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Riosol Aparthotel
Riosol Aparthotel

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Riosol Aparthotel is in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, on the island’s sunny southern coast. This resort is perfect for a beach holiday. It’s on a hill so you can see stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Puerto Rico Bay

Guests at Riosol Aparthotel can pick from many room types, able to accommodate 1 to 5 people. It’s great for solo travelers, couples, families, or friends1. All rooms and apartments have modern features like a desk, TV, phone, safe, and free Wi-Fi. You also get a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer1.

The hotel doesn’t just offer places to stay. It also has a swimming pool and a terrace with stunning sea views1. You can work out at the fitness center or enjoy the private beach for fun water activities. Plus, the hotel cleans the rooms often and changes the sheets and towels regularly1.

Riosol Aparthotel makes it easy for guests to cook with kitchen equipment provided1. You can eat while enjoying the Gran Canaria views from your terrace. Need to stay cool indoors? Portable air conditioning is available for an extra fee1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Riosol Aparthotel sits in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Puerto Rico Bay.
  • It offers various rooms and apartments with amenities suitable for different travelers.
  • Enjoy the swimming pool, private beach access, and a fitness center at the hotel.
  • They provide regular cleaning and change linens and towels frequently.
  • Portable air conditioning can be requested at an additional cost.

Rooms and Accommodations

Riosol Hotel has many comfy accommodations. They fit every guest’s needs, whether alone, with a partner, or in a group.

Standard Apartments

The Standard Apartments are great for a snug and cost-effective stay. They come in one or two bedrooms. You’ll find plenty of room and coziness for your trip. Each one has 2 beds and 2 sofas, letting you relax after a busy day. Plus, there’s a terrace with a view where you can enjoy your coffee or a drink. You get a cleaning service five days a week too, to make sure you’re comfy throughout your stay1.

Premium Apartments

The Premium Apartments offer luxury at Riosol Hotel. They’re stylish and roomy, each with a view of the sea. Enjoy the daily cleaning for an always tidy space1.

Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe Rooms are top of the line for comfort. They include a double bed and indulgent touches like bathrobes. Each room overlooks Puerto Rico. A daily cleaning service keeps everything perfect for you1.

Superior Apartments

Superior Apartments are ideal for bigger groups or families. They have two bedrooms, each with two beds. A sea view from the terrace is perfect for relaxing. Plus, you get the luxury of air conditioning. These apartments are a great sanctuary after a day of adventure1.

Additional Amenities

Choose any room at Riosol Hotel, and your stay will be comfy and easy. Rooms offer Wi-Fi and a safe. A cleaning service, including fresh sheets and towels, is standard. You can also get a portable air conditioner for a small extra fee, making your stay even more personalized1.

Riosol Hotel makes every guest’s stay special and cozy. With its range of comfy apartments and luxurious rooms, it meets your every need. You’ll have a great and unforgettable time in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.

Gastronomy and Leisure

The Riosol Hotel has many options for guests to enjoy. You can have great meals and drinks at the hotel’s restaurant and poolside snack bar. They serve tasty dishes and drinks for breakfast, lunch, or a lovely dinner. You’ll love the view of the bay.2

There are also fun things to do at Riosol Hotel. Enjoy the modern fitness center to keep fit while on vacation. Play tennis or golf. There’s plenty for sports lovers.3

If you love the water, there are activities like snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. You can also enjoy three swimming pools, one heated in winter. It’s perfect for relaxing and sunny days.3

After all the fun, relax with a massage or beauty treatment. The spa’s calming atmosphere and skilled staff will make you feel great. Or, use the private beach to read, walk, or just unwind.4

Riosol Hotel promises a great and enjoyable stay. With amazing food, things to do, and quiet spots, Riosol Hotel has it all. Enjoy Gran Canaria at Riosol Hotel and make special memories.4

Leisure Amenities at Riosol Hotel

Leisure Amenities Facilities
Fitness Center Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
Tennis Court Perfect for sports enthusiasts
Swimming Pools Three pools, including a heated pool in the winter
Water Sports Snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing
Spa Massage and beauty services
Private Beach Relaxing and picturesque

At the Riosol Hotel in Gran Canaria, you’ll find many leisure options. There’s a fitness center, sports facilities, and water sports. The spa and private beach are ready for your relaxation. Riosol Hotel makes your stay memorable with fun and relaxation.34

Riosol Hotel amenities


Riosol Aparthotel in Gran Canaria is your perfect beach escape. It faces the Atlantic Ocean and Puerto Rico Bay, offering great views. This spot is ideal for both chill vacations and active trips. It suits everyone’s tastes.

It has a lot to offer, like a pool, private beach, and a gym. Guests at Riosol Hotel get all they need for a fun, cozy stay. Also, there are different rooms to pick from. They range from standard to deluxe, and they all show off beautiful Puerto Rico views.

Adventurers will love the many things to do here. There’s water sports, tennis, and golf. Plus, the spa is perfect for unwinding. It has a sauna, steam room, hot tub, and beauty sessions.

Bring your holiday dreams to life at Riosol Hotel. Choose it for sunbathing or exciting activities. It’s the top spot for an amazing beach trip. Join us to make lasting memories in Gran Canaria. Visit Riosol Hotel and fall in love with this beautiful place.


What is the address of Riosol Aparthotel?

Riosol Aparthotel is in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria’s south coast.

What kind of rooms and accommodations does Riosol offer?

Riosol Hotel has many room types. You can choose from Standard Apartments with up to 2 bedrooms. There are also Premium, Economy, and Superior Apartments.They also offer Double and Deluxe Rooms.

What amenities does Riosol Aparthotel provide?

Riosol Aparthotel boasts a lot of great features. You’ll find a pool, private beach, fitness center, and more.

Are there any leisure activities available at Riosol Hotel?

Riosol Hotel is full of fun things to do. It has live entertainment, a fitness center, and sports like tennis and golf. You can also try water sports.

Can I book Riosol Aparthotel online?

Booking Riosol Aparthotel online is easy. Just visit our website or use any hotel booking platform.

Is Riosol Aparthotel a beachfront hotel?

Riosol Aparthotel sits right by the Atlantic Ocean. It offers amazing views, making it a beachfront hotel.

What is the feedback from previous guests about Riosol Hotel?

Guests love Riosol Hotel. They praise the beautiful setting and superb service it offers.

Can I find the best hotel accomodation in Gran Canaria at Riosol Hotel?

Riosol Aparthotel is one of Gran Canaria’s top spots. It provides cozy, well-furnished rooms for an unforgettable stay.

What dining options are available at Riosol Hotel?

Riosol Hotel serves meals at its restaurant and poolside snack bar. Guests can enjoy tasty food and drinks there.

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