Elba Castillo San Jorge & antigua Suite Hotel in Antigua

Elba Castillo San Jorge & antigua Suite Hotel in Antigua
Elba Castillo San Jorge & antigua Suite Hotel in Antigua

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Are you searching for a top Caribbean resort for your next all-inclusive trip? The Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel in Antigua is your answer. It’s located in Caleta de Fuste, known for its beauty. The hotel has various places to stay, all of which have amazing ocean views.

This hotel is packed with great things to do. It has pools, parking, massages, and games like billiards and table tennis. For kids, there’s a spot just for them. No matter what you like, you’ll have a blast here.1

The rooms at the Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel are made to make you feel at home. They have everything needed for a great stay including comfy beds and modern bathrooms. Plus, there’s TV, WiFi, and kitchens in some. You’ll find all you need here.

One thing you’ll love here is the pools. There’s a special one just for kids. And, there’s a heated pool for cooler days. A swim is always an option at this hotel.1

Getting around is easy thanks to the free bus that takes you to a nearby shopping center. It runs every day and lets you see more of the area. With this service, exploring and shopping is simple.1

There’s a lot to do in Caleta de Fuste. You can visit Oasis Park Fuerteventura or check out the museums. There are also crafts, sports like golf and biking, and plenty of water fun. It’s a place filled with excitement.1

Key Takeaways:

  • Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel offers a range of accommodations, including double rooms, studios, and apartments.
  • The hotel is equipped with amenities such as swimming pools, parking, massage services, and a mini club.
  • Accommodations come with fully equipped bathrooms, television, WiFi, fridges, and even fully equipped kitchens in the studios and flats.
  • The hotel has separate swimming pools for adults and children, with one heated pool for swimming during the winter months.
  • Caleta de Fuste offers a wide range of recreational activities, including visits to Oasis Park Fuerteventura and various museums, as well as opportunities for sports and water activities.

Amenities and Services at Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel

Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel has many things that make your stay great. It is right on the beautiful Galley Bay beach. You can enjoy sunny days or have fun with water sports easily.

The hotel is great for families. Kids can join the fun at the mini club and watch shows. This lets parents relax knowing their children are happy.

For those who love water sports, this hotel is perfect. Try kitesurfing, surfing, or snorkeling. They have gear and experts to keep you safe.

If you want to relax, the outdoor pool is perfect. Swim and look out at the sea. It’s a peaceful place to be.

This hotel offers even more to its guests. You get free internet and they welcome everyone, including those in wheelchairs. Any questions or needs are handled quickly with 24-hour help.

Reference: The hotel offers beachfront accommodations, a mini club and entertainment shows for children, and a wide range of water sports activities like kitesurfing, surfing, and snorkeling. Guests can also relax by the outdoor pool and enjoy complimentary internet access. The hotel offers wheelchair accessibility and a 24-hour front desk service.2

Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel has a bar, a spa, and a play area for kids. You can have fun at the bar or relax in the spa. Kids have their own spot to enjoy.

They also offer many services. You can park for free and get a rental car. Laundry, money exchange, and a gift shop are there too. This makes your stay easy and enjoyable.

For more adventure, the hotel has an attraction shuttle. It takes you to see the nearby attractions easily. This is great for exploring Caleta de Fuste and more.

Reference: On-site facilities at Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel include a bar/lounge, jacuzzi/spa, and children’s play area. Services provided include free parking, car rental, laundry service, currency exchange, a gift shop, and an attraction shuttle service.2

Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel is a top choice in the area. It’s perfect for a luxury beach getaway. Nearby, you can also check out other great places like Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach.

If history and culture interest you, there are museums close by. Places like Casa Museo Unamuno Fuerteventura and Castillo de San Jose Museum are waiting to be explored.

Reference: Comparable hotels in the area include Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort, Elba Lucía Sport & Suite Hotel, Lancelot, and Hotel Siroco – Adults Only. Different nearby museums include Casa Museo Unamuno Fuerteventura, Eco Museo de Alcogida, and Castillo de San Jose Museum.2

Discover Caleta de Fuste and its Surroundings

Caleta de Fuste is home to Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel. It’s a great starting point to explore the beauty of Fuerteventura3. The area offers easy access to top spots like Oasis Park Fuerteventura, the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Centre, and the Archeological and Ethnographic Museum of Betancuria3. It’s also perfect for those who love sports. You can enjoy tennis, golf, hiking, kitesurfing, and snorkeling3.

Oasis Park Fuerteventura is a must-see for nature lovers. This reserve is full of unique plants and animals. It offers fun and learning experiences for everyone. There are camel rides and bird shows to enjoy3.

If history and culture interest you, do visit “Los Molinos” Interpretation Centre and the Archeological and Ethnographic Museum of Betancuria. You’ll dive deep into the island’s heritage. Enjoy fascinating exhibits and learn about Fuerteventura’s past and people3.

Looking for an active vacation? Caleta de Fuste is perfect with its variety of sports. Whether it’s golf, tennis, or hiking, there’s something for everyone3. It’s also a dream for water lovers. Try kitesurfing, snorkeling, or just enjoy the beach3.

Exploring the sea is easy from Caleta de Fuste. Make sure to visit the Marina of Puerto del Rosario for water adventures like fishing. Enjoy the stunning views of the ocean3.

Caleta de Fuste has it all – beautiful nature, deep history, and thrilling activities. Guests at Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel can fully enjoy this magical place from their beachfront rooms3.

Attractions Distance from Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel
Oasis Park Fuerteventura Approximately 15 km
“Los Molinos” Interpretation Centre Approximately 10 km
Archeological and Ethnographic Museum of Betancuria Approximately 18 km

nautical activities


Want a perfect place to relax or have a romantic time? Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel in Antigua is ideal. It’s on the beach, has stuff for the family, and lots of water sports. You’ll have a fantastic time in the Caribbean. This hotel in Caleta de Fuste is close to fun things to do. You can have a quiet time or try something new here.

Looking for a deal that’s good for the whole family? For about £2700, a family of 5 can stay and fly here from Edinburgh for a week4. Their sea view apartments fit up to 6 people, which is great for big families4. Some might miss air conditioning, but it’s cool in October4. People love the food, especially those with teens4. You’ll also enjoy two pools and fun all day and night. Plus, you’re close to jet skiing and paddle boarding4.

Is saving money important? This hotel has a great price, averaging $123 a night, cheaper than most 3-star hotels in Antigua5. It’s just 3.7 miles from the airport, a quick 7-minute drive5. Find rates from $70, with Fridays often the cheapest at $775. It gets a 7.7 from 1,847 guests, so you can trust it for a good stay5. Plus, you get free Wi-Fi5.

Traveling with different group sizes? They have rooms, apartments, and studios, meeting everyone’s needs6. All come with a TV, fridge, and safe. Most rooms have a beautiful view6. The All-Inclusive package provides food and drinks from morning until night6. Kids 4 to 12 can enjoy special care, and there are fun activities for everyone6.


What types of accommodations does Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel offer?

You can choose from double rooms, studios, and apartments. Each has a beautiful view of the sea.

What amenities and services does the hotel provide?

The hotel has swimming pools, parking, and a massage service. It also offers billiards and more.

Is the hotel family-friendly?

Yes, the hotel welcomes families. It offers a mini club and fun shows for kids.

Are there water sports activities available at the hotel?

There are plenty of water activities. Enjoy kitesurfing, surfing, and snorkeling.

What attractions are nearby Caleta de Fuste?

Nearby, you can explore places like Oasis Park Fuerteventura. Visit the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Centre and the Museum in Betancuria.

What sports activities are available in the area?

You can play tennis, golf, hike, and enjoy water sports. This includes kitesurfing and snorkeling.

What nautical activities are available at the Marina of Puerto del Rosario?

The Marina gives you many options for enjoying the water. Have fun with various nautical activities.

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