Protur Bonaire Aparthotel - Enjoy Beachfront Luxury Apartments

Protur Bonaire Aparthotel - Enjoy Beachfront Luxury Apartments

Last Updated on: 5th June 2024, 03:56 pm

Get ready for your dream Caribbean vacation at Protur Bonaire Aparthotel. It’s a top-notch beachfront apartment hotel on Bonaire Island. It’s perfect for families or if you’re looking for a romantic escape. This place ensures your stay is amazing.

We value the need for family-friendly spaces at Protur Bonaire Aparthotel. We have plenty of roomy apartments that are cozy and stylish. Each one has the best features and a private spot to enjoy the view. You can see the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and the spotless beach from your room.

While here, enjoy fun water activities like snorkeling, diving, or kayaking with your family. Or, you could choose to relax by our pools or take walks on the soft beach.

Guests love our fantastic service and the luxury we offer. We have amazing ratings like 9 Superb, 8 Very Good, and 8.7 Fabulous from lots of positive reviews1. This shows how hard we work to make your vacation unforgettable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Protur Bonaire Aparthotel offers beachfront luxury apartments on Bonaire Island for a perfect Caribbean vacation.
  • Enjoy modern amenities and spacious balconies or terraces with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Indulge in various water sports activities or relax by the outdoor pools and pristine beach.
  • Ratings like 9 Superb, 8 Very Good, and 8.7 Fabulous1 showcase our commitment to providing an exceptional vacation experience.

Family-friendly Amenities and Activities

At Protur Bonaire Aparthotel, family matters a lot to us. We’ve made sure to offer comfy stays and fun things to do for everyone.

Our apartments are perfect for families. They have plenty of space and kitchens. This means you get your own spot to relax and eat.

We have special things just for families. Like a play area, a kids’ club, and someone to watch your kids. So, parents can take it easy knowing their little ones are having fun safely.

Looking for some thrill? We have water sports like snorkeling and kayaking. It’s all about making special memories in Bonaire’s clear waters with loved ones.

Prefer to chill? The pool is the place for you. Enjoy the sun and tranquility by our clean pools.

Our spot is by the beach too. A perfect place for family fun, whether it’s making sand castles or just listening to the waves.

Our aim is a dream holiday for families. With what we offer, your time will be full of smiles and unforgettable moments. Come stay with us for memories that last forever!

Family-friendly Amenities and Activities Statistical Data
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Kids’ club 2
Babysitting services 2
Water sports activities 2
Outdoor pools 2
Beachfront location 2

Beachfront Luxury Apartments

At Protur Bonaire Aparthotel, we have top-notch beachfront apartments. They are made for luxury living in Bonaire. Each apartment is well-designed and spacious. This ensures our guests are comfortable in their lavish stay. It feels like your second home, perfect for ultimate relaxation on your vacation.

Step onto your balcony or terrace and you’ll see the amazing beach views. Beyond the view, the sea is a beautiful shade of blue. This setting is what a beachside heaven feels like. Read a book or bask in the sun; our apartments are the perfect place to find peace.

What makes us different is our effort to offer a carefree stay. We have all-inclusive packages for an easy vacation. Enjoy meals and drinks without a worry. Feast on food made by our expert chefs while taking in the breathtaking view.

We aim for the highest quality in both our spaces and our services. With over11,133 excellent reviews, we know our guests are happy. We make sure every part of your stay is perfect. It’s about going beyond what you expect and making your stay exceptional.

Ready to experience luxury by the beach? Book your stay at Protur Bonaire Aparthotel. Let us make your vacation truly unforgettable.


Protur Bonaire Aparthotel is perfect for those who want a special Caribbean break. It stands out with its beachfront luxury apartments and warm welcome for families. It’s a dream spot for an island holiday.

Staying here, you get to relax in big apartments with stunning ocean views. The hotel cares a lot about families feeling safe and comfy. They even offer child safety seats and special services for the kids, like a play area and babysitting. This means parents can relax and enjoy their time off too.

The hotel also makes getting here a breeze. They arrange your ride from the airport perfectly, no matter when you land. You can also opt for a private ride. This way, up to six of you, plus your luggage, get to your apartment in a smooth trip3.

The great service and care for guests are why many people love this place. From the moment you land, the friendly face at the airport to the cozy room waiting for you, everything is top-notch4. It’s no wonder people pick Protur Bonaire Aparthotel for their island stay. Start your Caribbean tale here.


Is Protur Bonaire Aparthotel located on Bonaire Island?

Yes, Protur Bonaire Aparthotel is on Bonaire Island.

What makes Protur Bonaire Aparthotel a great choice for Caribbean vacations?

This Aparthotel offers luxury beachfront apartments. It has many family-friendly options for a dream vacation.

What family-friendly amenities and activities are available at Protur Bonaire Aparthotel?

It has a children’s play area and a kids’ club for fun. Babysitting services are also available. Guests can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

Does Protur Bonaire Aparthotel offer all-inclusive packages?

Yes, they do offer all-inclusive packages. This lets guests enjoy food and drinks without worry.

What sets Protur Bonaire Aparthotel apart from other Bonaire resorts?

The Aparthotel shines with its stunning beachfront setting, deluxe rooms, and top-notch service. It’s a leading choice for those exploring Bonaire.

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