Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel

Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel
Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel

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In Sa Coma (Mallorca), you’ll find the Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel, perfect for family-friendly vacations1. They offer comfortable rooms and apartments with everything you need. Each place comes with a full bathroom, TV, phone, Wi-Fi, and more. You’ll also get a balcony or terrace with a nice view1.

If you’re looking for fun, they have a water park and lots of activities for all1. You can join in on yoga, volleyball, pilates, and watch shows. There’s a special spot for kids, and a free shuttle to Sa Coma beach every day. Tennis fans will love it here too1.

Need anything? The hotel has laundry, provides baby cots, and has a playground. You’ll find other services like a 24-hour reception, bike rental, and more. Want to know more or book a stay? Call them at +34 971 940 106 or email at [email protected]1.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel offers comfortable rooms and apartments for family-friendly vacations in Sa Coma, Mallorca.
  • The accommodations feature fully equipped en-suite bathrooms, television, telephone, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, safe, and cots.
  • All rooms come with a balcony or terrace with views of the pool, garden, or street.
  • The hotel provides a water park, activities, and shows for entertainment.
  • The hotel offers a miniclub for children and a free daily shuttle service to Sa Coma beach.
  • Sports enthusiasts can enjoy activities like tennis.
  • The hotel provides various services, including laundry, baby cots, playground, 24h reception, bicycle rental, sports courts, solarium, medical service, car rental, Wi-Fi, firefighting services, bar, and garden.

Location and Contact Information

In Sa Coma, a scenic spot on Mallorca, you’ll find Globales Bouganvilla. It’s the perfect place for a tropical break that feels like the Caribbean. This resort is very close to the beautiful Sa Coma beach. Its address is Calle Margaritas, 21, making it easy to find and perfect for getting around.

For questions or to book a stay, call Globales Bouganvilla at +34 971 940 106. Their helpful team is at the front desk 24/7. If you prefer typing, you can also send an email to [email protected]. They want to make your booking smooth and easy.

Discover Sa Coma’s beauty and enjoy a Caribbean vibe at Globales Bouganvilla. The resort is perfect for a mix of fun and relaxation. It’s great for everyone, including families.

Accommodation Options and Amenities

Globales Bouganvilla has different rooms to fit everyone’s needs. You might like a snug studio, a big one-bedroom spot, or a roomy two-bedroom place. Each choice is comfy and handy while you’re on vacation.

Every room is sunny and full of colors, making you feel at home. You get a private balcony with each place to feel the gentle wind and see the sights. Free Wi-Fi means you can keep in touch and show off your trip to loved ones.

Studios come with A/C for cool days and nights. Watch TV from around the world in your own room. If you’ve got valuables, you can rent a safe for extra peace of mind.

Apartments add more to your trip. You get a kitchen with everything you need to cook. This means you can eat in whenever you want, saving time and money.

For fun and relaxation, the resort has five pools, one of Mallorca’s biggest. Swim, sunbathe, or just chill with a drink. Grab a meal at the buffet, pasta place, or snack bar.

In the evening, the poolside bar offers live shows for all to enjoy. It’s a fun way to spend your nights.

There are also useful services at Globales Bouganvilla. Stock up at the mini-market, do laundry, or change money. Need a car to see more of Mallorca? The rental service is ready to help.

And don’t forget the free parking. It’s easy to explore the island with your own wheels.

Globales Bouganvilla is a great pick for a sunny vacation. With comfy rooms, lively surroundings, and plenty of extras, it’s perfect. Don’t wait to plan your ideal trip!

Accommodation Options Amenities
Studios Private balcony
Free Wi-Fi
Air conditioning
Satellite TV
Option to add a safe for an additional fee
One-bedroom Apartments Private balcony
Free Wi-Fi
Fully equipped kitchen
Satellite TV
Option to add a safe for an additional fee
Two-bedroom Apartments Private balcony
Free Wi-Fi
Fully equipped kitchen
Satellite TV
Option to add a safe for an additional fee

Leisure Facilities and Services

  • Five outdoor swimming pools, including one of Mallorca’s largest pools
  • Buffet restaurant
  • Pasta and pizza restaurant
  • Snack bar
  • Poolside bar with live shows
  • Mini-market
  • Self-service laundry facilities
  • Currency exchange
  • Car rental service
  • Free public parking nearby

Globales Bouganvilla

For more info, reach out to Globales Bouganvilla at +34 971 940 106 or email [email protected]. You can also stop by Calle Margaritas, 21. Book your trip now for an amazing tropical escape!


In short, the Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel in Sa Coma, Mallorca, has all you need for a great holiday. It’s perfect for families, those looking for a tropical adventure, or a beautiful Caribbean beach spot. The water park, activities, sports, and beach shuttle make sure everyone has a blast. Families love it here, given the special touches just for them.2The place also offers many food choices, a mini-market, and a place to wash your clothes. Plus, it’s priced as low as £96 a night2. That makes it a top choice for those mindful of their budget.

If you’re looking for other good deals, check out more Globales places like Cook’s Club Calviá Beach or Globales Don Pedro. They have something for every budget3. Globales Bouganvilla is part of a big family of hotels. They all offer something special, like Splash hotels with water parks, Feel hotels for family fun, Class hotels for luxury, and Urban hotels in city centers3.

Not just in Sa Coma, Globales has places all over, including Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and more. This lets you see many new places while staying with a brand you trust3.

The Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel is a great place for a holiday and looks after the planet. They use things like rice husks to help the soil and avoid harmful chemicals. But, some worry about losing the biodiverse Tawi Biodiversity Park4.

This park is special, with many different plants and animals. It helps meet important goals for sustainable living4.

So, when you plan your next trip, think about staying at Globales Bouganvilla. It’s a cozy spot that cares about the Earth. They offer all you need for a dream vacation, no matter the type.


What types of accommodations does Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel offer?

You can pick from studios, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments at Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel.

What amenities are included in the accommodations?

The rooms have all you need, like televisions and Wi-Fi. You’ll find a full kitchen in each. Plus, they all have balconies showing lovely views.For the kitchen, a refrigerator and cooking tools are included. And an electric kettle is there too.

What leisure facilities are available at Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel?

Enjoy a water park and a sports court. Plus, there’s a mini club and animation for the kids.

Does the resort offer any dining options?

Yes, dining is not a problem here. They have a buffet and an Italian spot for pasta and pizza. Don’t forget about the bar and snack options.

Is there a shuttle service to the beach?

Yes, a shuttle goes to Sa Coma beach every day and it’s free.

What other services and facilities are available at Globales Bouganvilla Aparthotel?

You’ll also find laundry, a playground, and baby cots. Plus, there’s a 24-hour reception and medical services if you need them.For fun, there are sports courts and bike rentals. And, Wi-Fi is available throughout the area. Relax in the garden or solarium. And grab a drink at the bar.

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