Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel

Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel

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The Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel is a 3-star complex in Mallorca, Spain. It’s near the pretty Cala Bona harbor. This beachfront hotel offers many things to do, perfect for families. The apartments are spacious and comfy.

You’ll find it’s a great place to relax and have fun. It has a splash pool, a mini club for kids, and a regular pool for adults. It’s also close to the stunning beaches of Cala Bona and Cala Millor. Make your booking now for the best deal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beachfront 3-star apartment complex in Mallorca, Spain.
  • Wide range of amenities and activities for a family-friendly vacation.
  • Spacious and versatile apartments offering maximum comfort and convenience.
  • Located near the beautiful beaches of Cala Bona and Cala Millor.
  • Book online for the best price.

Top-notch Amenities and Activities for an Unforgettable Stay

The Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel has great amenities and activities for a fun stay. It’s perfect for food lovers, families, or those needing to unwind. There’s something for everyone here.

Gastronomy Delights

Enjoy a culinary adventure at the a la carte restaurant. It serves Italian meals with love and flair. You’ll love the pasta dishes and pizza, making every meal special.

“The a la carte restaurant at the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel offers a delightful selection of Italian dishes,”1

Splash Pool and Mini Club

Families will love the splash pool and mini club. Kids can slide down water slides or play in the pool. And you can relax, knowing your kids are safe and having fun.

“Families can enjoy endless fun and entertainment at the splash pool and mini club,”1

Swimming Pool for Relaxation

If relaxation is your goal, the adult swimming pool is perfect. You can chill in peace, sunbathe on a comfy lounger, or enjoy a drink at the bar.

“Adults can relax and unwind in the swimming pool designed for their enjoyment,”1

Nearby Beaches

The resort is close to Cala Bona and Cala Millor beaches. You can enjoy building sandcastles, swimming, or just relaxing on the sand.

“The Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel is conveniently located near the stunning beaches of Cala Bona and Cala Millor,”2

The Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel is a great choice for an amazing vacation. With its great food, splash pool, adult pool, and nearby beaches, it offers an unforgettable experience.

Spacious and Comfortable Apartments for a Carefree Holiday

The Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel has roomy and cozy apartments. They’re perfect for a worry-free vacation in Cala Bona. Whether by yourself or with family, these apartments have everything you need.

The apartments are filled with modern furniture and lots of sunlight. This makes them feel welcoming and like your own piece of paradise. Each one has special touches that add to how comfortable and relaxing they are.

These apartments are big and have all you need, letting you relax and refresh. You might enjoy a peaceful evening on the balcony. Or, make a meal in the kitchen that has everything you might need. Every part of your stay is made for comfort and ease.

The Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel’s apartments give you the best relaxation and privacy. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with friends or family, or why you’re here. Every detail is made to make your holiday awesome and fun.

Guest Reviews:

“The apartments at Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel are incredibly spacious and comfortable. We stayed as a family and had all the room we needed to relax and spend quality time together. The modern furnishings and attention to detail really made a difference. Highly recommend!”

– Miranda S.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the size and comfort of the apartments at Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel. The layout was perfect for our family, and the amenities provided exceeded our expectations. It felt like a home away from home.”

– Daniel L.

Features Description
Spacious Layouts The apartments offer ample space, allowing guests to move around comfortably and freely.
Modern Furnishings The apartments are furnished with contemporary furniture, creating a stylish and comfortable ambiance.
Fully Equipped Kitchenette Each apartment includes a kitchenette with all the necessary amenities for self-catering convenience.
Balcony or Terrace Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views from the private balconies or terraces available in select apartments.
Individual Climate Control Each apartment is equipped with individual climate control, allowing guests to adjust the temperature to their preference.

At Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel, we care about your comfort. We want to make sure your stay is pure relaxation and joy. Choose a place with lots of room and comfort for your worry-free break.


If you’re thinking about a family trip or wishing for a great time at an all-inclusive resort, the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel in Mallorca fits perfectly. You’ll find lots to do here, like different food choices, pools, and a club for the kids. The comfy apartments make your stay super relaxing. So, go ahead and book your holiday at the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel. It’s a chance to make beautiful memories at the beach.

Need a ride to the resort? Private car service is ready for up to four people and their luggage3. Or, choose a minivan that fits up to six with even more luggage space3. This service costs EUR € 99.55 from Palma Airport to the resort4. Travelers at the airport love the convenience and quality drivers4.

A private sedan is great for groups of up to four. It’s comfortable and perfect for small parties3. Route details and fees are based on your specific trip3. Bigger groups can pick a minivan for a more spacious ride3. The price and info about the trip are available when you make a reservation. Plus, if you need a lift from Alcudia port, it’s out there for EUR € 182.193.


Is the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel located in Mallorca, Spain?

Yes, it is in Mallorca, Spain. You’ll find the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel here.

What type of accommodation does the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel offer?

The place has big, comfy apartments for its guests.

Is the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel a family-friendly accommodation?

For sure! It’s a great spot for families.

What amenities and activities are available at the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel?

Enjoy many fun things here. There’s good food, a splash pool, and activities for kids. Plus, adults have their own pool to enjoy.

Is the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel an all-inclusive resort?

Absolutely, it’s an all-inclusive resort. Everything you need is right here.

Where is the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel located?

It’s a short walk from Cala Bona’s pretty harbor, in sunny Mallorca.

Are there nearby beaches at the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel?

Yes, you can enjoy beaches like Cala Bona and Cala Millor nearby.

Can I book my stay at the Protur Floriana Resort Aparthotel online?

Booking online is easy. Get the best deal for your stay now.

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