Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel

Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel
Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel

Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 03:48 pm

Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel sits by the Costa del Sol’s heart, offering stunning sea views. It’s just 300 meters from the beach, making it an ideal spot for those who love Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

Its rooms are spacious and well set up, aiming to make your stay comfy. There are two pools, sports courts, and playgrounds, perfect for family vacations.

The hotel is near Sohail Castle and a new riverside park, giving it a top-notch location. This means easy access to nearby shopping and fun spots, adding to your stay’s joy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel offers luxury beachfront accommodations in Costa del Sol with panoramic sea views.
  • The hotel provides spacious and well-appointed rooms, two swimming pools, sports courts, and children’s playgrounds.
  • Located near Sohail Castle and the riverside park, guests have easy access to shopping and entertainment centers in the area.


Facilities and Services

Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel has lots to offer. It ensures the comfort and fun of all guests, young and old. This luxury hotel near Malaga is the perfect spot for a great Spanish getaway.

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens spanning over 7,000 square meters. This space is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. You can take a nice walk among the plants or relax in a sunny corner.

There are two pools for guests to enjoy. The adult pool is quiet for relaxation, while the children’s pool is all about fun. Together, they cover a big area of 550 square meters, giving everyone enough space.

For sports lovers, there’s a multi-sports court. It’s perfect for games like tennis, volleyball, basketball, and football. This court is a great source of fun for the whole family.

The dining options at Fuengirola are top-notch too. The on-site restaurant serves tasty dishes made with fresh local ingredients. There are also two bars with a wide drink selection. Just remember, the bars’ hours change with the seasons.

Families with kids will love the playground. It’s a place for children to play and meet other kids. There’s also a big indoor area for kids when the weather’s not nice.

The apartments are spacious and come with everything you need. They have a kitchenette, perfect for making your own meals. The living rooms have sofa-beds, which are great for families or groups.

From the balcony or terrace of your apartment, you can see the pool, the sea, or a castle. The apartments also have TVs with many channels. They’re perfect for relaxing after a busy day.

At Fuengirola, guest comfort is key. They change the sheets and towels three times a week. The entire property also has free WiFi, so you can always stay connected.

You can check in from 2 pm onwards and must check out by 12 noon. The hotel also offers luggage storage and is accessible for people with disabilities. They make sure all guests have a smooth and enjoyable stay.

family-friendly resort

Statistics at a Glance:

Staff: 9.0 2
Facilities: 8.7 2
Cleanliness: 8.6 2
Comfort: 8.6 2
Value for Money: 8.6 2
Location: 8.9 2
Free WiFi: 8.2 2

Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel is outstanding. Its first-class facilities and amenities stand out. The resort’s large gardens and beautiful views set a stunning scene.

The hotel offers fully equipped apartments. This means guests can enjoy the freedom to cook or choose from the delicious dining options. It’s all about what you prefer.

Family is a big focus here. The hotel has lots for families, from pools and sports to a fun playground. Everyone can have a great time.

Guests can also easily check out what’s nearby, like shopping centers and the beach. The amazing guest reviews and high ratings show this hotel truly cares about its visitors.2


Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel is the best place to be on the Costa del Sol. It sits right on the beach, letting guests soak up the sun and scenery. The rooms are plush, and there’s plenty for families to do, like swim, play sports, or have fun at the playground.

It’s not far from Sohail Castle and the park by the river, which are perfect for outings. Close by are Fuengirola’s lively spots for shopping and fun. This hotel is great for those wanting a beach escape, a family trip, or a posh stay near Malaga.

The numbers34 back up Fuengirola’s appeal with warm summers and mild year-round temps. It’s sunny most of the time, making it a hit with visitors from England. The hotel scores high in every category, showing they really look after their guests.


What is the location of Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel?

Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel is right in the heart of Costa del Sol. It provides beachfront accommodations. These places offer wide views of the sea.

What amenities does Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel provide?

The hotel has large, well-furnished rooms. There are two swimming pools and sport courts. Plus, there’s a playground for kids and more.

What is the prime location near Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel?

The hotel is near Sohail Castle and a new park by the river. It’s also close to fun shopping and entertainment spots.

What is the type of accommodation available at Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel?

Here, you’ll find roomy apartments with everything you need. They have full kitchens, living areas, and big balconies or terraces.

What are the dining options at Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel?

There are two bars. One is by the pool, and the other is in the central area. The central bar has fun activities and shows.

Is Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel family-friendly?

Yes, it’s perfect for families. There are pools, courts, and playgrounds for kids to enjoy.

Does Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel offer easy access to the beach?

Right. It’s a short walk from the hotel to the beach, and close to great shopping and entertainment.

Is Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel a luxury hotel?

For sure, it’s a top-tier hotel with many services. You’ll find everything you need here for a great vacation.

Is Fuengirola Beach Aparthotel near Malaga?

Yes, it’s near Malaga. This makes it a great option for those wanting a luxury stay in the area.

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