Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel

Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel
Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel

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Looking for a great spot for your family in Calas de Mallorca? Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel is just what you need. It’s a short 10-minute stroll to the beach. This all-inclusive hotel is packed with things families love, making your stay extra special.

We really care about making you feel at home. Our rooms are large, and the kitchens have everything you need. You’ll be able to relax easily. With free safe deposit boxes, your important things are always safe.

Our private garden with hammocks is perfect for catching some rays and peaceful moments. The water park with its pool and splash pad is a hit with kids. They’ll have a blast.

Eating is easy here. Our buffet is full of delicious choices for all your meals. We also have two bars. They’re perfect for enjoying tasty drinks and snacks.

Ready to explore the beaches nearby? We’ve got you covered with a free ride to Cala Domingos. It’s a beautiful spot you won’t want to miss.

We know keeping the family happy is key. That’s why we have great activities for everyone. From a kids’ club to a playground, we’ve got fun covered for all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel is an all-inclusive hotel that offers a range of family-friendly amenities. (1 statistical data)
  • Located just a 10-minute walk from the beach, the hotel provides convenience and accessibility. (1 statistical data)
  • Spacious living rooms and fully equipped kitchens ensure a comfortable stay for families. (1 statistical data)
  • The hotel’s private garden with hammocks offers a tranquil space for relaxation. (1 statistical data)
  • The water park with a pool and splash pad provides endless fun for children. (1 statistical data)
  • An exquisite buffet and two bars cater to diverse dining preferences. (1 statistical data)
  • Free transfer service to Cala Domingos beach allows guests to explore the beautiful coastline. (1 statistical data)
  • A full entertainment program, including a kids’ club and playground, ensures fun for all ages. (1 statistical data)

Amenities and Services at HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel

At HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel, guests find many great services for a fantastic stay. This includes a water park for kids, amazing dining, and easy access to the beach.

The water park at the hotel is designed for children’s fun. It has pools and a splash pad for kids to play safely and make great memories.1

The dining at HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel is top-notch. You can enjoy tasty meals from breakfast to dinner. There’s a lot of variety, including local and international dishes and delicious desserts.

For those wanting beach time, the hotel offers free transfer services. This makes getting to Cala Domingos beach easy and stress-free.

The hotel also ensures there’s plenty of entertainment. There are activities for both kids and adults. Guests of all ages will have a blast with the varied program.1

HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel is wheelchair accessible. This means everyone can enjoy their trip with ease and comfort.

There’s complimentary WiFi in public areas. It lets guests share their holiday adventures with loved ones easily.

The rooms have everything for a comfy stay. They include a living room, a kitchen, and a minibar. Whether you’re with family or on a romantic trip, you’ll find everything you need.

If you’re driving, the hotel has parking. It makes arriving and leaving simple for guests.

Need a pool towel? No problem. The hotel rents them for €2 a day. This way, guests can focus on fun by the pool without any worries.

The menu at HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel focuses on organic and locally sourced food. It’s clearly labeled for eco-conscious and health-conscious visitors.1

Remember, there’s a Sustainable Tourism Tax for guests over 16. It supports local environmental and cultural projects.

Join Privilege Garden Hotels for extra benefits. Members get a 10% discount on their bookings. It makes choosing HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel even more rewarding.

The hotel is also green-friendly, avoiding single-use plastics. This contributes to a cleaner environment for everyone.

water park

To conclude, HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel has something for everyone, from the water park to tasty meals and convenient beach transfers. It’s a perfect place for a great vacation.

For more information or to book your stay, call HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel at +34 971 09 89 46. We offer comfort, fun, and ease at our hotel.

Amenity Description
Water Park A pool and splash pad designed for children’s entertainment.
Gastronomy Exquisite buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two bars for drinks and snacks.
Transfer to the Beach Free transfer service to the beautiful Cala Domingos beach.
Entertainment An extensive program of activities and shows for guests of all ages.

Accommodation Options at HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel

If you’re looking for a cozy and unforgettable stay, HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel might be perfect for you. It has 397 rooms and apartments in five different buildings. All these spaces have been updated recently, so you can enjoy modern design.

Every room at the Aparthotel is filled with comfort and luxury. They come with air conditioning, satellite TV, and a mini fridge. What’s great is most rooms have private balconies with stunning sea views2.

There are many room types to pick from, like Double Rooms and One Bedroom Apartments. Double Rooms are great for families, with comfy setups and large terraces. The One Bedroom Apartments are like a home with a full kitchen and big living room3. And if you need more space for your family, the Family Rooms are perfect, offering plenty of room and all the needed facilities3.

At HYB Eurocalas Aparthotel, you’ll find the spot that’s just right for you. Enjoy the amazing sea views, cozy rooms, or large apartments. This hotel in Calas de Mallorca offers a wonderful escape2.


Is Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel suitable for families?

Yes, this aparthotel is great for families wanting a fun holiday in Calas de Mallorca. It has family-friendly activities and entertainment for all. This ensures everyone enjoys their time here.

How far is Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel from the beach?

It’s just a short 10-minute walk to the beach. This makes it easy for guests to soak up the sun and play in the sand.

What amenities does Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel offer?

It boasts various amenities like big living rooms and kitchens, along with free safe boxes. There’s also a garden with hammocks and a water park. For dining, enjoy a fancy buffet and drinks at two bars.

Is there a transfer service to the beach?

Yes, there is a free shuttle to Cala Domingos. It’s known for having one of the prettiest beaches around.

What entertainment options are available at Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel?

At the hotel, there’s fun for everyone. A kids’ club and playground are available. There are shows and activities for kids and adults alike. Everyone will find something they like.

What accommodation options are available at Hyb Eurocalas Aparthotel?

The place has 397 rooms and apartments in five buildings. Each has AC, satellite TV, and a fridge. You can pick rooms with a sea or side sea view, or go for apartments with their own kitchen and living room. All come with free safe boxes and a place to sit outside. This lets you relax and take in the scenery.

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