Sol Lanzarote | Luxury Hotel in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Sol Lanzarote | Luxury Hotel in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 03:55 pm

Sol Lanzarote stands as a top luxury hotel in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. It’s right on the beach in Matagorda, making it a dream spot for a peaceful beach break. Guests love it for its beauty and the perfect Spanish setting.

It’s part of the celebrated Melia Hotels International family. This means it’s well-known for its comforts, especially for families. They make sure guests can easily get to the heart of the resort with its many shops, restaurants, bars, and fun places. And, being close to Lanzarote Airport, travel here is a breeze.1

It offers everything visitors could want for a carefree stay with all meals and drinks covered. You can eat at the buffet, sip on cocktails at the lobby, or enjoy snacks by the pool. So, there’s food and drink for everyone’s taste.

For those looking to unwind, the hotel is ready. There are pools to swim in, a gym to keep fit, and a spa for some serious pampering. Kids have their own special pool and club, too. This makes it a fantastic spot for families.

But, the best part is that it’s all done with the planet in mind. Sol Lanzarote takes big steps to protect the environment. They’ve earned top marks for their eco-friendly work. Plus, they care about the local community and cutting down on waste.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sol Lanzarote is a top-notch spot in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, for an amazing beach holiday.1
  • The hotel is part of the Melia Hotels International chain and is great for families.1
  • They have all-inclusive options and lots of different places to eat.1
  • There’s plenty to do here, from swimming to working out or just relaxing at the spa.1
  • Sol Lanzarote is all about being kind to the earth and the community it’s in.2

Accommodation and Amenities at Sol Lanzarote Hotel

Sol Lanzarote Hotel has many types of rooms for different travelers. They want everyone to feel at home.

They offer 121 guest rooms and 222 suites. These rooms are large, cozy, and made for your comfort. Each has a private bath, AC, and a big TV. You also get a phone and a place outside to enjoy the view3.

“The suites at Sol Lanzarote Hotel provide an extra level of comfort and convenience, with a separate lounge area featuring a sofa bed and a fully-equipped kitchen,” says John, a satisfied guest3.

The hotel made 5 rooms specially for guests with mobility needs. This way, everyone can have a great time3.

They also give you all-inclusive options. This means you can eat without extra costs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are included3.

There are three pools for swimming and relaxing. And the gardens are perfect for a quiet walk. They offer peace and beautiful views3.

To stay fit, there’s a gym with all you need. They also let guests go to the beach. You can enjoy the sea and sports there3.

“The amenities at Sol Lanzarote Hotel cater to both adults and children, making it an ideal choice for family travel,” says Sarah, a delighted guest3.

They have a pool bar for drinks and snacks. Plus, there are fun activities and shows for everyone. This means lots of fun for you3.

You get free Wi-Fi and parking. Also, you can rent bikes. There’s a playground, evening fun, and a place for kids to play. The restaurant and bar offer yummy food and drinks. You can do your laundry and get help anytime3.

The hotel cares about your health too. You can work out at the fitness center. They also have massages and beauty treatments. It’s all about feeling good3.

The hotel team speaks many languages. They can help in Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. This makes all guests feel welcome and understood3.

Dining and Entertainment at Sol Lanzarote Hotel

Sol Lanzarote Hotel is known for its great food and drink choices. They offer meals and drinks at a buffet-style restaurant, a cozy lobby bar, and a fun poolside snack bar.

The buffet area is a food lover’s paradise. They have three special dinners every week. You can try Spanish food, global dishes, and much more. Families love the Flintstones space. Kids get to eat and hang out with famous cartoon characters here.

If you want something more laid-back, the lobby bar or pool snack bar is perfect. You can grab light meals or snacks there. It’s ideal for a quick meal or a drink by the pool.


Dining and Entertainment at Sol Lanzarote Hotel
The buffet-style restaurant offers three themed dinners per week
Dedicated Flintstones area for families
Lobby bar and poolside snack bar for lighter meals and snacks

Sol Lanzarote Hotel suits everyone’s dining wishes. You can enjoy big dinners, light snacks, or cool drinks. They mix foods from all over with tasty Spanish dishes. It’s a meal experience that all guests love.


Sol Lanzarote is a top choice for those who love luxury on their travels to Lanzarote, Canary Islands. This hotel sits right on the beach, welcoming families and offering plenty to do. Guests can enjoy the island’s beautiful volcanic scenes, try water sports, or relax by the water.

With all-inclusive deals, Sol Lanzarote makes sure your stay is stress-free. You’ll have great meals and drinks all the time. Plus, there are many different places to eat and drink. Guests love the green efforts at the hotel, which helps the environment.

Sol Lanzarote gets a lot of love from its visitors. It has a fantastic 8.1 score, all from real guests4. There are lots of room options for your needs. And best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy luxury here. March is a great time to go, with rates starting at just $634. Even at other times, you can find good deals. Sol Lanzarote’s prices can drop to $1714. Want to save more? Try checking in on a Saturday for a $2254 rate.


Is Sol Lanzarote a luxury hotel?

Yes, Sol Lanzarote offers luxury. It’s in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

What amenities does Sol Lanzarote offer?

The hotel features outdoor pools and a gym. It also has a beauty center and a kids’ pool.

Does Sol Lanzarote have all-inclusive packages?

Yes. Sol Lanzarote has all-inclusive options for guests. This includes meals and drinks.

Is Sol Lanzarote a family-friendly hotel?

Indeed, Sol Lanzarote is family-friendly. It includes a fun kids’ club with a Stone Age theme.

Is Sol Lanzarote located on the beach?

Yes. Sol Lanzarote sits on Matagorda’s beachfront. This means beautiful ocean views for guests.

How far is Sol Lanzarote from Lanzarote airport?

It’s very close to Lanzarote airport. This makes travel to and from the hotel easy.

Does Sol Lanzarote focus on sustainable tourism?

Sol Lanzarote is big on sustainable tourism. It supports eco-friendly projects. This helps preserve nature.

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