Matina Pefkos Aparthotel

Matina Pefkos Aparthotel

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In the heart of Pefkos, just 50 meters from the beach, lies Matina Pefkos Aparthotel. It is a wonderful spot for those seeking a peaceful, yet memorable break. The rooms, including studios and apartments, come with their own private balcony for basking in the Greek sun. The serene vibe and welcoming staff make it a great pick for families or couples.

The place has seen a surge in popularity, fast becoming a favorite on Rhodes Island. According to 164 reviews1, it scores 8.3 out of 10. Guests rave about the service, giving it an impressive 9.21. There are 2 big pools and a safe spot for the kids to splash around1. A spot to taste authentic Greek and Mediterranean meals, two bars, and a kids’ playground are also on site1. You’ll find rooms with beautiful views, gardens, pools, and more1. Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi that guests really appreciate1.

Cleaning is a top priority here, with a solid 8.1 score1. The facilities couldn’t be better either, clocking in at 8.41. When not out exploring, guests can dive in, play table tennis, or enjoy a game of billiards1. If you need anything, from groceries to transportation, the hotel has your back1.

Needing something? Matina Pefkos Aparthotel probably has it. There’s a handy on-site supermarket, abc Supermarket2. For a quick bite or refreshing drinks, there’s People Snack and Matina Snack Bar2. Then, find your way to Meltemi for a taste of modern Greek Med cuisine, plus a good selection of wines2.

At the hotel, help is always available, with the reception open every hour, every day2. Drop off your bags in the luggage room or pick a book to read from their exchange2. The Thea Rooftop Terrace boasts mesmerizing sea views and is great for special events2. And, for those planning a wedding or blessing, a private chapel awaits, named Agia Ekaterini & Agios Georgio2.

Matina Pefkos Aparthotel goes above and beyond, with its beachside location, cozy spaces, and warm staff. It’s highly rated across the board, promising a top-notch visit. You’ll love the various offerings, from fun activities to essential services12. Whether you seek calm or excitement, this place has something special for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Matina Pefkos Aparthotel is located 50 meters from Pefkos main beach and offers comfortable and modern accommodations1.
  • The hotel has 2 large swimming pools, a separate children’s pool, and various other amenities like a restaurant, bars, and a children’s playground1.
  • The property is highly rated for its cleanliness, staff, and overall facilities1.
  • Additional facilities include an on-site supermarket, snack bars, a restaurant serving Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, and a rooftop terrace with stunning sea views2.
  • Guests can enjoy activities such as diving, table tennis, and billiards, as well as services like grocery deliveries and airport shuttle12.

Amenities and Facilities at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel

At Matina Pefkos Aparthotel, we’re all about making your stay great. We offer lots of cool things to do and see. Our goal is to make sure every guest has a good time during their visit.

Our two big pools and a kids’ pool give everyone enough space to enjoy the sun. Whether you’re into swimming or just chilling in the water, our pools are perfect2.

If snacks and drinks are what you need, check out People Snack and Matina Snack Bar. You’ll find lots of tasty food and drinks there. They make sure you’re full and satisfied all day long2.

Want to try Greece’s best foods? Our restaurant, Meltemi, has amazing Greek dishes. It combines new and old Greek tastes perfectly. You’ll get to know Greece through its food here2.

Plus, our abc Supermarket is on site. It’s full of local and international foods. You can grab pretty much anything you want there2.

If you love being active, we have a cool mini football court. It’s great for a game with friends. No matter if you’re a pro or just want some fun, you’ll love it3.

Our reception is open all day and night. Our helpful staff are always there to answer your questions. They can help with tips on what to do around here. We’re all about great service here2.

For guests who need special help with moving around, we’ve made sure everything’s accessible. From easy-to-use rooms to getting around the hotel, we’re here for everyone3.

Facility Description
Swimming Pools Two large swimming pools and a children’s pool allow guests to relax and cool off2.
Snack Bars Two snack bars offer a variety of food and drink options by the poolside2.
Restaurant Meltemi restaurant serves modern Greek Mediterranean cuisine2.
Supermarket abc Supermarket provides a well-stocked selection of products2.
5×5 Mini Football Court Guests can enjoy a friendly game on the hotel’s mini football court3.
24-Hour Reception Staff are available around-the-clock to assist guests2.

Matina Pefkos Aparthotel aims to give you a stay to remember. With our amazing perks and staff, you’re in for a treat. We promise you won’t forget your time here.

Reviews and Guest Feedback for Matina Pefkos Aparthotel

Guests love staying at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel. They commend the kind and helpful staff and the spotless rooms. Many enjoy its close location to the beach and local shops. They’re also happy with the room size and how much they get for their money.4

With a great 8.3/10 score from 164 reviews, it stands out. People rave about the staff, the facilities, and how clean and comfortable everything is. They particularly note the value, the spot, and the free internet. For those looking for a romantic escape, the place has tops scores.1

Guests can enjoy three pools, a restaurant with local food, and a play area for kids. They provide free WiFi and parking, plus in-room kitchen basics. The hotel is big on helping the environment too. They focus on saving water, energy, and reducing waste to protect the area.1

Matina Pefkos Aparthotel is highly rated for its helpful people, cleanliness, and spot. Plus, it offers great amenities and looks after the planet. This makes it a top choice for people visiting Pefkos, Rhodes.41


What is the distance between Matina Pefkos Aparthotel and the main beach in Pefkos?

It’s just a 50-meter walk from the hotel to Pefkos main beach.

What types of accommodation does Matina Pefkos Aparthotel offer?

You can pick from comfy, modern studios and apartments at the hotel.

Does each accommodation at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel have a private balcony?

Absolutely, every studio and apartment here comes with its own balcony.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel?

Expect a calm and relaxed holiday setting at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel.

Who is Matina Pefkos Aparthotel suitable for?

It’s great for families and couples, drawing in all kinds of visitors.

What amenities and facilities does Matina Pefkos Aparthotel offer?

At the hotel, you’ll find two big swimming pools and a kids’ pool. There are also two snack bars, a restaurant for Greek and Mediterranean food, and a supermarket. For sports fun, there’s a 5-a-side mini football court.

What can I expect from the snack bars at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel?

Expect a wide range of tasty snacks, meals, and drinks at the snack bars.

Is there a supermarket on-site at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel?

Yes, the hotel has an on-site supermarket named abc Supermarket.

What types of cuisine are served at the restaurant in Matina Pefkos Aparthotel?

Meltemi restaurant in Matina Pefkos Aparthotel serves up Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Can guests enjoy any sports activities at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel?

Yes, there’s a 5-a-side mini football court for some active fun.

How has Matina Pefkos Aparthotel been reviewed by previous guests?

Glad guests have left positive reviews about their hotel experience at Matina Pefkos Aparthotel.

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