Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel

Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel
Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel
Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel

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The Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel is a top-notch property by the beach in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. It’s close to the Europa shopping center. Also, it’s not far from beautiful Amadores and Puerto Rico’s beaches. So, you get fantastic views and a handy spot to stay.

Its apartments are newly made over and look great. They have big living areas, kitchens with all you need, and balconies. The balconies offer awesome views of Puerto Rico. Guests love the two heated pools, a pool for kids, and food from a restaurant. Plus, there’s entertainment like shows and a pub.

When you want a fancy and unforgettable trip in Gran Canaria, choose Colina Mar Apartments. It has everything you need for a great stay.

  • Colina Mar Apartments offers luxurious beachfront rentals in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.
  • The apartments are newly renovated and feature spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and stunning views of Puerto Rico.
  • Guests can enjoy two heated swimming pools, including a children’s pool, for relaxation and recreation.
  • The on-site restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean and international cuisine.
  • A variety of entertainment options, including shows and a disco pub, ensure that guests have a fun-filled stay.

Key Takeaways:
– Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel offers luxurious beachfront rentals in the upper part of Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.
– The newly renovated apartments feature spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and balconies with panoramic views of Puerto Rico.
– Guests can enjoy amenities such as heated swimming pools, a children’s pool, a restaurant, and various entertainment options.
– Colina Mar Apartments is conveniently located near popular shopping centers and beautiful beaches.
– With its upscale accommodations and prime beachfront location, Colina Mar Apartments provides the ideal setting for a luxurious and memorable vacation.


Location and Facilities

The Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel is in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. It stands out as a top luxury rental by the beach. Placed in the beautiful south of the island, its hilltop location offers stunning views of Puerto Rico and the ocean.

The resort is just a short walk away from Gran Canaria’s sandy beaches. It is also about 51km from the airport, making it easy to access for those wanting a beach stay.

This property strives to make every guest’s stay special. It has a main buffet restaurant for diverse dishes and an à la carte restaurant for fine dining. Guests can also enjoy the snack bar and three bars for relaxing and socializing.

There’s fun evening entertainment to enjoy. You can also relax in the TV lounge or use the free Wi-Fi in the reception. This lets you share your holiday joys with friends and family.

The apartments are spacious and cozy. They have private bathrooms, kitchenettes, TVs, and hire safes. Each unit also has a balcony or terrace to enjoy the beautiful views.

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Facilities Overview

Facilities Highlights
Main Buffet Restaurant Indulge in a wide range of culinary delights
À la Carte Restaurant Enjoy exquisite gourmet dishes in an intimate setting
Snack Bar Satisfy cravings with light bites and refreshing drinks
Three Bars Unwind and socialize with a variety of drink options
Evening Entertainment Program Experience captivating shows and delightful music
TV Lounge Kick back and relax with your favorite TV programs
Free Wi-Fi Stay connected in the reception area
Spacious Apartments Comfortable accommodation with private bathrooms, kitchenettes, TVs, and hire safes
Balconies or Terraces Enjoy panoramic views and a breath of fresh air


Statistical data extracted from link 1: The Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel has a sprawling 184-unit complex with a labyrinthine layout and mesmerizing sea views. The resort offers two swimming pools with bars and a friendly staff. However, it’s important to note that the rooms lack air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Built in 1988, the property underwent renovations in 2012, preserving its charm while meeting modern expectations2.

Activities and Attractions

Your stay at Colina Mar Apartments will be full of fun. You can find a lot to do and see in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. The place is by the ocean and offers a lot for fun and chill.

If shopping makes you happy, the Europa shopping center is close by. You can shop, eat, and feel the good vibes while walking around.

Love the beach? You’re at the right place. The pretty beaches of Amadores and Puerto Rico aren’t far. Here, you can sunbathe, swim, or enjoy watersports like jet skiing and paddleboarding.

Feeling adventurous? There’s plenty to do. You can take a catamaran cruise to see the coast. Or, go hiking to explore the beautiful island. Exploring nearby towns is also a great way to know the local culture and history.

The hotel’s staff is here to help with any plans you have. They’ll give you tips on the best places to visit. They want to make sure your trip to Gran Canaria is amazing.

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Experience the Best of Gran Canaria

Missing out on Puerto Rico and its area would be a shame. With great beachfront rentals and so much to see and do, Colina Mar Apartments is your dream vacation spot.

Whatever you fancy – relaxing or seeking thrills – you’ll be happy here. Reserve your place by the ocean and get ready for an amazing Gran Canaria experience.



Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel stands out with its luxury beachfront rentals in Gran Canaria. It’s perfect for those wanting high-end stays. These apartments offer stunning views and a great oceanfront experience. They’re located near Europa shopping center and close to Amadores and Puerto Rico beaches, making them very attractive.

There are a lot of things to do at Colina Mar for families and couples. You can sit by the two heated pools or eat at the restaurant. The restaurant serves great food from the Mediterranean and beyond. Plus, there are shows and a disco pub for evenings full of fun.

Staying at Colina Mar means enjoying exclusive beach rentals and top-class apartments in Gran Canaria. You can relax at the pool, check out the area, or lay on the great beaches. This place is perfect for a memorable time. Book now and treat yourself to luxury and relaxation by the ocean.


What is the location of Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel?

Colina Mar Apartments Aparthotel is in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria. It’s in the south part of the island.

How far is the hotel from the nearest beach?

The hotel is just 800 meters from the beach.

What facilities does the property offer?

The property has a main buffet restaurant and an à la carte restaurant. There’s also a snack bar and three bars for drinks. On top of that, guests can enjoy an evening entertainment program. They can relax in the TV lounge. Free Wi-Fi is available in the reception area.

What amenities are available in the apartments?

The apartments are spacious and comfy. They have private bathrooms and kitchenettes. There are TVs, hire safes, and balconies or terraces too.

What activities and attractions are nearby?

The hotel is near the Europa shopping center. It’s also close to lovely beaches like Amadores and Puerto Rico. These beaches are great for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. There are also catamaran cruises, hiking trails, and visits to nearby towns. These are fun local excursions available.

Can I get assistance with booking excursions?

Yes, at the reception, the staff is happy to help. They can inform you about local attractions. Plus, they can help you book excursions.

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