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Welcome to the enchanting city of Amsterdam, where the synergy of modern living meets rich history. For those who desire an unparalleled lodging experience, the concept of Aparthotel Amsterdam serves as the epitome of luxury and convenience. Here, guests are treated to not only the amenities and services expected from premium serviced apartments Amsterdam, but also the independence granted by self-catering options. The balance is ideal for travelers seeking an extended stay accommodation Amsterdam, as well as for busy professionals in need of corporate housing Amsterdam. Join us as we discover the top tier of aparthotel offerings that combine the comfort of home with the splendor of the city.

Key Takeaways

  • Aparthotels in Amsterdam merge the space and privacy of an apartment with hotel-like services.
  • Ideal for those on business trips or leisure seekers favoring an extended stay.
  • Key features often found include fully-equipped kitchens, separate living spaces, and convenient amenities.
  • Location-wise, these accommodations offer easy access to Amsterdam’s business sectors and cultural hotspots.
  • Travelers have varied options for self-catering apartments, tailored to both short-term and long-term visits.
  • With a plethora of choices, one can find the perfect serviced apartment to match their personal taste and requirements.

Why Choose Aparthotels Over Traditional Hotels in Amsterdam?

Benefits of Aparthotels in Amsterdam

The debate between choosing aparthotels in Amsterdam versus traditional hotels hinges upon the inherent advantages that aparthotels bring to the table. Picture the added space and privacy of an aparthotel —imagine the liberty of a living room for mid-day lounging, the convenience of a separate bedroom for tranquil slumber, and even the delight of a fully-equipped kitchen for those moments when culinary creativity strikes. This delineation between living and sleeping areas is a hallmark of serviced apartments, fostering an authentic home-away-from-home sensation—akin to the comforts offered by Premier Suites in another beloved city, Bristol1.

Moreover, benefits of aparthotels are magnified for those planning extended stays or traveling with family, granting guests the added convenience of in-suite laundry services, thus eliminating the need for frequent visits to external laundromats—a thoughtful consideration mirroring the offerings of Premier Suites in Bristol1. The privacy and autonomy that come with serviced apartments are also paramount, ensuring guests a more personalized stay, compared to the standardized experience often found within the confines of hotel walls.

The advantages of serviced apartments extend beyond mere spatial benefits; they encompass the provision for complete food freedom. Having the option to whip up a home-cooked meal in a fully-equipped kitchen not only offers nutritional control and dining variety but also aids in economizing your food budget—this is especially helpful in cities like Amsterdam where dining out can often come with a hefty price tag1.

When deliberating hotel vs aparthotel, location is a key factor. Similar to how Premier Suites Bristol Cabot Circus boasts a central location within the heart of the city1, many aparthotels in Amsterdam also offer prime locations, granting easy access to the city’s most coveted attractions, event spaces, and business sectors—vital for both the wandering tourist and the business traveler alike.

Within the current accommodation landscape, serviced apartments now contend fiercely with traditional hotels by offering superior facilities and better value for money. This makes the choice for discerning travelers clearer: selecting an aparthotel is not merely about finding a place to rest your head; it’s about investing in comfort, convenience, and a personalized experience that truly enriches your stay in Amsterdam1.

Feature Aparthotel Traditional Hotel
Space & Privacy Larger living areas, separate bedrooms Single room, limited space
Kitchen Facilities Fully equipped Mini-fridge, maybe a microwave
Laundry Services In-suite amenities External services or none
Experience Home-like, personalized Standardized, less autonomy
Location Typically central to city Varies, not always central
Value for Money Better facilities at competitive rates May be costlier for lesser amenities

Top-Rated Aparthotels for a Superb Stay in Amsterdam

Aparthotel Comfort Amsterdam

Discovering the ideal place to stay while visiting the vibrant city of Amsterdam can be as enchanting as the city itself. A key trend among discerning travelers is the rise of aparthotels, offering the fusion of home-like privacy and top-notch hotel services. Leading the pack of top-rated serviced apartments Amsterdam has to offer are Bob W Oosterpark, YAYS Amsterdam Docklands, and Wittenberg by Cove, each providing unique experiences and extraordinary comforts to make your stay unforgettable.

Bob W Oosterpark: Your Home Away From Home

Nestled in the tranquil Oost neighborhood, Bob W Oosterpark presents a serene escape with its 4-star family rooms, while still ensuring easy access to the bustling city center. This aparthotel’s thoughtful touches, like extra charging cords, enhance your stay, ensuring convenience blends seamlessly with its chic, contemporary design.

YAYS Amsterdam Docklands: Contemporary Comfort in Zeeburg

For those who seek a sleek, urban retreat, YAYS Amsterdam Docklands stands out in the Zeeburg district. Its air-conditioned rooms and remarkable staff service have made it one of the top-rated serviced apartments Amsterdam guests consistently praise, guaranteeing a stay that is as cool as it is comfortable.

Wittenberg by Cove: Historical Charm in the City Center

Imbued with historic allure, Wittenberg by Cove holds its own as a remarkable presence in Amsterdam’s city center. Housed within a beautifully preserved building, it provides modern amenities without sacrificing its old-world charm, giving you the quintessential Amsterdam experience complemented by unparalleled staff attention and service.

Apartment rentals in Amsterdam have reached stellar heights in guest satisfaction, with an average rating of 4.92 out of 52. When considering top-rated aparthotels like Zoku, Dutch Masters, and YAYS Salt House Canal, each boasting a rating of 9 by Telegraph experts3, it’s clear that the aparthotel trend isn’t just growing – it’s thriving.

The most common amenities sought out in these apartments include kitchens, free parking on premises, and air conditioning2. These features underscore the importance of comfort and convenience in the modern traveler’s checklist.

Aparthotel Telegraph Expert Rating Average Nightly Rate (CAD) Key Amenities
Zoku Amsterdam 9 $259 Kitchen, Air conditioning
YAYS Salt House Canal 9 $259 Kitchen, Free parking
Dutch Masters 9 $259 Kitchen, Free parking, Air conditioning

While Amsterdam provides a collection of aparthotels that suit any preference, it’s the attention to guest needs and the inclusion of desired amenities that truly make aparthotels such as Bob W Oosterpark, YAYS Amsterdam Docklands, and Wittenberg by Cove stand out in a city famed for its hospitality. Whether it’s the liberty of cooking your own meals or the ease of parking your car without hassle, these top-rated options ensure that your Amsterdam adventures are as stress-free as they are memorable.

Exploring the Charm of Amsterdam’s City Center Aparthotels

Amsterdam City Center Aparthotels

Amsterdam’s historical heart is synonymous with an intricate network of canals lined by architectural marvels, where the allure of Amsterdam City Center aparthotels offers an unrivaled chance to indulge in the city’s essence. To accommodate the growing number of visitors fascinated by these treasures, local authorities have embarked on innovative measures, including the piloting of office space conversions into housing and enforcing a reduction in energy usage for existing hotels4. Stricter regulations on short-term rental platforms ensure sustainable tourism, keeping quaint neighborhoods blissfully authentic4.

Seeking an intimate connection to Amsterdam’s vibrant soul? Look no further than the best serviced apartments in Amsterdam City Center. With the historic center allocating stalls for low-income residents4, visitors can truly experience the local lifestyle. Meanwhile, for those concerned with sustainability, it’s heartening to know that these urban retreats are playing their part in Amsterdam’s plan to reduce the number of hotel rooms by 20% in the coming decade4.

Yet, Amsterdam’s charm isn’t compromised. Iconic spots like Hotel Krasnapolsky have made room for quaint, sprawling aparthotels as they close due to new regulations4. Despite this, and even a new hotel tax4, the popularity of top aparthotels in city center Amsterdam surges, as evidenced by the 25% increase in Airbnb listings since the previous year4. It’s clear that whether it’s the stricter curfews for hotels or hefty fines for non-compliance4, nothing dims the desirability of an authentic Amsterdam stay.

The best part? Connectivity has only improved, with travel times slicing by up to 30 minutes thanks to public transport overhauls4. This seamless merger of preservation and progression means that staying in a city center aparthotel is more than just a place to rest—it’s a gateway to the living history and future of Amsterdam.

Aparthotel Amsterdam: A Fusion of Luxury and Practicality

Canal House Suites at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

When the allure of Amsterdam’s lustrous canals converge with top-tier accommodation, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Luxury aparthotels in Amsterdam, like the distinguished Canal House Suites at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam and the historic NH Collection Barbizon Palace Apartments, exemplify the epitome of lavish living garnished with a touch of pragmatism. Guests are invited to luxuriate in the sumptuous comfort offered by these top serviced apartments in Amsterdam while absorbing the timeless elegance of the city’s storied past.

Canal House Suites at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam: Elegance by the Canal

Nestled on one of the city’s most ancient canals, the Canal House Suites are an integral component of the Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, where guests can be ensconced in an ambiance of bygone grandeur intertwined with contemporary luxuries. With an exquisite blend of modern amenities and classic Dutch aesthetics, these suites are synonymous with refined grandiosity inherent to luxury aparthotels in Amsterdam.

NH Collection Barbizon Palace Apartments: Where History Meets Modern Day

Situated along one of Amsterdam’s foundational streets, the esteemed NH Collection Barbizon Palace Apartments present a spectrum of stylish accommodations that dovetail the storied past of the NH Barbizon Palace Hotel with the sleekness of modern design. Here, those seeking an extraordinary stay can immerse themselves in an architecturally rich abode that fuses historical splendor with present-day elegance, bridging the gap between the two epochs gracefully.

To further enrich your search for unparalleled accommodation, the Bunk Hotel Amsterdam boasts a fabulous hotel rating of 8.6 and 140 rooms, encapsulating the essence of a 3-star establishment with flair5. Similarly, the Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam, with its 8.7 rating, provides an abundance of 506 rooms and the opulent touch of a 5-star hotel5. For those who favor contemporary design and a superb rating of 9, the nhow Amsterdam Rai, featuring a staggering 886 rooms, is a testament to Amsterdam’s vibrant hospitality scene5. Each of these Amsterdam jewels contributes to the city’s reputation for hosting top serviced apartments that count among the most coveted in Europe.

Extended Stay Accommodations: Best Options for Long Term Rentals in Amsterdam


Finding the right extended stay accommodation in Amsterdam can be a seamless affair, especially with the top long term rentals Amsterdam has to offer. Catering to the needs of corporate housing Amsterdam and leisure travelers alike, certain properties stand out for their quality and attention to detail. For instance, the extended stay accommodation Amsterdam market includes the exclusive top 3% holiday homes, such as those found at PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam and Cityden BoLo District, ensuring quality for guests with their meticulous, multi-stage vetting process6. These accommodations come with fully furnished, well-equipped kitchens, linens, and bathroom toiletries—designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible6.

Moreover, accommodations like PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam encompass the selection of the 15 most perfect homes in the collection, providing convenience and comfort for both business and leisure needs6. On the other hand, Cityden BoLo District offers stylish and spacious apartments, establishing itself as a leader among top long term rentals in Amsterdam. Guests looking for a pet-friendly stay or a place with a swimming pool will find that these themes are popular and available at selected properties6.

PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam: Ideal for Business and Leisure

For those whose itinerary hinges upon proximity to transport hubs and business districts, PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam sits conveniently near Amsterdam Zuid station. It’s not just the location that makes it an attractive choice; the property also features homes with unique characteristics that align with popular themes for accommodations in the Weesperbuurt en Plantage area in Amsterdam-Centrum, making it a favored corporate housing Amsterdam option6.

Cityden BoLo District: Stylish, Spacious and Centrally Located

Cityden BoLo District, nestled in the vibrant Bos en Lommer neighborhood, exudes a distinctive charm. This property is centrally located and its spacious apartments reflect the perfect union of style and substance. Availability can be checked for upcoming weekends and one-week trips in the current and next month, providing flexibility for planning ahead. If guests wish to explore similar destinations like Texel, Schagen, and Bergen, they will find a limited number of homes available with equally high standards6.

Additionally, guests opting for these premium accommodations enjoy expert assistance from The Plum Guide for planning the perfect stay, making them some of the most sought-after extended stay accommodation Amsterdam offers to discerning travelers6.

Catering to Your Needs: Best Serviced Apartments with Exceptional Amenities

serviced apartments exceptional amenities

When it comes to finding the best serviced apartments Amsterdam has to offer, travelers look not only for comfort but also for those exceptional amenities that make a stay truly memorable. The city’s top accommodations in this category have understood the evolving needs of their clientele, particularly in light of the changes brought on by recent global events. For instance, more than half of serviced apartment operators have innovatively adapted their offering to better suit post-pandemic preferences, ensuring at least 75% of their portfolio continued to welcome guests even during stringent lockdowns7.

These leading serviced apartments pride themselves on offering not just a place to stay, but a lifestyle-enhancing experience. With a gross operating profit margin typically ranging between 45-65%7, these establishments manage to invest in aparthotels with great amenities that go beyond the standard. From on-site fitness centers for health-conscious travelers to gourmet restaurants offering fine dining within the comfort of your temporary home, these amenities serve to enrich the overall guest experience.

In adapting to shifting market demands, 80% of serviced apartment operators have experienced changes in their market segmentation, reflecting a broader and more diverse clientele7. This has led to over 50% of operators infusing unique modifications into their product offerings7, responding to the call for hyper-personalized services and amenities. This could involve anything from bespoke concierge services to curated local experiences that resonate with the adventurous spirit of modern travelers.

The resilience of the serviced apartments exceptional amenities sector is further exemplified by the fact that a significant number of these properties were able to break even during the challenging Q2 and Q3 of 20207. This is a testament to the robustness of their business models and their capacity to cater to the needs of guests even under the most trying conditions.

When selecting the best serviced apartments Amsterdam boasts, one can expect to find properties that offer much more than just a temporary residence. These are places where luxury, convenience, and personalized attention to detail are standard, ensuring each guest’s stay is not only comfortable but truly unparalleled.


The landscape of aparthotels in Amsterdam has significantly evolved, providing travelers with an exceptional array of accommodations that blend the intimacy of a home with the meticulous services of a hotel. With an average rating of 9 out of 108, visitors can expect top-notch experiences, confirming the appeal of these tailored spaces amidst the buzz of the city. The inventive transformation of bridge control huts into compelling hotel suites in 20128 colorfully illustrates the city’s innovative spirit and commitment to unique hospitality experiences.

For those planning their travel budgets, the aparthotel options cater to a range of financial plans, with the price for bridge houses in low season beginning at a reasonable €160 (£141)8 and scaling up to €240 (£212)8 for high season stays. Moreover, these establishments uphold a standard of exclusivity and maturity, welcoming guests who meet the minimum age requirement of 21 years old8. This ensures a serene and refined atmosphere for all who seek a tranquil getaway or a lively city break.

In essence, the summary of the best serviced apartments in Amsterdam showcases the city’s diverse appeal – from historic charm in the city center to leading-edge design in reimagined spaces. Whether visiting for leisure or extended stays, the aparthotels of Amsterdam are equipped to offer a memorable and comfortable visit, giving each traveler a distinctive blend of luxury, practicality, and the essence of Dutch hospitality.


Why should I choose an aparthotel over a traditional hotel in Amsterdam?

Aparthotels offer the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. They provide the privacy and space of a home with the amenities and services of a hotel. With separate living areas, kitchens, and sometimes multiple bedrooms, aparthotels offer more flexibility and comfort compared to traditional hotels. They also often have on-site laundry facilities, allowing for a convenient stay, especially for extended stays. The ability to cook and prepare meals in your own kitchen can save both time and money. Overall, aparthotels provide a unique home-like experience in Amsterdam.

What are some top-rated aparthotels in Amsterdam?

Some of the best aparthotels in Amsterdam for your stay in 2024 include:
- Bob W Oosterpark, located in the Oost neighborhood, offering 4-star accommodation with family rooms. - YAYS Amsterdam Docklands in the Zeeburg district, featuring air-conditioned rooms and a great location. - Wittenberg by Cove in the Amsterdam City Center, housed in a historic building and offering modern accommodation.

What are some aparthotels in Amsterdam's city center?

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the charm and culture of Amsterdam's city center, consider staying at one of these aparthotels:
- Canal House Suites at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, situated on one of Amsterdam's oldest canals, offering elegant suites with top-notch amenities. - NH Collection Barbizon Palace Apartments, located in one of Amsterdam's oldest streets, providing a blend of history and modernity with unique and stylish accommodations. - PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam, an ideal choice for extended stays, with spacious, self-contained studio rooms conveniently near Amsterdam Zuid station. - Cityden BoLo District, situated in the Bos en Lommer neighborhood, providing stylish and spacious apartments in a central location.

Which aparthotels in Amsterdam offer exceptional amenities?

Some aparthotels in Amsterdam go the extra mile to offer exceptional amenities for their guests. These include:
- Bob W Oosterpark, which provides extra charging cords in the rooms and offers a convenient location just outside the city center. - YAYS Amsterdam Docklands, where guests appreciate the helpful staff and the overall quality of the accommodation. - Wittenberg by Cove, known for the efforts of the staff and the easy accessibility to the city's attractions.

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