Wilde Aparthotels Manchester

Wilde Aparthotels Manchester
Wilde Aparthotels Manchester
Wilde Aparthotels Manchester

Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 03:52 pm

Welcome to Wilde Aparthotels Manchester. Here, you’ll find luxury accommodations in the heart of a bustling city. Perfect for both work trips and vacations, our central location and stylish rooms are unbeatable. Get ready for a top-notch stay at Wilde Aparthotels Manchester.

Wilde Aparthotels Manchester is your choice for sophistication and comfort. Our new hotel has 256 rooms, from studios to one-bedroom apartments. Each space is finely detailed, with timber floors and unique artwork. Enjoy 43-inch smart TVs, top brand appliances, and premium mattresses. We support local artists and businesses, making your stay special.

The hotel’s location is second to none. Close to major transportation, you can easily reach the airport or explore other cities. You’re also near great dining spots and Europe’s largest Chinatown.

Don’t miss exploring the local scene. Visit the Manchester Art Gallery or unwind at the beautiful Piccadilly Gardens. For shopping, head to the nearby Arndale Centre.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wilde Aparthotels Manchester offers luxury accommodations in a prime central location, making it the perfect choice for a city getaway.
  • Our stylish suites feature superior interior finishes and modern amenities for a comfortable stay.
  • The aparthotel is ideally located near transportation hubs and surrounded by bars, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Each apartment showcases the work of talented independent businesses, artists, and crafters.
  • Don’t miss the nearby Manchester Art Gallery, Piccadilly Gardens, and the Arndale Shopping Centre.

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Location and Amenities

Wilde Aparthotels is right in the middle of Manchester, a lively city. It’s perfect for both work and play. You can easily visit spots like Manchester Art Gallery and Arndale Shopping Centre1.

Our hotel welcomes you with a stylish lobby. We have 256 rooms, including studios and one-bedroom apartments. They’re great for any traveler1.

Our place is all about making your stay easy and fun. Start your mornings with a tasty breakfast. Pick from many choices at our breakfast station. Our gym is top-notch, too. It lets you keep up your exercise1.

“The hotel’s central location makes it easy for guests to explore the city’s top attractions and landmarks.”
Manchester Travel Guide

Key Features:

  • Centrally located, providing easy access to Manchester’s attractions
  • 256 rooms with design-led studio and one-bedroom apartments
  • A bar offering a variety of drinks and refreshments
  • Breakfast station serving delicious breakfast options
  • Exercise room for staying active during your stay

We’re super close to the St. Peter’s Square tram and Oxford Road train station. They’re just steps away. It’s easy to get anywhere from here. This makes Wilde Aparthotels a great spot for travelers. It’s perfect for working or discovering the joys of Manchester1.

Plus, we support local talent. Our rooms have special artwork and products from Irish makers. It gives your stay a unique, local touch1.

Choose Wilde Aparthotels for a fantastic Manchester trip. Experience great service and modern comforts. Book now for a great city break.

Modern Amenities

Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

At Wilde Aparthotels Manchester St. Peters Square, cleanliness and guest happiness come first. Our cleaning services aim to make every guest’s stay enjoyable and cozy.

For stays shorter than 6 nights, rooms aren’t cleaned regularly. But, if you want, you can ask for a cleaning service at an extra charge.

If you stay 7 nights or more, we clean your room on the fourth day and every 7 days after. This makes sure your room is always fresh and in order.

We also provide rubbish collection so you don’t have to worry. Just put a sign on your door, and we’ll remove your trash quickly.

Even though towels aren’t changed daily, we’re here to help. Need a fresh set of towels? Just ask, and our team will provide you with new ones.

Our team is dedicated to keeping everything clean and safe. We follow strict cleaning protocols daily to provide a hygienic environment.

To make your stay more comfortable, we offer laundry services for an extra cost.

Cleaning Service

Whether you’re here for a short or long stay, we promise a clean and cozy environment. Trust our cleaning service at Wilde Aparthotels Manchester St. Peters Square for a great experience.


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Exploring Manchester

Manchester is the world’s first3industrial city. It’s a place full of history and culture. You’ll find lots to do, from landmarks to live music to football.

4Piccadilly Gardens is a favorite spot. It’s in the city center. Here, you can enjoy the city’s energy, see amazing buildings, and relax in the green spaces.

4Chinatown is a must-see. It’s vibrant and full of Chinese culture. You’ll love the colorful decorations, the food, and the lively festivals.

The city’s3canals are also famous. They’re perfect for a walk or a boat ride. It’s a peaceful break from the city, where you can enjoy the views and the calm.


What sets Wilde Aparthotels Manchester apart from other accommodations?

Wilde Aparthotels Manchester stands out by offering luxury suites in a top spot. It’s ideal for those looking for a sophisticated place to stay.

Where is Wilde Aparthotels Manchester located?

It’s right in the center. This makes it easy for guests to dive into Manchester’s offerings.

What amenities are available at Wilde Aparthotels Manchester?

You’ll find a variety of features for a cozy stay. [insert specific amenities if available].

What is the cleaning schedule at Wilde Aparthotels Manchester?

For less than 6 nights, rooms won’t be cleaned regularly. But, you can ask for cleaning for a charge. For 7 nights or more, rooms get cleaned on day 4 and then every week. You can also put out trash by signaling the staff.

Are towels changed daily at Wilde Aparthotels Manchester?

Towels aren’t switched daily, but we’re here to help. If you need a fresh set, just ask our team.

What can guests explore in Manchester?

Manchester, the first of its kind, blends tradition with a drive for the future. It’s known for landmarks, vibrant music spots, and a love for football.You can soak up the energy in Piccadilly Gardens. Don’t miss out on Chinatown and the scenic canals for an authentic touch of the city.

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