Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa Aparthotel

Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa Aparthotel
Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa Aparthotel
Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa Aparthotel

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Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa is a top pick for families in Mallorca, Spain. It’s right by the beach in Port de Pollença, making it a great spot for a wonderful holiday1.

Visitors have two pools to choose from, one inside and the other out. This means there’s always a spot to cool off or have fun. For kids, there’s the Splash! area with its slides and water features, making sure the whole family has a blast1. Besides, there’s a spa for those who want to relax and look their best. The hotel’s gardens, full of olive trees, offer a quiet place to relax and connect with nature1.

Foodies will love the buffet and show cooking at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa. There’s also a snack bar for quick bites any time. Entertainment is covered with a big theater, ensuring there’s always something fun to do. For big gatherings or special events, the hotel has two large event spaces1.

Reviewers sing praises of this hotel for its cleanliness, great food, and helpful staff1. All-inclusive options make it easy for guests to enjoy everything without worries1.

Located in Port de Pollença, this hotel lets you experience the charm of a quiet fishing village. It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches, green pine trees, and swaying palm trees1. In the nearby town, you’ll find lots of shops, bars, and restaurants to explore during your stay1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa is a family-friendly beachfront hotel and all-inclusive resort located in Port de Pollença, Mallorca
  • The resort features two swimming pools, including one indoor and one outdoor, as well as a Splash! zone for children
  • The complete spa offers beauty treatments, while the buffet restaurant with show cooking provides delicious meals
  • Guest reviews consistently rate the hotel as fabulous, praising its cleanliness, quality of food, and attentive staff
  • The location of Port de Pollença offers beautiful beaches, pine and palm trees, and a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants

Accommodations at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa

Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa has many family-friendly accommodations. They offer 168 suites in lovely, quiet settings. This makes your stay comfortable and serene.

Each suite at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa is perfect for families. They feature a separate bedroom for privacy. You’ll also find an extra bed or sofa bed. This is ideal for more guests.

The suites also have a private bathroom. It makes your stay more relaxing. You’ll be refreshed after exploring the area.

There are many amenities to enjoy. Each suite has satellite TV and air conditioning. This makes your stay very comfortable.

Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi resort-wide. This keeps you connected with loved ones.

Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa’s rooms have a modern look. They are bright and inviting. The design feels both sophisticated and cozy.

Guests love the spaciousness and comfort at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa. They really stand out, with many praising the separate bedroom and stylish design.1

With family or friends, Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa fits all your needs. The suites are comfortable and stylish. They offer a memorable stay for all guests.

Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa

Amenities and Activities at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa

Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa is all about giving guests a top-notch experience. It offers plenty of amenities and fun things to do. You’ll see how much they care about your stay with all they provide:

  • Spa Amenities: Treat yourself to relaxation at the spa. There, you can get massages for an extra fee, use the hot spring bath, or enjoy the sauna. They also have a hammam, hot tub, and spa packages2.
  • Swimming Pools: There are two pools, one indoor and one outdoor. You can swim anytime. For your comfort, they have towels, a pool bar, and places to relax in the sun. Families will love the water slide and special kids’ areas2.
  • Leisure Activities: For fun, there’s bike rental to see the area. They have live music, themed dinners, and stand-up comedy. Also, guests can play games like darts and table tennis. If you have kids, they’ll enjoy the playground and kids’ club2.
  • Languages: The staff speaks many languages, including Spanish, English, and French. This makes it easy for everyone to communicate2.
  • General Services: The resort offers services like a minimarket, car rental, and wake-up calls. They also have air conditioning and rooms for families and disabled visitors2.

It’s worth noting that pets and parking are not allowed at this resort2.

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Check-in Requirements Guests must show a photo ID and credit card at check-in
COVID-19 Restrictions Certain services might be limited due to COVID-19. The property follows strict distancing rules3
Booking Policies Extra rules might apply when booking over 5 rooms
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Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa

Build memories at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa with its mix of relaxation, fun, and services. Whether you love the spa, pools, activities, or general conveniences, this seaside resort is perfect for making lasting moments.


Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa is an ideal spot for an unforgettable Mallorca getaway. It sits right on the beach and warmly welcomes families. There are many things to do and enjoy for all age groups.4

The spa is perfect for guests who are 16 years or older. They can unwind in the sauna, Turkish bath, or whirlpool. Plus, there are relaxing massages available.4

Families can have a great time here. They can enjoy the stunning views and fun activities offered. It’s a perfect place to bond and make special memories.4

Make your family’s next holiday at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa. Enjoy a top-notch Mallorca vacation in a place that’s just right for families, right by the beach.5


Is Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa a family-friendly hotel?

Yes, it is. Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa is a family-friendly beachfront resort. It has many accommodations for families.

What kind of accommodations does Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa offer?

It offers 168 suites with modern designs. Each suite has a bedroom, extra bed or sofa bed, and a private bathroom.

What amenities are available at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa?

The resort has a spa, two pools, and a zone with slides for kids. There’s also fun entertainment for adults and children.

Is Wi-Fi available at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in all suites.

What leisure activities are offered at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa?

You can enjoy exploring Tramuntana mountains or the Mediterranean Sea.

Is Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa located near the beach?

Yes, it is. The hotel is just 50 meters from the beach, making it easy to reach the sea.

Can I enjoy spa amenities at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa?

Sure! Relax and have beauty treatments in the spa at Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa.

Does Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa offer all-inclusive packages?

Yes, it does. Guests can enjoy meals at the buffet restaurant with live cooking.

Is Mar Hotels Playa Mar & Spa suitable for a family vacation in Mallorca?

Definitely. It’s ideal for a family vacation in Mallorca. The resort’s accommodations, beach location, and numerous amenities make it perfect for everyone.

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