Terralta Apartments Aparthotel

Terralta Apartments Aparthotel
Terralta Apartments Aparthotel

Last Updated on: 4th June 2024, 07:46 pm

Terralta Apartments is a luxurious aparthotel in the Terralta community. It offers top-notch living in a great location. Its modern amenities and top-notch service make it a great place for a fantastic holiday.

Key Takeaways:

  • Terralta Apartments offers upscale living in the Terralta community, known for its exclusivity and prime location.
  • The aparthotel features modern amenities and exceptional property management and tenant services.
  • Guests can enjoy various facilities, including an indoor pool, covered car park, supermarket, restaurant/bar, and laundry service.
  • Review data from1 shows that the staff is highly rated at 9.1, and the facilities received a score of 8.6.
  • With a maximum occupancy of 4 to 6 people per room, Terralta Apartments caters to families and groups.

Facilities and Services at Terralta Apartments

At Terralta Apartments, you’ll find many amenities to make your stay better. There’s an 2indoor pool for a quick swim anytime. For guests with cars, there’s a 2covered car park that’s safe and handy.

You can also shop at the 2supermarket on the grounds. It’s perfect for picking up daily needs. The 2restaurant and 2bar offer tasty dishes and beverages. There’s even a 2laundry service to keep your clothes fresh during your visit.

indoor pool

Facilities and Services at Terralta Apartments

Facilities Services
Indoor and outdoor swimming pools Currency exchange
Fitness room Meeting room (additional charge)
Bar Wi-Fi in public areas
Children’s pool
Children’s playground
Kids’ club
Sunbathing area

Guest Reviews and Amenities at Terralta Apartments

Guests at Terralta Apartments highly praise the professional staff and cleanliness. They love the wide range of facilities too. The three swimming pools, including an indoor one, are perfect for a swim. A fitness center is there for those who want to keep active.

Families will find the children’s playground a great spot for fun. There’s also a terrace to relax and enjoy the view. In all, Terralta Apartments offers a wonderful stay with luxury amenities.1


What are the key features of Terralta Apartments?

Terralta Apartments is a luxurious place. It’s in an exclusive neighborhood. It gives upscale living with new amenities.It also has great property management and services for tenants.

What facilities are available at Terralta Apartments?

Terralta Apartments has many facilities. There’s an indoor pool and a covered car park. Guests can also find a supermarket, restaurant/bar, and laundry service here.

Are there any guest reviews for Terralta Apartments?

Yes, guests have written good things about Terralta Apartments. They praised the staff and how clean everything is. They loved the many facilities the place offers.

How many swimming pools does Terralta Apartments have?

Terralta Apartments has three pools. This includes an indoor pool. Guests have plenty of chances to go for a swim.

Is there a fitness center at Terralta Apartments?

Yes, there’s a fitness center. Guests who like to keep active will enjoy it here.

Does Terralta Apartments have amenities for children?

Yes, it has a children’s playground. This is a great source of fun for the kids.

Is there a terrace for guests to relax at Terralta Apartments?

Yes, there’s a terrace. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the view and unwind at Terralta Apartments.

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