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As the landscape of travel evolves, the fusion of homely amenities with the indulgences of hotel services continues to draw globetrotters to apartment hotels in the UK. Embracing a rise in demand for comfort and luxury, UK’s top aparthotels offer bespoke experiences for those seeking extended stay accommodations. Reflecting on the successful models like Residence Inn and Extended Stay Hotels, which have marked their presence with hundreds of properties across continents1, the UK extends its tradition of excellence with the introduction of top-tier apart-hotels in England.

The allure of luxury serviced residences combined with the warm familiarity of boutique apart-hotels satisfies a spectrum of needs, from the corporate traveler to the extended holidaymaker. UK’s aparthotel chains resonate with tailored elegance and practicality, establishing a reputation that rivals international standards. Reflective of Roomzzz’s pioneering step in 2006 as the first national aparthotel chain in the UK1, today’s finest establishments prioritize the delicate balance of privacy with the convenience of attentive service.

Key Takeaways

  • Aparthotel UK stays combine the best of home comforts with the luxe of hotel amenities.
  • The trend of serviced apartments UK caters to those preferring longer, more embedded travel experiences.
  • Extended stay accommodations are gaining momentum, inspired by success stories in North America and beyond1.
  • Boutique apart-hotels offer unique, personalized lodging options.
  • Luxury serviced residences ensure upscale living for the discerning traveler.
  • Apart-hotels in England are setting a standard that competes on a global scale.
  • Top aparthotels UK are redefining stay with a stellar example set by early adopters like Roomzzz1.

Discovering the Charm of Aparthotel UK Living

Aparthotel Living Comforts

Embracing the evolving needs of modern travelers, the concept of Aparthotel UK has risen to prominence, offering an enticing blend of home comforts and hotel luxuries. This hybrid accommodation model has become a trendy choice for those seeking a temporary residence that feels both familiar and indulgent.

The Allure of Combining Home Comforts with Hotel Luxuries

Imagine the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchen paired with the pampering experience of daily housekeeping. Aparthotels are redefining the hospitality landscape by providing spacious living areas where guests can cook, relax, and entertain, just like at home. The addition of hotel luxuries, such as on-site fitness centers, concierge services, and high-quality linens, enhances the overall experience, striking the perfect balance for comfort-seeking travelers.

Why Aparthotels Are the Trendy Choice for Modern Travelers

Aparthotel UK establishments cater to the nuanced preferences of those who travel frequently, whether for business, pleasure, or a combination of both. Modern travelers are drawn to the autonomy and flexibility offered by aparthotels, enabling them to create a personalized routine while away from home.

In the heart of Brighton, guests can discover The Charm, an aparthotel that not only provides rooms starting from £80.00 but also touts an award-winning recognition for safety with the WTTC Safe Travels award in 20212. With the convenience of nearby attractions like the historic Volk’s Electric Railway just 0.1 miles away, and Brighton Zip, only a 0.13-mile trip, visitors have effortless access to both culture and adventure2.

The accommodation’s location reveals more than its proximity to attractions; it’s a hub for exploring with Beryl BTN Bikes only 0.2 miles away, offering an eco-friendly means to see the sights2. For those interested in the vibrant nightlife, establishments such as Club Revenge and the Verdict Jazz/Blues Club are within a short distance, promising evenings filled with entertainment2.

  • Loyalty programs affiliated with sister hotels ensure guests receive exclusive rates and benefits, making every stay more rewarding2.
  • Accessibility to local landmarks, like SEA LIFE Brighton and Yellowave Beach Sports Venue, speaks to the diverse range of nearby activities available to guests2.
  • Accommodations like The Charm present the ultimate allure, blending modern traveler needs with the quintessential allure of Brighton’s coastal charm2.

As travelers continue to prioritize personalization and quality in their accommodation choices, Aparthotel UK remains at the forefront of the industry, promising a stay that is as comfortable as it is luxurious.

Experience Ultimate Comfort: Top Rated Aparthotels in Major UK Cities

Serviced Apartments UK

Travelers searching for the apex of lodging in major UK cities will find respite in a curated selection of top rated aparthotels. These accommodations provide a seamless blend of amenities, convenience, and luxury, creating an unmatched guest experience in the hearts of bustling urban centers. In London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, serviced apartments offer unique features that cater to discerning tastes and preferences.

Serviced Elegance in London: Wilde Aparthotels and More

In the cosmopolitan realm of London aparthotels, travelers are treated to grandeur and sophistication. Broadwick Soho stands out as a dual-award winner, capturing both the prestigious London Hotel of the Year and City Hotel of the Year titles3. Offering an immersive London experience with its chic décor and attentive service, Broadwick Soho exemplifies the very essence of serviced apartments UK style living.

Manchester’s Finest: CitySuites Two and Wilde Aparthotels St. Peters

Heading north to Manchester, the Manchester aparthotels scene presents bespoke options that satisfy both business and leisure needs. Although not listed in this year’s accolades, establishments like CitySuites Two and Wilde Aparthotels St. Peters provide guests with a high-end home base, incorporating modern amenities with top-notch hospitality, perfectly reflecting the innovative spirit of the city.

Luxury Stays in Edinburgh at Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity

Edinburgh, with its rich history and picturesque landscapes, hosts some of the finest Edinburgh aparthotels. Guests can indulge in the luxury provided by establishments like Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity, nestled in this Scottish gem. While this city’s aparthotels did not clinch an award this year, according to recent rankings, they continue to rise in excellence, offering tourists and business travelers alike a comfortable yet luxurious home away from home.

Whether it’s the award-winning elegance discovered in London’s Broadwick Soho3 or the unmatched services in Manchester and Edinburgh’s prime accommodations, these top rated aparthotels assure an exceptional stay across major UK cities.

Exquisite Aparthotel Choices for Every Type of Traveler

Aparthotel choices

Understanding the diverse needs of visitors, the hospitality sector has evolved to offer aparthotel choices for every type of traveler. Whether seeking the leisure of the Mediterranean or the vibrant pulse of major cities, there’s an aparthotel out there for you.

Family-Focused Aparthotels: Families venturing abroad will find solace in destinations like Hotel Aigua Blava, which is renowned for its classy atmosphere and family-friendly focus, beautifully positioned over Begur’s tranquil bay4. The Mediterranean continues to charm with its array of countries such as Greece, Italy, and Croatia, all offering top-tier accommodations that prioritize family needs4. For those desiring an all-encompassing experience, Ikos Resorts stands out as the best all-inclusive hotel brand, where family amenities and services are in abundance4.

Variety Across Budgets: Business travelers, solo explorers, and romantic getaways are catered to as well, with options spanning from the lush Palazzo Scanderbeg in Rome to the more modestly priced Aparthotel Stare Miasto in Kraków5. For extended stays, aparthotels like AKA Beverly Hills exemplify luxury living, complete with personalized services starting from $452 per night with a seven-night minimum5. Meanwhile, Zoku Amsterdam, and Gorki Apartments in Berlin balance affordability with modern loft amenities at approximately $148 and $128 per night, respectfully5.

Here’s a detailed look at aparthotel choices that resonate with varied tastes and pocket sizes:

Location Type of Traveler Aparthotel Price/Night (from) Key Amenities
Begur, Spain Family Hotel Aigua Blava Family-friendly, Scenic Views
Rome, Italy Luxury Palazzo Scanderbeg $620 Suites with Kitchens
Kraków, Poland Budget Aparthotel Stare Miasto $68 Central Location
Beverly Hills, USA Extended Stay AKA Beverly Hills $452 Luxury Apartments
Amsterdam, Netherlands Solo/ Business Zoku Amsterdam $148 Loft Space, Networking Events

For a stay that’s as unique as your travel itinerary, these aparthotel choices ensure that every type of traveler finds their ideal home away from home. Comfort, convenience, and tailored experiences define today’s aparthotel offerings, bridging the gap between the traditional hotel stay and a more personalized lodging experience.

Exploring Aparthotel Chains in the UK: Consistency in Excellence

Staycity Aparthotels

The landscape of UK accommodations has witnessed a significant pivot towards the unique blend of comfort and convenience offered by aparthotel chains. Establishing themselves as pillars of the hospitality industry, these entities not only survived but thrived through recent challenges, showcasing an inspiring resilience and an unwavering commitment to quality.6

Amongst these esteemed chains, Wilde Aparthotels stand as a beacon of sophistication, carving out a niche for those who appreciate a seamless fusion of artistic design and home-like amenities. With locations spread across key UK cities, Wilde Aparthotels have become synonymous with an unrivaled standard that speaks directly to the discerning traveler.

Wilde Aparthotels: A Synonym for Sophistication Across the UK

The celebrated rise of Wilde Aparthotels can be traced to their meticulous attention to the guest experience. Every Wilde establishment echoes a distinct aura of elegance while promising the “consistency in excellence” sought by guests, whether they are seeking an extended stay or a brief but memorable encounter with luxury.

Wilde Aparthotels’ commitment to providing top-tier service has not gone unnoticed in the hospitality sector, fortifying their position as a leader among aparthotel chains UK-wide. Their continued growth resonates with the ethos of the prestigious Serviced Apartment Awards, honoring those who have made exceptional contributions to the industry.6

The Expansive Reach of Staycity Aparthotels

A counterpart in the realm of aparthotel chains, Staycity Aparthotels, has established an extensive presence that transcends regional borders, reinforcing the brand’s resonance across the UK. As a provider of comfortable and convenient accommodations, Staycity consistently delivers on the promise of “home away from home,” bolstered by heartfelt service and an understanding of each traveler’s unique needs. This reputation has placed Staycity Aparthotels as a formidable name within the UK’s aparthotel offerings.

It’s this unceasing dedication to quality and guest experience that aligns Staycity Aparthotels with the high standards set forth by industry experts from elite organizations such as Google and PwC, who participated in the judging process of the industry’s esteemed awards. This recognition by such professionals corroborates the brand’s significance and influence within the aparthotel sector.6

As we consider the broader impact of aparthotel chains in the UK, we recognize the crucial role they play not only in shaping guest experiences but also in their ability to address specific market demands, as seen with innovative software solutions like those developed by Zeevou. It’s clear that the aparthotel sector is much more than a mere offering of comfort and convenience; it’s a dynamic and evolving landscape where sophistication and practicality intertwine, setting the stage for the continued evolution of hospitality.6


The evolution of the serviced apartment sector in Europe, and particularly in the UK, underscores a transformative trend in the travel and hospitality industry. With its continued momentum over the last year, this sector reflects a robust demand for extended stay accommodations that offer the comforts of home paired with the refined services of a hotel7. In the heart of this progression, the UK’s market growth is remarkable, as exemplified by Quest Apartment Hotels’ ambition to increase its presence and by OYO Hotels & Homes which has significantly expanded its room count in a relatively short span of time7.

Marriott, with its Homes & Villas platform, and Adagio with its growth strategy, are prime examples of how established brands are innovating and adapting to cater to the nuanced needs of modern travelers7. These well-known entities are not just offering places to stay but are creating experiences, as seen in the unique ‘sleep-centric’ rooms by Cuckooz and the select-service model by Ascott’s Citadines Connect, specifically targeting the traveling business class7. Such approaches underscore the market’s dedication to catering to diverse consumer preferences and carving out niches within the broader hospitality landscape.

The burgeoning development pipeline shows no signs of slowing, with a projected addition of tens of thousands of new units across Europe by 2022, underlining a bright future for the sector7. It’s a testament to the growing recognition of serviced apartments not only as a niche offering but as a core component of the wider hotel industry and real estate investment portfolios. We look forward to seeing how these dynamic serviced apartment offerings will continue to reshape the landscape of accommodation options in the UK and beyond.


What are the best aparthotels in the UK for 2024?

The best aparthotels in the UK for 2024 include Wilde Aparthotels, CitySuites Two, and Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity.

What are the advantages of staying at an aparthotel in the UK?

Staying at an aparthotel in the UK offers the perfect combination of home-like comforts and hotel luxuries. Guests can enjoy spacious accommodations with fully-equipped kitchens, allowing them to cook their own meals. Aparthotels also provide amenities and services that cater to the needs of modern travelers seeking comfort and style.

What are some top-rated aparthotels in major UK cities?

In London, you can find elegant serviced apartments such as Wilde Aparthotels. Manchester offers excellent options like CitySuites Two and Wilde Aparthotels St. Peters. In Edinburgh, Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity provides luxury stays.

Do aparthotels in the UK cater to different types of travelers?

Yes, aparthotels in the UK cater to various types of travelers, including business travelers, families on vacation, and solo explorers. There are budget-friendly options as well as luxurious suites available to suit different preferences and needs.

Which aparthotel chains are popular in the UK?

Wilde Aparthotels and Staycity Aparthotels are popular aparthotel chains in the UK. Wilde Aparthotels are known for their sophistication and elegance across multiple locations, while Staycity Aparthotels offer consistent excellence in service and accommodations.

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