Paradise Island Lanzarote Aparthotel

Paradise Island Lanzarote Aparthotel
Paradise Island Lanzarote Aparthotel

Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 03:51 pm

Welcome to Paradise Island Aparthotel, a jewel in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. This spot is perfect for relaxing or for exciting times. It’s a top location for an amazing trip in the Canary Islands.

This hotel stands out with its great spot and breathtaking sea views. It has 290 stylish apartments, making it big in the area1. These apartments suit couples and families well, making your stay cozy.

Your joy is what we aim for at Paradise Island Aparthotel. We offer special help and facilities for those who need a wheelchair. No matter the room you pick, you get treats like a pool, terrace, and balcony2.

Make sure to visit the Dino Aquapark. Located at the resort, it’s great for both kids and adults with its water slides2. The hotel is also near Timanfaya National Park for volcano views. Plus, it’s just 34 km from Lanzarote Airport for easy trips2.

We keep you connected with paid WiFi at €5 for 24 hours. Enjoy our outdoor activities, like the sun terrace, BBQ spots, and garden. They are perfect for relaxing in the gorgeous views2.

We’re ready to help in many languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch2. We also offer extras like vending machines and car rentals. And with air conditioning, family rooms, and non-smoking rooms, we promise a great stay2.

Check-in starts at 15:00, making your arrival easy and smooth. Check-out is at 12:00, giving you time to say goodbye. Just remember, no pets here to keep the area calm for everyone2.

Key Takeaways:

  • Paradise Island Lanzarote Aparthotel offers luxurious amenities and stunning views of Lanzarote beaches.
  • The hotel features 290 modern and refurbished apartments, ideal for couples and families.
  • Dino Aquapark, located within the resort, provides water slides for both adults and children.
  • The hotel is just a short drive away from Timanfaya National Park and Lanzarote Airport.
  • WiFi access, multilingual staff, and a range of services are available to enhance your stay.

Things to do in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is famous for its beautiful scenery and lively traditions. It’s a place where visitors can enjoy many things. You can visit the unique volcanic grounds of Timanfaya National Park. Or, you can relax on the pretty beaches of Papagayo. There are so many adventures to have.

Things to do in Lanzarote

Exploring Volcanic Wonders

The Timanfaya National Park is a must-see. It’s filled with amazing volcanic history. Though it hasn’t had an eruption since 1824. Visiting here lets you see the remains of big eruptions from 1730-36.

The Jameos del Agua is also shaped by volcanoes. It’s a unique spot designed by César Manrique. You can find a beautiful pool, a lovely restaurant, and a big auditorium there.

Discovering Cultural Gems

The Cesar Manrique Foundation is perfect for art lovers. It is set in a unique museum in Taro de Tahiche. The building is made in an old lava flow and has rooms like natural volcanic bubbles.

Teguise Market is another cool place to visit. It happens on Sundays and is full of life. There, you can find all kinds of goods and fresh food. It’s perfect for picking up special souvenirs, jewelry, and crafts.

Relaxing on Picture-perfect Beaches

Papagayo Beach is one of the prettiest in Lanzarote. It has seven soft, yellow beaches. The waters here are very calm.

Charco Verde, known as the Green Lake, is also a must-see. The colors are amazing, with a fluorescent green lake. The secret behind its color is the marine life that lives in it.

Indulging in Water Activities

Lanzarote is great for water lovers. You can snorkel or scuba dive to see underwater life. And for surfers, Famara Beach is perfect. Its waves attract surfers from all over.

If you prefer swimming in peace, Lanzarote has natural swimming pools. They are quiet places on the island’s coasts. They are great for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Immersing in Local Delights

Don’t miss Lanzarote’s wine if you visit. Even with tough land and dry climate, its wines are superb. You can visit places like Bodegas La Geria for tours and tastings.

Go to Mirador del Rio for stunning views. It’s high up and you can see amazing landscapes. There’s also a restaurant where you can enjoy the scenery while eating.

Family-Friendly Fun

Rancho Texas Park is perfect for families. It has a Wild West theme, with many activities. There’s also canoeing and a zoo. It’s a fun place for a day out, with affordable prices.

Attraction Key Highlights Reference
Timanfaya National Park – Volcanic landscapes
– Last eruption in 1824
Jameos del Agua – Cave complex turned cultural center
– Designed by César Manrique
Teguise Market – Wide variety of goods and produce
– César Manrique souvenirs
Papagayo Beach – Seven pale yellow sheltered beaches
– No undertows or currents
Charco Verde (Green Lake) – Striking contrast of colors
– Black volcanic sand and fluorescent green lake
Famara Beach – Epic beach and reef breaks
– Popular among surfers
Mirador del Rio – Stunning viewpoints over La Graciosa and Salinas del Rio
– Restaurant with panoramic views
Rancho Texas Park – Wild West-style theme park
– Canoeing and zoo with various animals

Plan your Paradise Island getaway

Planning your vacation at Paradise Island Lanzarote Aparthotel is a breeze. The hotel’s site lets you book at the best price6. Its location in Playa Blanca gives you easy reach to Lanzarote’s best spots. This goes for both couples and families. The Aparthotel wows with its features and special services7. Visit and soak up relaxation, joy, and the Canaries’ vibe.


How many apartments does Paradise Island Aparthotel have?

Paradise Island Aparthotel has 290 apartments that are both modern and renovated.

Is Paradise Island Aparthotel suitable for families?

This hotel is a perfect fit for families and couples alike.

Does Paradise Island Aparthotel provide wheelchair-friendly facilities?

Yes, they do. They’ve made it easy for all guests to enjoy their stay.

How many swimming pools does Paradise Island Aparthotel have?

You’ll find a total of 4 swimming pools at Paradise Island Aparthotel.

Does Paradise Island Aparthotel provide access to a water park?

Indeed, Dino Park welcomes guests of Paradise Island every day.

How many restaurants are there at Paradise Island Aparthotel?

There are 3 restaurants at the hotel, offering a variety of dishes.

What are some popular attractions to visit in Lanzarote?

Timanfaya National Park, Papagayo beaches, and more are must-sees in Lanzarote.

How can I make a reservation at Paradise Island Lanzarote Aparthotel?

Booking is easy. Just visit their official site for the best deals.

What amenities does Paradise Island Aparthotel offer?

This hotel is all about luxury, with spacious apartments and great service.

Is Paradise Island Aparthotel located near popular attractions in Lanzarote?

Yes, it’s in Playa Blanca, close to the top beaches and sights in Lanzarote.

Is Paradise Island Aparthotel suitable for both couples and families?

Indeed, it is. Paradise Island ensures everyone has a fantastic holiday.

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