly rated, garnering 3984 excellent reviews at a rate of A$174 per night13. The Koala Court – Central Three-bedroom Apartment also stands out, costing A$189 per night and totaling A$5049 based on 929 good reviews13. For those seeking luxury near Palm Cove, the Rare! Modern Unit with Private Fenced Garden charges A$234 per night, amounting to A$1638 with 664 very good reviews13.

Elysium Apartments in Palm Cove, praised with 1242 very good reviews, charges A$290 per night, totaling A$203013. With excellent ratings and a cost of A$270 per night, the Just A Short Stroll to Beautiful Yorkeys Knob Beach apartment totals A$3780 based on 15 reviews13. The Hilltop Resort with Ocean Views in Trinity Beach, reviewed very good by 1157 guests, costs A$260 per night, summing up to A$1820013.

Local Attractions

Visitors staying in short-term furnished housing in Cairns have easy access to an array of local Cairns attractions. From the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef to the lush Daintree Rainforest, the natural beauty is unparalleled. The Cairns Esplanade offers a vibrant promenade with cafés, bars, and recreational areas. For adventure enthusiasts, diving and snorkeling opportunities abound.

The Cairns Aquarium and Kuranda Scenic Railway are must-visit spots, enhancing the appeal of staying in the city’s premium accommodations. The Southern Cross Atrium Apartments provide visitors with short-term housing solutions, receiving a score of 8.1 from 2,502 reviews14. Il Centro Apartment Hotel, with a score of 8.3 based on 279 reviews, offers an ideal stay for those exploring the city14.

Each of these Cairns accommodations delivers not only comfort but also proximity to the most exciting local Cairns attractions, ensuring that every trip to this tropical haven is memorable. The Waters Edge Apartment Cairns, for instance, achieved a review score of 9.3 from 576 reviews14, emphasizing its excellence in providing guests with a perfect blend of ease and location.

Exploring Serviced Apartments in Darwin

Darwin’s serene pace coupled with its tropical ambiance offers the ideal backdrop for leisure stays. When it comes to Darwin serviced apartments, one can expect a blend of comfort and personalized experiences. A top-rated serviced apartment in Darwin City has achieved an impressive rating of 4.97 out of 5 based on 34 reviews15. Additionally, another highly rated apartment in Larrakeyah has an average rating of 4.81 out of 5 based on 37 reviews16.

The city apartment in Darwin, averaging 4.85 out of 5 from 68 reviews15, also stands out for those interested in urban retreats. For those seeking coastal views, a Darwin City apartment with a sea view boasting an average rating of 4.63 out of 5 from 24 reviews15 is a great choice. Darwin serviced apartments offer leisure stays that combine the best of home comforts with luxury amenities, providing true urban retreats.

Fannie Bay self-contained units achieve an average rating of 4.75 out of 5 based on 71 reviews15, further emphasizing the city’s commitment to quality accommodations. Moving towards Rapid Creek, you will find apartments that are nothing short of perfection, such as one with a flawless 5.0 rating out of 10 reviews16. Another nearby apartment boasts a near-perfect average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 21 reviews16.

Darwin’s unique charm is evident in its varied accommodation offerings, providing guests with truly enchanting experiences. Ensuring restful and luxurious leisure stays, these urban retreats make Darwin a competitive choice among Australia’s notable cityscapes for serviced apartments.

Unmatched Long-Term Stay Options in Hobart

Hobart offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty, making it a sought-after location for travelers looking for long-term stay options. With a variety of affordable and comfortable Hobart accommodations, guests can easily immerse themselves in the Tasmanian lifestyle.

Comfortable and Affordable Options

One standout option for Hobart accommodations is Somerset on the Pier, which offers serviced apartments in 160 locations and provides a comfortable and affordable stay experience with amenities like air conditioning, kitchen/kitchenette, and high-speed wireless internet access17. Built in 1997 and last renovated in 2009, this property includes services such as concierge, laundry/dry cleaning, free onsite parking, and room service17.

Whether you’re planning an extended visit to explore Hobart’s charm or require reputable long-term stay options, Somerset on the Pier also ensures your safety with features like electronic key/lock systems, well-lit parking areas, smoke alarms, sprinklers, and surveillance cameras17. The nearby activities add to its appeal, with beaches, golf courses, and shopping malls all within close proximity, making your extended stay both enjoyable and convenient17.


Aparthotels in Australia seamlessly blend luxury and comfort, providing ultimate accommodations that compare to the best the hospitality industry offers globally. Suitable for various types of travelers, these aparthotels are tailored to create memorable and convenient experiences. In Sydney, the Meriton Suites World Tower and Pullman Quay Grand Sydney elevate stays with high-end amenities and unrivaled views.

In Melbourne, options like Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne present an array of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, featuring eleven stunning penthouse suites with breathtaking vistas18. Similarly, Avani Melbourne Central Residences boast comprehensive facilities, including an indoor heated swimming pool, two outdoor spas, and private theatre rooms, all within walking distance of major attractions19.

For those exploring Brisbane, Quest Ballarat Station and Alcyone Hotel Residences offer extended-stay convenience coupled with urban amenities. Perth’s Fraser Suites impress with luxury furnishings and panoramic river views, while the Breeze Mooloolaba on the Gold Coast provides flexible and comfortable options for holidaymakers.

Whether it’s the self-contained suites of Adelaide, the holiday rentals in Canberra, or the short-term furnished housing in Cairns, these aparthotels redefine the standards of Aparthotel Australia. Combining the comforts of home with the luxury of high-end services ensures every traveler, from corporate guests to families, enjoys a stay that is both luxurious and welcoming.


What is an aparthotel?

An aparthotel, also known as a serviced apartment, combines the comforts of home with the services and amenities of a hotel. These accommodations typically include fully-equipped kitchens, living spaces, and housekeeping services, making them ideal for both short-term and extended stays.

Are there luxury aparthotels in Sydney?

Yes, Sydney offers several luxury aparthotels, such as the Meriton Suites World Tower and Pullman Quay Grand Sydney. These properties provide top-notch amenities like indoor pools, fitness centers, and panoramic city views, catering to guests seeking a lavish experience.

What are some top serviced apartments in Melbourne?

Some of Melbourne's top serviced apartments include Treasury on Collins, Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne, and United Places South Yarra. These aparthotels offer a mix of historic charm, modern luxury, and tailored services to meet various traveler needs.

Are there affordable extended stay accommodations in Brisbane?

Yes, Brisbane offers budget-friendly extended stay accommodations like Quest Ballarat Station and Alcyone Hotel Residences. These properties provide essential amenities and proximity to transportation, making them ideal for extended stays.

Where can I find luxurious serviced apartments in Perth?

Fraser Suites Perth is a prime choice for luxurious serviced apartments in Perth. This property features spacious living areas, high-end entertainment systems, and impressive recreational facilities such as an indoor heated pool and gym.

Why should I choose serviced apartments on the Gold Coast?

Serviced apartments on the Gold Coast, such as the Breeze Mooloolaba, offer the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. They provide spacious living areas, convenience, and flexibility, making them ideal for extended holidays or business trips.

Are there aparthotels suitable for corporate travelers in Australia?

Yes, corporate travelers can find excellent aparthotels in cities like Melbourne. Properties like Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne offer high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and proximity to transportation hubs, making them ideal for business travel.

What self-contained suites are available in Adelaide?

Majestic M Suites in Adelaide offers self-contained, luxury accommodation with features like family rooms, facilities for disabled guests, and free Wi-Fi. The property also includes a fitness center and convenient on-site parking.

Where can I find ideal holiday rentals in Canberra?

A by Adina Canberra is an excellent choice for holiday rentals in Canberra. Located near the National Convention Centre and Canberra Centre, this property provides easy access to top tourist spots and cultural landmarks.

What are some recommended short-term furnished housing options in Cairns?

Cairns offers top resorts and aparthotels that provide furnished, short-term housing options. These accommodations are perfect for tourists looking to explore nearby attractions like the Great Barrier Reef while enjoying the comfort of a temporary home.

What serviced apartments are available in Darwin?

Darwin features several serviced apartments that serve as urban retreats. With fewer properties available than larger cities, these accommodations offer exclusivity and a personalized touch, ideal for leisure stays in a tropical climate.

What long-term stay options are available in Hobart?

Hobart offers a variety of comfortable and affordable long-term stay options. These self-contained aparthotels allow guests to fully engage with the Tasmanian lifestyle, providing a home-like experience with the benefits of hospitality services.

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