Barcelo Corralejo Sands Aparthotel

Barcelo Corralejo Sands Aparthotel

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Barcelo Corralejo Sands is a luxurious aparthotel in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. It’s known for its spacious rooms and suites, great for families, couples, or friends. The hotel is just 300 meters from the beach. It’s also surrounded by shops and places for fun. Plus, it’s near Dunas de Corralejo National Park, famous for its white sand beaches and clear waters. This makes Barcelo Corralejo Sands a top pick for your Fuerteventura holiday.1

Key Takeaways:

  • Barcelo Corralejo Sands is a luxurious aparthotel in the heart of Corralejo, Fuerteventura.
  • The hotel has spacious rooms and suites that are perfect for different groups.
  • It is only 300 meters from the beach, allowing easy access to the Dunas de Corralejo National Park.
  • Guests can enjoy two pools and a spa with many treatments at the hotel.
  • Choosing Barcelo Corralejo Sands means you’re set for a great time in Fuerteventura.

Accommodations and Facilities

Barcelo Corralejo Sands guarantees a lavish and serene stay. It offers modern rooms and top-notch amenities.

There are 156 stylish rooms and suites, spacious enough for relaxation. Essential comforts such as air conditioning and flat-screen TVs are included. Each room has a private bathroom with luxury toiletries for your stay.

Enjoy a variety of dishes at the hotel’s two restaurants. The buffet eatery caters to many tastes. The poolside spot is ideal for light meals and drinks in a sunny setting.

Looking to unwind? The spa and wellness center beckons, offering massages and facials. There are also indoor pools and special showers for complete relaxation.

A fitness center is ready for those who wish to keep active, fitted with the latest gear. Outdoors, find swimming pools, a sun terrace, and activities for children. This ensures everyone enjoys their time.

Guests have valued their stay at Barcelo Corralejo Sands, praising its offerings. Its dedication to quality service and a great experience shines through, earning high marks for cleanliness and comfort1.

With unmatched amenities, Barcelo Corralejo Sands stands out in Corralejo. It promises a luxury getaway for those with refined tastes2.

Facilities Rating
Air Conditioning 9.0
Free WiFi 8.0
Swimming Pools (2) 9.0
Spa and Wellness Center 9.0
Fitness Center 9.0
Children’s Mini Club 9.0
Buffet Breakfast 9.0
Outdoor Pool and Sun Terrace 9.0

Accessibility and Location

In Spain, the Barcelo Corralejo Sands stands out for its easy access and special services for guests with mobility challenges. It ensures everyone has a comfy and inclusive stay.3

For those needing special room features, it’s best to contact the hotel directly. You can ask for rooms with grab rails and showers that are easy to use. They will make sure you have what you need if rooms are available.4

The hotel is right in the heart of Corralejo. This means it’s easy to get to the beach and the lively city center. Guests love being close to the shops and fun things to do. It’s perfect whether you want to relax on the sandy beach or go shopping.4

Nature lovers will adore the Dunas de Corralejo National Park only 3 kilometers away. It’s filled with over 17 kilometers of white sands and clear waters. You can enjoy the sun, swim, or explore the breathtaking dunes. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting.4

Visit Fuerteventura and stay at the Barcelo Corralejo Sands for a memorable time. Enjoy the easy access and central location. Book now for an amazing vacation in Spain.4

Accessibility and Location
Features Reference
Accessibility Services for Reduced Mobility 3
Direct Booking for Adapted Rooms 4
Convenient Location in Corralejo 4
Easy Access to Beach and City Center 4
Proximity to Dunas de Corralejo National Park 4


Barcelo Corralejo Sands stands out as a top aparthotel in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. It boasts comfy, spacious rooms, great amenities, and a spot-on location. All this makes it ideal for an outstanding stay in Spain. It’s perfect for families, couples, or groups of friends looking for a lavish and peaceful getaway.

There are 241 rooms to pick from, all enjoying an impressive 4.1-star rating5. The three pools are perfect for both relaxing and having fun. Plus, there’s a gym with lots of equipment and daily fitness classes like yoga and pilates5.

You won’t get bored with the nightly shows and the two eateries, one of which is a buffet. Everything is included in the all-inclusive package, so worrying about meals is unnecessary5. Still, if you want to explore, the hotel’s central location makes it easy to visit local attractions, beaches, and the stunning Dunas de Corralejo National Park5.

To have an amazing time in Fuerteventura, check into Barcelo Corralejo Sands. It mixes luxury with convenience, making sure your every need is met. Come and see the wonders of Corralejo while you make unforgettable memories at this fabulous aparthotel5.


How many rooms and suites does Barcelo Corralejo Sands have?

Barcelo Corralejo Sands has 156 modern rooms and suites. They are spacious and comfy for guests.

What amenities are provided in the rooms?

Each room at Barcelo Corralejo Sands has air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. You’ll find a private bathroom with free toiletries as well.

What dining options are available at the hotel?

The hotel offers a buffet restaurant and a poolside place for snacks. There’s something for everyone’s taste.

What facilities does the spa and wellness center offer?

The spa has a range of treatments. You can enjoy an indoor pool, Turkish baths, and sensation showers.

Are there any fitness facilities at the hotel?

Yes, guests have access to a fitness center for their workout needs.

Are there swimming pools at the hotel?

Indeed, the hotel features two outdoor pools and a pool just for children.

Is the hotel suitable for guests with reduced mobility?

Barcelo Corralejo Sands caters to guests with reduced mobility. They offer special services and facilities. But, remember to book adapted rooms directly with the hotel, and they depend on availability.

What is the hotel’s location like?

The hotel sits in Corralejo’s heart. It’s close to the beautiful beach, shops, and fun spots.

How far is the Dunas de Corralejo National Park from the hotel?

The park is just 3 km away. It’s known for its 17 km of untouched white sand and clear water beaches.

Is Barcelo Corralejo Sands a top-rated hotel in Corralejo?

Yes, the hotel is well-loved and top-ranked in Corralejo. It’s praised for its luxurious resort experience.

How can I book a stay at Barcelo Corralejo Sands?

Booking at Barcelo Corralejo Sands is easy. You can go to the hotel’s website or use online travel sites.

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